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Wild at Heart

"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past week, we saw Wild at Heart, and yay, many dingo action players. Thanks for playing, you nifty people! (er, good dingoes?)..Now, here's what y'all said:

cemetery My big epiphany during this episode:

   So that's what really happens in unattended laundromats.
   Willow and Oz equals Buffy and Angel.
   Damn. Oz is gone.
   There's gotta be a market for that Widespread Panic paraphernalia.

The Winner: Damn. Oz is gone.


For a moment I thought:

   That Willow was gonna say she wasn't hungry in the cafe scene.
   That Buffy picked up the wrong gun.
   That Oz must specialize in giving forehead kisses.
   That Spike might pop up again in the episode.

The Winner: That Buffy picked up the wrong gun.

Can you imagine if she'd killed Oz? Now that's a November Sweeps forya.


   Was a bad egg.
   Probably still believed in shaving her legs.
   Couldn't have killed EvilWillow.
   Is not as good a lip syncher as Devon is.

The Winner: Couldn't have killed EvilWillow.

Because they would have snuggled.

I can't believe:

   That Devon wasn't in the ep.
   That Giles hit the Bronze.
   That Willow almost cast the evil spell.
   How nifty it was to see Willow at Xander's.
   That Ken is going to be on next week's Angel.
   Larry's dead.

The Winner: That Giles hit the Bronze.

..and he was in his right mind. Heh.

An album Giles probably has in his collection is:

   Frank Yankovic's The All-Time Great Polkas.
   Herb Alpert's Whipped Cream & Other Delights.
   Best of Ricky Nelson.
   The Best of Tony Orlando & Dawn.

The Winner: Herb Alpert's Whipped Cream & Other Delights.

Just ask Oz. Oh wait. We can't.

NEW EPISODE BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.

Xander's mother:

   Probably charges him for his phone calls.
   Is nice enough to open the door for his guests.
   Buys Endust.
   Buys Endust, but doesn't use it.

The Winner: Probably charges him for his phone calls.

I didn't need to see:

   Willow and Oz in bed.
   Willow in leather pants.
   Oz and Veruca nekkid.
   Oz bite/kill Veruca.

The Winner: Oz and Veruca nekkid.

A burning question I'll ponder is:

   Will Oz miss the van he didn't take?
   Did the guy who almost hit Willow even stop to see if she was okay?
   Will Buffy's psych discussion be on next week's ep?
   Is Psych the only class Buffy's taking?

The Winner: Is Psych the only class Buffy's taking?

What Did You Think of This Episode?

Then finally, your non-dingo-guided opinion about the episode. Well, we seem to have hit an emotional high. Or low? (I can tell because there were many all caps submissions. Heh.) Lots of weeping about the Willow/Oz angst; happies about the death of Veruca. Many people said they can't believe Oz left, just as he finally started talking more. A few of you Willow/Xander 'shippers were like, "'bout time!" And lots of comments about the weirdness of Veruca's hair/head-holding stance. Huh. Oh yeah, a few more empathies (?) were thrown Jua the Vampire Slayer's way. See, Jua? Your fellow dingoes care! :-)

So...let's see what we've got this week, byte-wise.

But first -- Standard disclaimer: Can't post 'em all, but this week I'm posting a mongo amount. Hope the authors don't mind being put up here, and some may be abridged. And again, no name, no bark byte recognition (even though I still like reading what you thought; make it easy on me and put a name on there, please! Thanks!)

sugarushed said:

Oz can't be gone. Oz can't be gone. Oz can't be gone...

From Seesa:

Can't .. type ... still .... crying......

From Rachel (Cicely):

Yes! The evil one, also known as Oz, is gone! Party time! Wait, does that mean we can get Doyle back? Please? And, anyway, Willow deserved it.

Jua the Vampire Slayer said:


Fnord said:

If Oz gets some real control of his werewolf powers he may be able to take Angel's place as the secondary combat guy.

There may be something to that theory after all...

katie said:


Oh yeah, And I really DID NOT need to hear Buffy tell Willow she loves her.

