This Week's Barks

Who Are You?

"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past week, we saw Who Are You?, and a bunch of dingo action players. Thanks for playing, you nifty people! (er, good dingoes?)..Now, here's what y'all said:

cemetery Adam:

   Is annoying.
   Would be a good boyfriend because he like, has goals.
   Puts his pants on one leg at a time like everyone else.
   Needs to take a chill pill.

The Winner: Is annoying.

But maybe he can't help that whole 'monotone' thing.

The real Faith:

   Will probably meet up with DeNiro on that boxcar or whatever.
   Really doesn't like sex all that much.
   Should have put the moves on Giles.
   Enjoys having a conscience.
   Probably knows what a stevedore is.

The Winner: Probably knows what a stevedore is.

I hear Boston's full of 'em...

The real Buffy:

   Is a likely candidate for therapy.
   Would never have asked for Joyce's lipstick. Too mom-like.
   Might have thought those things about Tara, but not voiced them.
   Should have stayed in Faith's body and skipped going to class ever again.

The Winner: Might have thought those things about Tara, but not voiced them.

What, you're thinking she's way past therapy??


   Was glad for the reminder about Olivia.
   Secretly enjoys the stevedore comparison.
   Would probably hate the Watchers Council retreats.
   Has to reign Willow in more.

The Winner: Secretly enjoys the stevedore comparison.

It beats a blueberry scone comparison, anyway.


   Finally got some lines.
   Would be jealous of Amy.
   Finally got to meet the gang.
   Is a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Werewolves.

The Winner: Would be jealous of Amy.

Why do you think she's still a rat, hm?

NEW EPISODE BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.


   Doesn't always get semi-propositioned by the slayer.
   Ruined a perfectly good bottle of beer.
   Doesn't know the meaning of frustration.
   Should be the one to take out Adam.

The Winner: Doesn't always get semi-propositioned by the slayer.

This episode:

   Was not as good as Doppelgangland.
   Was better than basketball.
   Could have given the Watchers Council guys more lines.
   Is central to the "Buffy sucks at driving" theme.
   Is cool because it showed an actual toilet bowl in the house.

The Winner: Is central to the "Buffy sucks at driving" theme.

I wonder:

   Where Detective Stein was.
   What Forrest thinks of Buffy now.
   If Riley will tell the real Buffy he loves her.
   Who told Giles he was good at improvisation.

The Winner: What Forrest thinks of Buffy now.

What Did You Think of This Episode?

Then finally, your non-dingo-guided opinion about the episode. Lots o' interesting thoughts, so read 'em all. Some preferred Eliza Dushku's Buffy to SMG's Faith; some didn't, and almost everyone thought: hello to the too much sex! Egads. Oh, and for a li'l lesson on the whole "what the heck does 5 by 5 refer to" thing, check out Devinistan's contribution to the prairie's nook of knowledge at the end. (Yes, there are nooks of knowledge here. You knew that, right?)

So...let's see what we've got this week, byte-wise.

But first -- Standard disclaimer: Can't post 'em all, but this week I'm posting a big massively huge amount. Hope the authors don't mind being put up here, and some may be abridged. And again, no name, no bark byte recognition (even though I still like reading what you thought; make it easy on me and put a name on there, please! Thanks!)

Paul said:

Best episode ever! Or at least of the season. I'm so glad that we got to see more of Faith (and Eliza Dushku) this week. And especially happy that Joss is taking the more interesting route of slowly redeeming Faith instead of keeping her pure (and stupidly) evil. Bravo!

From Green Armadillo:

Anyone else notice the similarity between Faith saving Buffy from Mr. Trick in Consequences by sudden dusting from behind and Buffy in Faith's body dusting the vamp holding down Faith in Buffy's body here? Same exact pose by Buffy as Faith, except this time we get a Slayer fight :).

From pg:

One disappointment in what was one of the best episodes this year and that was the almost total absence of Xander. The potential comic lines that would have ensued had Xander met Buffy in Faith's body was the only disappointment in this episode.

