The ABCs of Sunnydale

Mr. Pointy got him. Vamp Driver:

Debut -- Choices (Season 3)

Died Same Episode (Death Implied)

We first see Driver Vamp Guy at the airfield. He's waiting by his car to greet this guy from Central America who's got something The Mayor wants: The Box of Gavrok. Vamp tells the guy he'll drive him to see the Mayor so they can make their trade, but the box guy will have none of it. This doesn't really escalate because Faith sort of kills box guy, and Driver Vamp is surprised.

The whole time I was looking at DVG, I kept thinking of Deney Terrio, the original host of everyone's fave show, Dance Fever. I think it's because of his dress...he wore a shirt that kind of was open at the neck and he had on a necklace. I don't know. I mean, you could almost say his vamp dress was similar to that of Thomas's, the DeBarge-looking vamp that Buffy killed way back in Welcome to the Hellmouth. But I digress.

Anyhoo, Driver Vamp guy takes Faith back to City Hall to drop her off. Then he has something nasty happen to him. Basically, Buffy smashes in the driver's side window and asks him, "So, what's in the box?" You know, when I just now typed that, I thought of those Snackwell(s) ads, where the woman asks, "Hey, Cookieman, what's in the box?" But of course that's ridiculous. I mean, we all know that the only one with any cookies around here is The Mayor...

We have to assume that Buffy killed Vamp Driver Guy...she told the gang that she introduced him to Mr. Pointy, after all...

Vamp Drives the Idea Home?:
Vamp Driver: "You killed him." (shocked)
Faith: "What are you, the narrator?"
-- after Faith killed the Box of Gavrok guy.

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