Cordy Invisible Girl (aka Out of Mind, Out of Sight)

Season 1, Episode 11

This episode marks the first time that Cordelia seeks out Buffy's help; also marks the first time that Angel's been seen since Angel, and is the first time that Giles and Angel meet.


Cordy, Harmony, and Mitch are talking about the upcoming May Queen coronation. Cordy's hoping to win. Buffy runs out of the library and straight into the three of them, spilling her weapons everywhere.

Mitch is seen in the locker room getting dressed. After everyone's gone, he thinks he hears someone, and reaches for his bat. But something unseen grabs the bat and proceeds to wail on him.

Basically, this episode has more Xander and Willow reminiscing, which leaves Buffy feeling left out. Oh, yeah, the plot. Um, so after the attack, Buffy wants to investigate, but Snyder gets on her case. He's distracted by Willow and Xander, who mention that Mitch may sue the school. Buffy sneaks into the guys' locker room Woo! and notices the bat, as well as letters that spell out LOOK.

Basic beginnings of the Scooby Gang's investigation follow. The next big shove to the plot comes when Harmony and Cordy are talking outside, and Harmony is pushed down the stairs. Buffy hears laughing and goes to follow the source. It leads her into the band room, and she bumps into something invisible.

Next, Ms. Miller, Cordy's teacher, is attacked. The invisible person tries to suffocate Ms. Miller by putting a plastic bag over her face. This could explain why Ms. Miller hasn't been seen since. I wondered how many takes it took to get this scene canned, but that's just me, I guess. Anyhoo, Cordy rushes in and de-bags Ms. Miller, and witnesses the chalk moving by itself to write: LISTEN.

The gang's already figured out that Cordy is the common denominator in these incidents -- well, they didn't yet know about Ms. Miller, but like the song goes, two out of three ain't bad. Apparently, because everyone perceived Marcie as being invisible, Marcie began to perceive herself in the same way. And the energy from the Hellmouth enabled the invisibility thing to happen.

You want more detail? Okay, Willow pulled up a list of missing kids, Buffy saw that Marcie Ross had been missing for 6 months; she went to check out the band room, crawled up into a space above the ceiling, and discovered that Marcie had been living up there. She took the yearbook, they saw a photo of Marcie, and that everyone had written "Have a nice summer." Or in Willow's and Xander's cases: "Have a great summer," and "Have a nice...yeesh." The latter, of course, is Xander's reaction upon seeing that he, too, wrote the kiss of death "have a nice summer" message.

Basically, Cordy turns to Buffy for help, Buffy and Cordy get knocked out by Marcie, and she somehow (how, exactly??) gets them to the Bronze. Marcie's tied Cordy and Buffy to chairs, and the last worded message from her is: LEARN. Marcie plans to do some surgical enhancements to Cordy's face..namely, make her grotesque looking.

Meanwhile, Angel's come to deliver the Pergamum Codex, which supposedly contains all of the prophecies about the Slayer, and which had been "misplaced" during the 15th century. Angel finds Xander, Willow, and Giles locked inside the boiler room, dying from the gas leak that Marcie left in her wake. Angel saves the gang and goes in to shut off the gas since the valve has been ripped off, or as he puts it, "It's not like I need the oxygen."

Meanwhile back at the Bronze...Buffy is able to get free and has to listen in order to take down Marcie. That's harder than it looks, what with Cordy's screaming and crying. Buffy's got the upper hand -- see below for what got the job done -- when the Feds come in, take Marcie away, and provide no real explanations. Next day at school, Cordy thanks the gang, but turns harsh once again when Mitch comes up and asks why she's talking to "these losers." Maybe if Marcie'd swung a little harder...nah!

What Got the Job Done:

1. Buffy used her other senses, such as hearing, to track down Marcie; then she let fly with basic fighting tactics.
2. Buffy dropped a curtain onto Marcie so that she'd be able to "see" what she was fighting.

What We Learn in This Episode:

1. Buffy was popular at her old school, Hemery High..
2. Cordy's not as secure as everyone might think she is.
3. Angel's in love with Buffy.
4. That it's possible for me not to like every episode of this show. Sorry!

An Amusing Quote:

"....There's one thing I really didn't factor into all this -- you're a thundering looney!" --Buffy to Marcie, on learning that Marcie plans to do some "surgery" to Cordy's face.

Another Amusing Quote:

"Can we just revel in your fabulous lack of priorities?" -- Xander to Cordelia, on hearing that nothing's going to keep her from going to The Bronze and being crowned May Queen.

Settings Seen:

1. Sunnydale High School
2. The Bronze
3. An FBI Classroom

Characters Seen:

1. Buffy
2. Willow
3. Xander
4. Giles
5. Cordelia
6. Principal Snyder
7. Angel
8. Harmony
9. Marcie Ross
10. Mitch
11. Ms. Miller
12. Agent Doyle
13. Agent Manetti

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