Violet said:

I'm not even a W/O 'shipper and this episode nearly left me in tears. Poor Willow! ::sighs:: So, does this mean she can reconsider the Xander idea? hehe.

baronessp said:

Oz bad. Willow sad. Buffy mad. Giles dad. Veruca, egad! Just had to combine last week's ep with this week's! But seriously... loved this one - great angst and tears, a few nifty surprises like Spike's brief appearance, and overall, the feel of Season 2. Bravo!

From Sunny:

I was very happy with the way they treated Oz's departure. I was worried about that before the ep. aired because I have a pretty deep emotional involvement with the show and Oz has always said that Willow was central to his life and happiness. How were they going to justify his leaving her then? I liked the way they did it.

FurryRabbits said:

I think that the men in ski masks storyline is going to be a big bore a la Faith/Mr Trick and WHY oh why does Veruca (I think she changed her name) have to be Faith's identical twin? Cliche. Couldn't she have been likeable, but misguided?

From Satan's Bunny:

I finally have to go along with the masses: the werewolf costumes suck. [Thank God. We were beginning to wonder when you'd notice & join us. Heh.] Are we sure Oz isn't a werebaboon or a werepossum or something? It seems ok when he's in the dark, but in the harsh light of a college lab... ecch. Actually, it harken we back to my Saturday mornings spent watching Land of the Lost. That's it! Oz is a werechaka!

Have you noticed that, when Oz does even a little bit of emoting, it comes off really huge? When he yelled at Veruca it scared the hell out of me. Really.

Dodge said:

It finally hit me that Oz is sneaky! He was Mr. Lie Guy, much like he was in Phases. Only lie-y-er. It's more interesting than simply laconic.

And oh, I shall miss the forehead kisses.

From Cara:

Ok am I the only one who screamed at that episode more times than they'd care to count? Geez. Is it Beat-On-Willow season or something?

ash said:

Why do they tempt me with Spike and then not mention him again?!?!?!!! I think there's some kind of torture demon involved!!!!!

Lydia said:

The Gorilla suits!!! (Maggie W. you officially rock my world.)

Wyatt said:

Dark, dark, dark. Delving into lots of relationship issues, I almost expected another PSA at the end saying that it's not alright to kill youself. I hope they are not spiriting Seth Green away in a feeble attempt to save Angel, the pointless show. Still trying to figure were they be going with the whole taser the vamps thing.


Jane, the Frog on the Wall said:

Wow. This episode takes the cake. I can honestly say, that in all the time I've watched Buffy, which, granted, isn't much, I have never seen a better episode. Alyson Hannigan and Seth Green as Willow and Oz simply...I don't have another word I haven't already used. It was just incredible. The best ep of all time, guaranteed. Sorry, Joss, looks like we've found a replacement.

Jane said:

I couldn't believe that Mean Dr. Walsh actually bothered to warn Buffy to beware of wild dogs.

I'm getting used to that Riley guy... but I'm hoping that the show doesn't set up some weird triangle between Riley, Buffy, and the sadly single Willow.

I wish Cordy would return to Sunnydale and open a dating service with Anya... advice to the lovelorn that makes it all seem much, much worse.

Lucky said:

Ya know, I thought this Oz and Willow episode was going to be better, but again for the fourth time this season I was disappointed. God, how whiny and sappy can Willow get, I know it's her character and all, but if there was ever a time for her to be strong it would have been in this episode, and also that spell she cast? Why'd she cast for Oz and Veruca to have unhappiness? Heck, I would have turned Veruca into a rat, and ignore Oz for a while. I guess once again I'm going to hit myself on the head for watching yet again another dull fourth season episode.

No, no, no head-hitting. no self-flagellation or whatever. Heh.

From wyoluvr:

It was going just fine until bam....Oz boffed the wiggy Veruca chick. Can we all say skanky HO???? But, it was a good ep more or less, and it leaves open a few possible Xander/Willow illicit moments. If Oz never comes back, however, I'm going to be positively boiling in impotent fury. <g>

Mary said:

How depressing to take Oz out so early in the game, on the other hand, it's awesome to see the show back at full par from a lulling third season. Now if only Buffy would get as much substance and sense as Willow... She used to have such zeal, and now she's just as trite as any first year college student. Hasn't being the slayer given her any uppage? Oh, and how long is this horrid tension between her and the TA going to last? I hope Joss DOES NOT go there.