Duff said:

All I can really say is wow. Eliza really managed to make me think that she was Buffy. I almost hate to say it, but I almost enjoyed her Buffy better than SMG's. Or maybe it was just nice to see what a different actress would have done for the role.

Dodge said:

Many fabulous bits, but the script portrayed Faith's arc too simplistically to really satisfy. Also, I felt cheated to miss out on the Giles/Watchers confrontation ep 1 seemed to promise. Ah well. Eliza did a great job with her scene at Giles' place.

I am way ready to see fewer sex scenes.

Maggie said:

Totally awesome Willow/Tara episode. So when are they gonna get around to making those two a couple??

Aly said:

I really didn't need to see Willow moan. Truly.

Riley and Faith! She always gets some of Buffy's man. I feel so bad for our little murderous fiend! She has feelings too...interesting how she goes from picturing stabbing Willow to voluntarily trying to save people at the end...I see potential here. Hmm... When Buffy/Faith asked Riley if he wanted to punish her, I think I wet myself. What is up with this show and kinky sex anyway? Also, Xander lasts seven minutes? >=)

chemistrygirl said:

I like Faith. She is in turmoil, pain and agony. But in the end, she had to save the church people again. Only this time they weren't Baptist, they had to be Episcopals or Methodists (check out the church interior, I've either been or visited all three aforementioned denominations). [Egads..been 3 denominations? Yikes. Heh.] Because saving the people and slaying the vampires is the right thing to do for a slayer. I think she's got a lot to deal with on that train. Let's just hope she doesn't find the car with the nuclear weapon aboard.

From KarinS:

Good two-parter. The idiocy of Giles is getting a little annoying - c'mon, didn't the guy go to Oxford and/or work for the British Library? [Museum? Eh. He's old, he's confused, what's the difference? jk.] He's lost half his brain cells since Band Candy. Really liked the Riley/"Buffy" 'test drive' scene. He seems like a slow, but decent enough guy (plus the good arms, of course....) I still miss OZ.

Birthday Girl said:

More Faith, please! After seeing her return, I realized just how sucky a villain Adam is (actually, I realized that from the word go, but anyway...) Faith is great to watch, because you can't really put her into a category--she's definitely not a good guy, but she's not evil either.... It was great to see her throughout the ep, slowly developing, what, a conscience? Wow! .... I didn't like the end of the spellcasting scene with Willow and Tara--the way Willow arched her back, did that look like....? [If you have to ask, the answer is probably "Yep." Heh.]

From Isis:

It didn't meet my standards, I don't know what's happening to Buffy, but ever since she's gotten into college, her fashion sense has been going downhill, the monsters' plastic surgeries have been so, well, plastic, and her dialogue and snappy one-liners are getting really worn. I don't know who're the good guys or the bad guys anymore, please Joss Whedon, make them all get time warped back into high school. They still need the maturity.

From Lane:

....How could Riley not realize it was Faith he had sex with? HELLO. Two words: leather pants. He obviously hasn't paid close enough attention to the hideous clothing she's been wearing this past season. Leather pants is so Season III for the Buffmeister. But, because of her coma, Faith's taste in clothing has not changed one bit. Gosh, both girls looked good in leather pants... Go figure he'd think with his crotch. This ep reinforced my disgust for this character.

From kristin:

How much fun do you think Eliza and SMG had imitating each other? Do you think they were still speaking to each other by the time they finished filming, or was there some major "wow, what a bitc -a, I don't do THAT" kind of stuff going on in each actress's trailer..

Really wanted Faith to spill the Angel thing. That way the relationship is blasted from both sides, instead of just "How could you sleep with her in my body". Besides, how come Buffy gets to be all upset with Riley about his sleeping with Faith when she still has such a major past life secret??? Sheesh. Talk about your relative morality.

Felicia Jacobs said:

....loved what Riley said at the end when Buffy realized he slept with Faith when she was in Buffy's body: Buffy "You slept with her?" Riley "I slept with you."

From StephanieJane:

Raise your hand if you're tired of the Whining Tara Demon. She definitely is slay-worthy. Oz, come home.

