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Grace Newman:

Debut -- I Only Have Eyes For You (Season 2)

Died -- 1955...

Grace Newman was a young teacher at Sunnydale High School in the '50s. She was having an affair with one of her students, James Stanley and decided it would be best to break it off with him for appearances' sake.

But James couldn't deal with that and in trying to plead with her not to do this, he accidentally shot her and she fell over the balcony and died. We see the events of this played over and over as James's spirit is trying to be forgiven. Buffy and Angel are selected to be the hosts for James's and Grace's spirits. Angel houses Grace's spirit, and Buffy houses James's. Grace/Angel tells Buffy/James that she knows the shooting was an accident and that she never stopped loving him. This act puts their spirits to rest. Finally. Also, the 1955 Sunnydale High Yearbook was dedicated to the memory of Miss Grace Newman. Doubtful that she'll pop up again, but this is Sunnydale, so who knows.


Debut -- I Only Have Eyes For You (Season 2)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

George is the janitor -- or one of 'em, anyway -- at Sunnydale High, and he has the misfortune of being possessed by James Stanley's spirit. In re-enacting the scene between James and Grace Newman, he ends up shooting and killing a teacher named Miss Frank. Giles came by to hold George back, and they couldn't find the gun that he used. Don't know whether George is doing time or what...

Earlier in the episode, we saw him witness the first James/Grace spirit takeover thing when two students were possessed. Seeing George made me wonder if it was his abandoned janitor cart in the episode Passion that Jenny Calendar used to trip up Angel. That'd be one spooky coincidence. Sort of.

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