Larry Knows Fear Fear Itself

Season 4, Episode 4 (Episode 61 of entire series)

Like, just 'cause I'm dead doesn't mean I can't relive my glory days. I was quite the swashbuckler, dude. Even if I don't really get what the hell went on that Halloween. Anyhoo, this Halloween would have RULED. I mean, a party at a frat house, no kids to take trick-or-treating, what could go wrong?

Larry Speaks:

Okay, apparently a lot can go wrong. I forgot this was Sunnydale. I know, I know, dude. But like, it looked like everything was cool. Oz helped the guys set up a sound system..dingoes RULE!...Xander was invited to the party..I just know he must be feeling all left out and stuff. Dude, if I were there with ya, I'd take you to some kick-ass parties. And even Mr. Giles was into the whole set-up.

And then, it's like, bad juju. Here's a tip, guys...keep a bandage handy so if you ever cut yourself...Oz, wolfy, I'm talkin' to YOU..it won't frickin' BLEED onto some kinda ritual symbol. I'm like, serious, dude. Never bleed onto anything. Especially in your case, when MORE werewolves could result. (Yeah, I'm dead, I know everything. K?)

And sorry, can I just say...who the hell is this Anya chick? Yeah, okay, learned she was a demon, and she was Xander's prom date, but come on...give the guy some ROOM, willya? He's confused, he's upset, I think you're freaking him out. Oh, and..what's up with your bunny costume? Easter's like, not for a while, dude.

So anyway, the next thing I know, everyone is freaking out at this frat house. Buffy's seeing a bunch of dead things...hey, how come no one asked ME to come visit, huh? Willow's all scared about losing control of her magic, Oz is like, freaking out in the bathtub, werewolf-style..and Xander's like, invisible. Dude...just get in everyone's face or audit a class..or better yet, get some friends of your own kind, if you know what I mean...heh. Anyhoo, at least Anya had sense enough to go get Mr. Giles...dude, what's up with your sombrero? Did you know chalupa means "little canoe" -- it does...so those Taco Bell ads...dude, whatever. Anyhoo, after Buffy summons forth the fear demon ...aw, cute little guy, she crushes him, and everyone's safe. Ah. Gotta love Sunnydale. Oh, and one more thing..if I ever find out that someone purposely jammed my flamethrower thing during graduation, I am going to be SERIOUSLY pissed off.

Stuff That Impressed Me:

1. Oz's costume. Talk about low-key, yet all-powerful. Dude, you got my vote.
2. Buffy's mom. Knock it off, I just mean, she's cool.
3. Mr. Giles has a chainsaw? Dude, I'm glad I never pissed HIM off.

What I Learned Recently:

1. People have fears..Duh.
2. That guy Ethan Raine seriously needs to have his ass kicked. Yeah, I know, it was a few years ago. He still needs to have it kicked, though.

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