I can't believe it, but I actually feel really bad for Faith.

Oh, and one more thing. Angel so would have known that that wasn't Buffy. (unlike Backstreet Riley!!!)

kailen said:

I didn't buy the whole "Faith sees people in trouble on TV and finally understands the difference between right and wrong". Maybe this could happen if she actually experienced something first-hand...but on TV? To a woman who's gutted any number of innocent people live and in color? Right.

I saw Riley in a suit and thought "did he join the FBI?" Didn't even think about church - oops. [Snicker.]

Ok - Buffy drive bad. We get that. We can all visualize the scene where Riley teaches Buffy to drive. But what if Buffy decided to surprise Riley...and asked Forrest and Graham to teach her to drive! In one of the military vehicles! Imagine the dialogue - priceless.

baronessp said:

For all those of you who have been griping against Riley as boring, boring, I hope you appreciated him in the scene with Buffy/Faith. His confused and very gentle reactions to the odd (to him) behavior of Buffy were marvelous. His love for her was so tenderly obvious, and that of course was what Faith realized, what upset her so greatly, and what, I assume served as the catalyst to her coming to save the people in the church. Well done! Interestingly Faith gained much more insight into Buffy's life than Buffy did into Faith's....

Holly said:

This was a great episode. I liked how Willow and Tara were able to get Buffy back into her own body. I wonder if we will see any more of Faith this season or not. It would also be interesting to see how Forrest will react to Buffy later on if he ever finds out what had happened.

sandra m said:

....Too bad Faith didn't know more about Buffy and Spike's history. She might have slep with him just to get back at Buffy.

Seesa said:

So, do SMG and James Marsters beg the writers to put them in situations where Buffy and Spike are hitting on each other or what? And what about the love of Spike's life, Joyce? When oh when do we get to see that reunion?

Deb said:

Pretty good episode -- kind of a 'walk a mile in my shoes and you start to understand and act like me' type of thing. I would have liked to have seen more of "Buffy-in-Faith's-body" having to deal with things, though. And I was really, really hoping Faith would tell Riley about Angel. About time Tara met the group. Can't make up my mind whether I like that character or if I'm really annoyed by her. At least Willow wasn't wearing a hat.....

QYV said:

TOO MUCH SEX ALREADY!! What happened to the nice realistic days of the first and second season? Do you realize we've gone from Buffy and Angel having sex to the entire Scooby Gang just this season? Poor Spike is the only one left out! I've been through high school and college, and this is ridiculous. It's like everyone's channeling Dawson's Creek.

And yes, I'm counting that "spell" tonight with Willow and Tara...sheesh...

From Pat:

Does Tara remind you a bit of Oz? Could there be some connection?

Kanga said:

The Willow/Tara spell scene was just a tad too reminiscent of "GD2", yikes. Can't wait to see the next Spike and Buffy scene, should be priceless.

DJ said:

I'm still wondering how Spike managed to wire his crypt for electricity (back in Goodbye Iowa). A really long extension cord from Xander's basement?

I enjoyed the way that "Buffy" got under Spike's skin. Faith really had him going, in a way that Buffy hasn't been able to manage. He was as mad at himself as he was at "Buffy."

skatie said:

So now we know Faith has self-esteem issues. She's not a psychotic slut, she's a hurt puppy looking for understanding. She's more fun as a psycho. It'll be interesting to see if she reforms or slides farther down before we see her again.

It was nice to see Tara have actual lines. I really liked how they deepened the relationship Willow has with her without being incredibly overt about it. Tara could be a fine addition to the Scooby gang.

I loved the scene with Spike, now he's really mad at the Slayer. Should be interesting the next time they meet.

And finally, last Dingo Action I wrote something about Giles and Wesley and the CoW. I didn't mean that Giles and Wesley were both screw-ups, I meant they're both mild-mannered and stutter a lot, in Giles this is offset by his being competent and so "Gilesish"(a good thing). I just figured the CoW had to have somebody more cold-blooded for "wetwork" and now I know they do.

kathgs said:

Why is Adam so charismatic? What was he trying to prove with those vampires?

