The ABCs of Sunnydale

Morgan and Sid Morgan Shay:

Debut -- The Puppet Show (Season 1)

Died Same Episode.

Morgan Shay is entered in the talent show as a ventriloquist. His dummy, Sid, is the perfect prop....all of the onlookers enjoy Sid's remarks. But when dancer Emily is found dead, and Buffy, Giles, Willow, and Xander begin questioning people in the talent show, Morgan becomes the prime suspect since he's been acting weird a lot lately. When he's not having a conversation with Sid, he can be found grasping his head as if he's in great pain. Basically, everyone thinks that Morgan's just plain crazy. Later, however, Morgan turns up dead, with his brain removed. It's discovered that a demon needs a heart, which it got from Emily, and a brain, which it got from Morgan, in order to maintain its human form. When Buffy finds Morgan's brain backstage, Willow discovers that Morgan had a brain tumor, which accounts for all the days of missed school, as well as why the brain wasn't able to be used by the demon. Apparently, Morgan knew what was going on and was working with Sid to find the demon. He was as normal as the next person. Unfortunately, he didn't live to see the demon get caught.

Most Amusing Line:

Actually, Sid got all the good lines!

Morgan and Sid ABCs of Sunnydale

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