The ABCs of Sunnydale


Debut -- The Puppet Show (Season 1)

Died Same Episode

Sid appears in The Puppet Show as Morgan's dummy. Apparently, Morgan is going to do a ventriloquist act for the annual talent show. Morgan's not an apt performer, though, and soon Sid is making all the jokes and getting a good response, even from Xander, Willow, and Buffy. There's something suspicious about Sid, though....the gang catches Morgan talking to the dummy and supposedly making the dummy talk while in class. Sid is taken away by the history teacher, Mrs. Jackson, who promises Morgan he can have it back later.

Since one of the show's dancers, Emily, has been found dead, the gang is eager to find out who's behind it -- the most logical choice? Sid! It later comes out that Sid is actually a demon hunter who's been cursed by "a really mean demon"...the curse has put his soul into the form of a wooden dummy, and the only way to break the curse is to kill all 7 demons of a certain order. When this conclusion is reached, Buffy chats with Sid about being a slayer while they wait to figure out who in the talent show is responsible for Emily's death. Sid has a great sense of humor, and it's amusing to watch everyone interact with the dummy.

The end of the episode sees Sid killing the last demon, thereby ridding himself of the curse. Because the curse originated so long ago, he no longer has a human body to return to, and dies. Sid is last seen being carried across the stage by Buffy. Sid's one of my all-time favorite characters, and I was sorry to see him go.

Most Amusing Line:
"...I'm back!"
-- said to the gang after shaking himself out of a reverie state.


Debut -- School Hard (Season 2)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

Sheila is first seen sitting with Buffy in Principal Snyder's office. Both girls are being read the riot act by the principal, and they are coerced into hosting the Teacher/Parent Night. Sheila's obviously a real delinquent -- she's stabbed teachers with pruning shears, etc. We learn from Xander and Willow that Sheila's always been a rebel, and once, Willow was look-out for her in the 5th grade when Sheila was sneaking a smoke. When Sheila goes outside after the principal's laid down the law, she yells, "Hey, meatball!" to her boyfriend.

Later, the principal asks Buffy where Sheila is since she's not around helping paint banners and decorating for the conference. Buffy covers for Sheila, who walks in at that moment. Sheila's impressed.

We next see Sheila outside a club, where Spike finds her and takes her back to the warehouse, where she'll be a meal for Dru.

Apparently, Dru made Sheila into a vampire, because the next time we see Sheila, she's coming up behind Buffy at the school, where the vampires have just attacked, and she looks ready to drain Buffy. When she sees how Buffy gets rid of a vampire, though, she takes off running. We never know if Sheila actually died or what....

Most Amusing Line:
"...Where'd ya go?"
-- said to dead air, as her 2 male companions suddenly disappear. Especially funny to hear her say it.


Debut -- Inca Mummy Girl (Season 2)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

Sven is the exchange student who's living at Cordy's house for 2 weeks. Because he's from another country, Cordy speaks in "minimalist" English to him -- "Get punchy....fruit drinky." Basically Cordy orders him around using her special English, and she's pretty much annoyed with him. Apparently, she'd been hoping to take advantage of having a "studly" staying at her house, but she gets annoyed with him since he doesn't seem to understand what she's saying. Cordy complains to her friends at the dance about Sven, comparing him to a dog that you try to leave at the Grand Canyon, only to have it follow you back across four states. He's not seen too much in this episode, and when we do see him, he's silent. Up until the end, that is, when he's with one of Cordy's friends....see below.

Sven's Only Line:
"I thought this exchange student thing would be a great deal. But look what I got stuck with....Punchy fruity drinky -- Is Cordelia even from this country?" --
said to Cordy's friend at the dance at The Bronze.


Debut -- Go Fish (Season 2)

"Died" Same Episode

Sean's one of the other swim team members who gets "in touch with his inner halibut." When Xander goes to check his skin in the locker room, Cordy's left by the pool to wait for him. Alls of a sudden, someone jumps into the pool, and it's a fish-guy. Cordy pours her heart out to the fish, as she mistakenly believes that it's Xander. When Xander arrives to tell her, "That's not me," Sean the fish reaches up out of the pool for them. That's about it for this kid.

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