How come Tara is all of a sudden so powerful and intuitive? I was glad to find out other people could see her though--she was beginning to seem like Willow's imaginary friend. [Snuffleupagus, anyone? Spelling of Snuffleupagas, anyone?]

What did Willow see in the nether realm? Was Michael Keaton there?

Why didn't Faith seize the moment with Spike?

Is Joyce referring to strength/stamina or finesse/deportment? And wouldn't you have thought Buffy would have looked that up by now?

Winnie the witch said:

Why the hell can't Joss and the writers stop humiliating Xander, Giles, and Spike and give them some lines already? I like seeing Xander in pain as much as the next BTVS fan with a sadistic streak but a little exploration of his character and his relationship with Anya would be good about now! The first three seasons showed that Xander has some dimension, now let's see some! I want Spike to fight some demons and I want to know more about Spike's background. I can't wait to see his confrontation with Buffy once the implant is removed!

Also I think Buffy really does neglect her mom quite a bit and the show should address that at some point. [I agree, but it's probably due to the fact that the actress is currently living in Italy or someplace, I think. Then again, there could always be phone calls or the casual mom mention every now and again. Oh well. Did I mention I like Joyce? Sorry. Back to you now.]

On the upside Faith being back is great. I think Buffy has never really faced up to the Faith issue but has been in denial. Also until the return of Faith I hadn't realized how much this season needed a strong villain. It may be too late to rectify these errors in this season Joss but for the sake of the show's ratings and your legacy get it together next year. Don't get me wrong I still love BTVS but even I sense a decline and many diehard fans have quit watching in protest of how the Initiative has so much time away from everything else. I happen to like Riley but I [think] the show works better with all the characters in use as something other than background and comic relief. Plus villain shortage and fewer vampires this year does not = happy viewers.

AJ said:

After Faith's apparent re-discovery of her conscience, will she become a Rogue Demon Slayer?

And if you will allow an Angel comment- do vampires really need flashlights? And hello, but Voyager anyone?

GypAng said:

Spike must be so confused right now! But why, oh why didn't Faith in Buffy's body put the moves on Xander?

Ula said:

First of all,kudos to Eliza and SMG about not having to make me think twice as to who was who. Also: Die Tara die (I don't blame Faith for making fun of her), it's a sad, sad day when Tara is on more than Xander. What was Faith talking about after she started spazzing after Riley said "I love you" (who said that wwwaaaaaaaay too soon!!!)? And did that church scene remind anyone of "Face-Off?"

MelonCollie said:

....Oz was mentioned! Woohoo! Maybe he could come back and chase away Tara...

And now the rant: If Buffy broke up with Angel after he acted evil and sided w/Faith (Even though it was *her* idea!), then why didn't she break up with Riley after he had *sex* with her(Faith)!? Okay, so he didn't *know*, but he did have a feeling.

Anyway... I wonder if the train was headed towards L.A? It'd be interesing to see if Faith and Angel ran into each other. Maybe she'll tell him about Riley so he can run up (or down?) to Sunnydale and kick his ass. Then all will be well! Or as well as life on the Hellmouth can get anyway.

Redbeard said:

So Faith may actually have something resembling a conscience, or a sense of duty, or some such down in there somewhere? Interesting thought. She and Buffy sure bring out the worst in each other, however.

So now Buffy's accusing Riley of sleeping with Faith? Puhleeze! That girl is turning seriously whiny.

I really thought this was a pretty good season until I rewatched the Buffy/Angel Chronicles tape collection--except for Hush, Season 4 has been seriously mediocre by comparison with the best of Season 2.

Queen C said:

Ok so Riley had sex with his girlfriend's arch enemy? That is a really BIG no no. Unless I'm the arch enemy and the guy is really cute...or whatever. And Faith suddenly had like a conscience or something now and wants to save people? Also she leaves, maybe for some soul searching, somewhere nice like Albania? Heh, I did like how she played with Spike's mind, that was funny. I must admit I treat men a whole lot like Faith does so I really get a kick outta that. So call me evil, whatever. I also enjoyed Buffy/Faith's 7 minute comment to Xander and Anya. Except Xander's "hey" wasn't nearly indignant enough. But oh well, I still had fun!

