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This week's theme: Remembering Joyce Summers

graveyard much?

"..little shaky on the dismount."

Joyce's favorite meal was probably:

Cheesy chips and mini-pizzas.
Band candy.
Chinese food, mall-style.

When Hank learns about Joyce's death,:


Is just waiting for Olivia to drop, too.
Wants to bury Joyce in the Juice Newton jacket.
Tells himself Joyce died at Angelus's hands.
Might sing at Joyce's burial.

The person most distraught over Joyce's death is:

The doctor.
The one doing this dingo action.
Amy Madison.
Sheila Rosenberg.

Joyce's best season was:

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"Get the hell away from my daughter!"

I could deal with Joyce's demise better if:

I knew she might come up in a flashback.
She had been a horrible bitca.
She could be reanimated (a la Daryl Epps).
She leaves Buffy a lot of money.

Another cool thing about Joyce was:

She didn't have to birth Dawn.
Her empathy for others.
Her great parenting skills.
Her wardrobe.

Of the ones listed, Joyce's favorite singer/group could have been:

Meat Loaf.
The Ides of March.
Sonny and Cher.
Gerry and the Pacemakers.
Blood Sweat and Tears.

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Once a week.
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Only after new episodes.
I live at The Prairie!

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