The ABCs of Sunnydale

the claw The Claw (aka Fork Guy):

Debut -- Teacher's Pet (Season 1)

Died Same Episode

The Claw is featured briefly in this episode. When Angel comes to the Bronze to let Buffy know that there's yet another villain lurking around Sunnydale, she notices that his arm is somewhat shredded. She quickly dubs The Claw "Fork Guy" and tells Giles about him the following day. They learn that The Claw upset The Master and as a result, had his hand removed and a metal claw put in its place.

When Buffy goes looking for The Claw in the park, she finds him, and they fight. The fight's cut short when the cops show up (for once!), and Fork Guy runs off. The Claw then encounters Miss French (aka She-Mantis) and takes off running, seeking shelter in the sewer. Buffy notices this, and finds it odd.

Later, Buffy enlists Fork Guy's help in locating Miss French, and just as he's trying to rip her to pieces, Buffy grabs a piece of the wooden fence and dusts him. Thus endeth the life of The Claw.

The Claw's Only Line:
"You!" -- to Buffy, when she's managed to track him down to find Ms. French's place.

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