FurryRabbits said:

This episode got me going "like a stevedore"!! Woohoo!! Loved that Face/Off stuff, loved how Buffy was Faith and Faith Buffy, etc, and Faith's reaction to the girl thanking her and Riley's tenderness...

Rachel (Cicely) said:

The ending was a bit too Star Trek-ish. (This one little glowing thingy will fix the entire problem in exactly 5 seconds! Make it so, Number One!) But, other than that, yippee! Faith rocks! Eliza needs to work on her Sarah impersonation and vice versa, but other than that, the episode rocked.

Good stuff:
"Because it's wrong." "You were inching!"

Bad stuff:
Willow/Tara orgazmo stuff. Ew. Buffy's driving. :)

angelnbuffy said:

....Willow/Tara projecting to the netherlands, can you say erotic undertones (overtones?)

Poor Riley, he's done now and has no idea. Buffy will always think he slept with Faith even though he could never have dreamed it wasn't really Buffy.

The one thing though that really bugs me, was everyone on glue, cause that soooo wasn't Buffy.

Fnord said:

Now that Tara has been introduced to and saved Buffy, maybe someone will tell her about Amy and the de-ratting can procede.

Faith is turning into Angel. She was punching herself in the face because she didn't like who she used to be, now she can try to do good to make up for all of the bad things she has done. She needs to talk to Angel about how to do the redemption thing.

If that thing Willow and Tara made was a body swapper, and not just a specific counterspell it might come in handy next time Buffy has to infiltrate someplace. If Buffy swaps bodies with someone who is not a slayer will her slayer powers stay with her body or be transfered with her spirit? (Xander and Anya are running out of kinky ways to have sex, they could use two.)

jupiter lust said:

Oh my god, Willow is so gay now!!! I think the lesbian plot line is cool, but I would have preferred that they get a cuter actress for the Tara role. Here is one suggestion, Angelina Jolie!! Oh my god, I would die if she and Willow were an item! Somebody get this idea to Marti or Joss!

I also hope that Buffy dumps Riley. How could he have thought that the Faith/Buffy thing was really Buffy? HELLO???!!! The leather pants should have been a dead giveaway! It's obvious that he was too busy thinking with his little commando.

belle said:

....Riley lost a couple of points with me this week. Okay, maybe most people wouldn't have gone "hey, you're acting strangely! I bet you're actually another girl who's taken my girlfriend's body! Leave, fiend!," but how repressed was that reaction to "Buffy's" invitation to play bad girl? I bet he'd be shocked, SHOCKED, at what Anya and Xander get up to...hee, hee. (And and as a loyal Xander groupie, I'm quite sure he's gone far beyond seven minutes since being deflowered by Faith. Although it would be nice to SEE him in an ep for as long as seven minutes...)

Kyla said:

Joss gets extra points for the Faith posing in front of the mirror scene, and the Faith/Spike scene, but he loses a bunch of them with the "intense astral plane" scene. My friends very nearly decided on using "astral projection" as a new euphemism.

Satan's Bunny said:

Maybe it's just a guy thing and I'm going to show myself for the pig I am [Satan's Piggy? Hm.] but, didn't the Willow/Tara spell casting thing seem kind of erotic? Was it just me? Willow fell back on those pillows and I kind of felt like turning away. Ok, and the whole "I am... yours you know." thing? Wow, way to turn up the wattage on THAT relationship Joss.

I was amazed by the way both actresses handled their switching characters. I though Sarah Michelle did a great Faith until Eliza as Buffy met up with Giles. (Was the last sentence too confusing? I thought so too.) Face it, Eliza nailed Buffy when moved her hair out of her eyes with her finger; something I've seen Buffy do a million times but hadn't noticed until now. Kudos to both of them and kudos to Joss for writing and directing an ep. that leaves us with more questions than answers.