Queen Vamp said:

Willow, Willow, Willow... doesn't growing up suck??!!. Did she not learn from the Buf/Angel thing that night creatures and humans don't mix??? While I like Oz, can't see her killing herself over it. Did like Buff's punning though - "heartburn" ha, ha, ha. Wonder if ugly vamp even got it??? And what happened to Spike...? What's with the guys in the funky combat gear anyway?? Joss seems into drama this season - we're only a few shows in and already hit upon so many depressing topics. Give me senseless punning anyday!!

Wiccan Cat said:

....I knew right away that Evil Veruca had to die, and boy, did I cheer when Oz killed her. No one messes with his Willow! How sweet.... He committed murder for her. But at least he's not a cold-blooded jelly donut.

Queen C said:

OK, anyone else notice that weird head thing Veruca was doing? Like the moving it around thing? Maybe it's just me. I have limited sadness over Veruca's death, didn't like her that much. And since lately my advice to people is to bite everyone who gets on their nerves, I really didn't mind seeing Oz do her in. See everyone, biting is an effective problem solver! And I actually thought the Willow & Oz in bed scene was cute. Cuz of the cozy intimate feeling.

I would just like to point out that neither the Prairie nor the dingochick condones biting. Heh. Actually I wanted to say that just about every week, Queen C, you make me lol. Thanks!

CandRach2 said:

I know I'm gonna get screamed at but I'm NOT a W/O shipper. At first I was bored with having a whole episode devoted to Willow and Oz. And I know,I know, Seth had to leave to film his movie, but still. I know now I shouldn't have been so pissed because I loved this eppie. And I'm proud to say that I had tears in my eyes at the end, it was so good-although Willow's constant crying kinda got annoying. I also loved that Buffy took the time to tell Willow how much she matters and always will. Last note-Veruca may be a now deceased bitch, but she sure can make a plot interesting!

Screamed at? There will be no screaming at CandRach2. Nope. No biting, no screaming, no fighting, no scheming. (Hey it's late and I'm tired, 'k?)

MadHatter said:

Wahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Okay. okay. WAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Okay. I can contain myself. I can. Okay, forget EVERYTHING I said about Buffy and DeadBoy. This ep changed my whole perspective on young love and heartbreak and tragic romances. Aly's face when she was sitting on her bed before she decides to do the evil spell was perfect. Emmys a-plenty for Aly!!! This ep broke my heart, cause the emotions were right on, (see: Oz turning off the van and the moment that follows) and the depths of sadness that Willow is clearly in, and will remain in. By FAR my fave ep of the season so far, with the best writing and stellar performance by our Aly. WAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the by, I KNOW the guys in Widespread Panic, and they deserve all the success in the WORLD. Hey, you do? Can y'get me some of them nice WP stickers we keep seeing all over Sunnydale? Can you? :-)

GypAng said:

....Veruca didn't die a horrible enough death.

No? I fear you. (Heh.)

Mabel said:

I don't know about anyone else, but could Willow be more annoying than she was in this episode? I've always loved her character, but this week - eesh. I wanted to tell her to speak with a grownup voice. Also, they NEED to start doing more with Xander and Giles. What's the point in paying them if they aren't going to do anything? Okay, I've had my gripe. Loved the fact that Oz actually showed some emotion. Made me jump when he yelled at Veruca to get out.

Alye said:

....I almost wish Veruca hadn't been so skanky and annoying, but that might have dampened the cheering when she died. But still... Damn. Oz is gone.

Rubyluna said:

....Riley is OBVIOUSLY one of those masked guys...

If Veruca was a blonde werewolf, why isn't OZ a red werewolf?

Veruca was very Faith-like (extra skanky!!)

PLEASE Joss...give Giles a job!!!

DuneWitch said:

Riddle me this? Is OZ off to work with Angel or what? How can he escape being an animal ANYWHERE he goes?

kathgs said:

....I thought we had already covered that "special powers exempt us from human moral codes" theme.

*Beep* said:

....about that gun -- didn't quite sound like the tranquil shot of at first, now did it? Curiouser and curiouser.