CandRach2 said:

....The thing that I was confused about was when Tara and Willow were performing the spell, both Willow and Tara were breathing quite hard. I'm pretty sure that they were trying to connect with Faith (in the Buff's body). Well, at that time, Riley and Faith were having sex. Were Tara and Will breathing hard because Riley and Faith were?

Malabud said:

Hmmm...This one was rife with the double entendre, and many single ones (to steal a turn of phrase from Wesley). Actually, a few *too* many single ones. I think they went quite a little overboard with the sex talk and symbolism. That little astral projection scene was a bit too much. We get it already! Try something a bit more subtle than a hammer!

Faith (as Buffy) had me cringing just a few too many times in this episode with her flagrancies. I cannot believe no one picked up on her changed persona. Hello people! This is the Hellmouth! If someone is acting out of character, chances are they are indeed out of character. (Pun intended.) I can understand Riley or Anya not catching on, for they have not known Buffy very long, but Giles, Willow, Xander and *her mom*! Hello! (Sorry, just ranting a bit there.)

From Faith's conversation with Spike, will his relationship to the Slayer be better, worse, or the same because of it? I think he's more impressed with her, all the more reason to kill her as soon as he can. Maybe he'll offer to turn her when he gets his chance to kill her. Nah, probably not.

Same initial question with Forrest. What's his impression of Buffy now? No one but he knows that he encountered her on the way out of Lowell house. I think there's a bit more respect, mingled with "that chick's off her rocker" train of thought going there.

Everyone was talking about SMG's stellar performance as Faith in this episode, and it was well done. What I did not expect, but I should have, was the utterly convincing performance put in by Eliza D. as Buffy. She had Buffy's mannerisms, her inflections all down. Kudos on both sides of the switcheroo.

So, Faith has examined her soul and found it wanting. Where to next? LA, of course. Who better to help than a brooding, soulful vampire! Who knows what's going to happen now! Goody, I can't wait!

Leia said:

The scene in the church was very powerful; "Faith" once again saves "Buffy", only this time it's the other way around...if that made sense. Then the idea of Faith beating herself up, her own body as a substitute for the "murderous, disgusting" person she sees herself

Rachel R. said:

DAMNIT... Faith was so cool when she was nice... when she wasn't fluffing around spouting off cheese-ball lines like "Chill, B, we are the chosen two" and "5 by 5". DAMN, I really, really liked her. More so than Buffy even! Well, okay, Buffy ain't that bad, but her recent taste in men has made me gag every single episode, as I watch her make out or do the nasty or something with Potato nose. If she likes Potatoes so much, she should buy a Mr. Potato head and get on with her life! Why the hell is Riley from Iowa, anyway?? IDAHO is more like it. Sheesh.

And damn it, if they are going to make Faith evil and skanky again, they should just kill her, so a new, more interesting slayer can come and entertain me. YES, ME. I DEMAND TO BE ENTERTAINED. Ahem.

And I really, really, really wish they had used the Watchers Council more. When they showed up last episode, I was actually jumping up and down screaming "BOOYAH INITITIVE, THE OLD SCHOOL DEMON HUNTERS ARE HERE!!" They coulda done something reaaaaaaaally interesting, taking Buffy to England, or something like that. But noooooooo, the Old School obviously has lost their touch. *sigh* [Yow. Now this is the sign of a good episode, one that leads to screaming. Right? Er...right?]

Queen Vamp said:

The Scooby Crew is rather stupid this year. Willow hasn't figured out about Tara, Xander is thinking with his joystick and Giles is just plain out of the loop. It's like when they left high school they left all intelligence behind them.

Trashy Vamp said:

Hey, I would love a good roll in the hay as much as the next guy, but geeesssh, the amount of sex on the show this season is out of control! Sex, sexual references, sexual jokes and just plain sex comments. I think Sunnydale U needs to put saltpeter in everyone's meals!!!

You expected this behavior from the slayer slut Faith, but the rest of the crowd is just too hormone filled. Even Giles, and he's ancient - albeit cute in his own way.

I've managed to make it through my freshman year in college without sleeping with each person who came my way within the first week. Took a one year relationship, an engagement ring and lots of thinking about. This will give kids the wrong idea about college life - no wonder the underclassmen are so strange these days!

Joss was so "sensitive" about the episode Earshot, because of violence in school, but thinks nothing of sex, sex, and more sex on a weekly basis. Grow up Joss! High School and college kids do have more on their minds than sex!

Sunny said:

I'm back! Wondering where I was? Hospital stay. 12 days. Ironic much? Alright, so my thoughts on this episode run the gamut. [Glad you're back, and hope you're feeling/doing better!]

Glad Riley messed up big time! I was hoping for more of a mess up (especially with Faith mentioning Angel so damn much when he wasn't around), but I'll take it.

Glad Faith got some depth. What can I say? I enjoy complex human beings. Which is why I love Angel. Which is why Riley has got to go. Beside, there was always, and still remains, more to Faith. I'm with Joyce. She's driven by something to act this way. It's a shame we didn't get to find out what.

I also have beefs. [For some reason, this sentence is highly amusing.] I don't want Forrest being made into a bad guy. He's cool. He has to stay. Why can't they do a personality switcharoo with him and Riley? Riley sucks. He's the bad guy. Forrest rocks. He's the good guy. Can't you just imagine him and Spike in a conversation? That would be the best!

Speaking of Spike, and since I wasn't here last week to comment. I thought he would be the one to rescue Joyce. That would've been so cool... but alas...

Also, they gotta give him more to do. Obviously the boy... man... vamp's got some sexual tension building up (loved that scene with Faith in Buffy's body at the Bronze)... let's forget about Tara and hook Spike and Willow up. That would be interesting.

On a final, A/B 'shipper note, Angel would've totally known it wasn't Buffy. That much is true and shall always be true. I'm not saying Buffy can't move on. I'm not saying there can't be somebody else in her life. Just find someone worthier. Like Graham maybe :o)

Devinistan said:

Okay, I take back my comment last week where I called Tara a "little bit." (Woo-hoo, Dingo Action continuity....) She's redeemed herself in this episode. I hereby revise my comments from 'sabotaging, little bit' to 'kinda pathetic, but nice girl.' I still maintain that Willow is meant to be with Oz, dagnabit! I have thus declared it to be! ::Thunder and lightning in the background::

Sorry, using my special effects budget.

I was fairly ambivalent on this one, but something did shine through here. Sarah Michelle Gellar did a great job as Faith-in-Buffy's body. I hereby award her the Devinistan Award of Acting Coolness. Eliza did a good job as Buffy-in-Faith's body, too, but SMG was awesome. Her shiny green star will be in our records by the end of the week. Eliza gets points for some cool stuff, too, when she finally realizes why Buffy does what she does, though. I liked Faith more at the end of the ep then I did at the beginning of it, or the beginning of last week. Oh, and Anya is promoted to Sharing Girl. She really needs to learn not to share little details of her evenings with anyone. But, beyond those two shining points, it wasn't that great of an episode.

Okay, and I'm on-top of it fact boy.... As I recall from all of my war novels that I've read, 'five by five' comes from when a radio tech is testing the signal strength. If it's clear as can be, then they frequently say "We're reading you five by five." I don't know quite why, but that's what it's from. See, all those books set during WWII finally come in handy. [Hey. Maybe I should post a Summer Reading List when reruns start...think anyone would bite?]

On an entirely unrelated note, (okay, I'll actually throw in two) does anyone who watched Angel watch Star Trek: Voyager? A few weeks ago, Voyager also had an ep where a main character was forced to fight in an arena-style fight to the death... And then Angel. Deja vu. ("A deja vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix." Sorry, I'm a Matrix junkie.) [Yeah, I heard Jonathan Levinson really rocked in that...(The beauty part of putting these up late is that I can say that kind of thing. The unbeauty part is that it makes me look like a slacker...)]

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