Jenn said:

All right -- I'd say BTVS is turning into a soap opera, I'd complain about all the "relationship episodes" this year so far, I'd slam Veruca for being the most relentless bitca the show's seen in a while, but my reaction basically boils down to...


Oz. Gone. Willow and Oz. Apart. Willow. Crying. Me crying.



okay, done now.

Winnie the witch said:

Actually I think Giles liked a lot of great all time hard rock music and his collection probably reflects that. I think Giles needs to get another job and stop being such a slacker...

Laura A. (since there seems to be an abundance of people named Laura out there) said:

Bloody hell... Oz's gone. This has to be the best "message ep" yet - it's message? Willow & Oz are just as deep, if not more so than Angel & Buffy. But the most disturbing thing by far isn't the scene where Ozwolf nailed Veruca, it's the fact that Angel was funnier than Buffy tonight.

evilgrrl said:

This was a pretty heavy episode. I'm not actually an Willow and Oz 'shipper, but I kinda got into it with this episode. I hated seeing Willow with tears all over her face like that, but it was very realistic, instead of the one little tear that trickles gracefully down the cheek.

I didn't want Oz to go; I think he made the wrong decision. After all, one of the reasons Buffy is such a good Slayer and is still alive is the support she gets from her friends. Oz is going to cut himself off from his friends until he figures himself out. I think he should let his friends help him. No man is an island and all that.

Then I guess paranoia must be catching...see below.

WonderBunny said:

You know what? Veruca and her name reminded me of the Veruca Salt on Willy Wanka's Chocolate Factory. "Daddy, I want the Oz!" "Daddy?!" "Daddy, I want the Oz!"

Heh. WonderBunny. Perhaps a relation of Angry Rabbits or FurryRabbits or Satan's Bunny? Heh. Lots of bunnies around here...but the good thing about bunnies is, they can really take care of themselves. (Right, Oz?)

Kyla said:

Maybe it's 'cause I'm not male, but I really couldn't fathom Veruca's appeal. I mean, "Ooh, psycho-looking tramp who can't sing! I lust!"? Maybe they were trying to show, in the Bronze with Xander and Giles, that all men were attracted to her, and it was probably a werewolf thing. Whatever.

Seth Green does wonderful facial expressions. I loved the last bit, in the van. Sigh. He'd better come back. People are leaving right and left.

From Witchy Vamp:

Oh god - - another depressing episode. I can't remember college being sooooooo BAD. First we get the Bufster being all Parker depressed, now we have Willow with the Oz depressed. Hey, since he's in the opening credits he's got to return, right???

Oz, Oz, Oz, when will you ever learn - he's only 1/2 a man - - well, make that 1/4 man since he's half werewolf - - without Willow. Does this mean we have to sit through more episodes of crying gals???

lizbet said:

I was so upset that Spike only made a momentary appearance at the beginning of this episode, but the whole beginning sequence - buffy kicking butt, cracking wise, and spike also cracking wise - was the best so far...

mlejane said:

We all hated Veruca right from the start. She was worse than Faith.

I thought it was really good but I still wish the werewolves were scarier looking. Even Professor Walsh thought they were gorillas. And it wasn't all that funny. And Riley is still a really bad actor. Maybe I didn't like it that much.

Tacy said:

I particularly enjoyed the large rubber band ball that Giles keeps in his tacky brass ashtray. But it is clear that Giles needs to take up a more fulfilling hobby. Before you know it, he may be calling Joyce up and asking her to join him for a latte.

Other than that, I was incredibly sorry to see Oz get the big kiss-off from the show. I liked having one functional happy relationship to watch amidst all the brooding and demonic horror.

Did Dr. Walsh actually escape being bitten??? Or will she become a new werewolf?

Grub said:

Amazing stuff from Aly and Seth! Possibly the most emotional episode since "Passion". This episode put her other 'attempt' at crying to shame (Consequences). And we finally get to see some emotions out of Oz -- and he's gone.

PG said:

....I think they have really not done enough with Oz's problem and it was a really good episode (in a sad way). Hope Oz eventually returns....Was kind of curious though why Buffy didn't get Xander to stay with Willow while she hunted. But, then again if she had there wouldn't have been as interesting a finale.

Jeff said:

I have...questions about this episode.

....Where the heck has Anya been for the last two weeks?

What is the fasination with leather on this show, did I miss a "What's hot in fashion" update or something? Though Willow can wear leather anytime she wants to.

Who really believed that Willow could cast a spell on OZ?

Paul said:

....The Professora knows stuff. I'm guessing she (and Riley) are involved with the Commandos, who I really hope are good guys.

StephanieJane said:

So many things to say. I didn't realize that Evil Willow forgot her pants when she went back to her reality. I can't believe Oz killed someone. Veruca: Tatoos much?

Also, what do you think Buffy's insightful psych paper was about? The consequences of sending your lover to Hell? Dating the undead? Personality changes after sex? Insert other thoughtful remarks here. (I have to go to school.)

Also, Jua, -- If you recall, Jua missed most of Fear, Itself (I think) when friends kept calling during the show. -- I feel your pain, but instead of my friends (they're well-trained), my grandmother calls every Tuesday without failure at exactly 7:01 p.m.

Ophelia the Fruitfly Slayer said:

....At any rate, the episode itself was sort of like Lovers Walk in reverse only not as good. I did feel like it was payback, though. I liked Willow and Xander's talk; it made me realize that I have completely forgiven Xander for his bastardly deeds last season. As for the hooded guys with the guns, they have to be the government.

Early said:

This was the best episode so far of the season and a real tear-jerker. Alyson Hannigan did her best acting so far. The quality of the cast is reflected by the fact that Buffy was hardly in this episode and it was still awesome! It was quite shocking to see Oz and Willow in bed as if that were an everyday occurrence. And Willow's reaction to Oz's gruesome kill--just perfect. This episode came at a perfect time-just when I was getting seriously annoyed with the turn this season was taking....There have been good moments in the other episodes so far, but COME ON. The cavemen imitation was painful to watch as was the Parker/Buffy scene. Since when did Buffy become incredibly stupid?

Kristin said:

....I wonder if hair gel transfers over to the wolf...or does it dissapear like the clothes? hmm. A stylish wolf. No wonder Skankgirl was so attracted.

Jaime said:

Veruca -- my GOD if anyone didn't hate her before, how could they not now?! She tried to KILL Willow!!! (Of course, Spike tried to kill her and we don't hate him..) but she's a vapid whore!! I was yelling at the TV the whole time..good thing Iv made my parents leave the house. She was a total slut...period. Luckily, if you think about it, we dont reeeally know that she and Oz even did anything. I mean, they just sorta hinted at it, AND like we should trust Veruca's sexual remarks. (It may just be denial..) '*good* shirt.' ::growls::

Willow....Happy -- her jealousy was funny.... Sad -- everything else. When she walked in, all in leather and stuff, i just stared at her pants like 'willow? in leather pants?!' and then Oz mentioned it and I realized why she did that...

Kaitlin said:

I'm sorry, but as a W/X 'shipper, my humble opinion is...


No more Oz! Well, hey, I liked the guy, and he was all sweet to Willow, but I mean... no Oz, Willow needs comfort, right? Well, she just might find it in an unlocked basement. *Uhemmmms*

Not that I'm hinting or anything.

belle said:

....I said it way back when, and later down the line I'll be proved right: Willow's goin' baaaad. I never really liked that character, and I like her less all the time. I mean, I sympathize with the poor girl this ep (see boyfriend cheat on you, rip a person's throat out AND leave), but that stony expression on her face...didn't even bat an eye when Buffy told her she loved her...and then the CURSE...I sense black magic motif here.

Cathren said:

Welcome to the Joss Stewart kithcen of Recyled Plot Lines!

A dash of Halloween, a liberal helping of Nightmares = Fear, Itself

Mix The Pack with a sprinkling of Reptile Boy = Beer Bad

Tonight's ep: A Helping of Phases thrown in with Lovers Walk in reverse and a smattering of Becoming Part deux = Wild At Heart.

This is very depressing. At least Angel has a semblance of originality.

jessica said:

Dangit I'm never going to leave my clothing unattended while I'm in college. It was good that Veruca hit pay dirt in the lingerie department.

Wombat Princess said:

Obviously Oz doesn't realize the importance of communication in a relationship. Perhaps he should learn to emote more.

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