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Theme 15
Spike, Spike, Spike!

"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past rerun week, the themed action was about Spike. Thanks to the dingo action players for barking! Now, here's what y'all said:

cemetery The reason Dru keeps leaving Spike is:

   He pales in comparison to Angelus.
   He forgot to take Miss Edith when they split town.
   He's a bad, rude man.
   Hey, sanity was never her strong suit.

The Winner: Hey, sanity was never her strong suit.

Truer words were never um..written?


   Has mellowed through the years.
   Knows that everything goes with black.
   Secretly enjoys drinking blood through a bendy straw.
   Would kill everyone if he could.
   Would kill everyone if he could, starting with Xander.

The Winner: Secretly enjoys drinking blood through a bendy straw.

I'm still going with "starting with Xander."

Spike probably has the most in common with:


The Winner: Anya.

Except maybe for that liking Xander part.

Spike's favorite book might be:

   Wuthering Heights.
   Love Story.
   105 Favorite Tales of Marquis de Sade.
   Oh, The Places You'll Go.

The Winner: Hannibal.

Fava beans & Weetabix?

The thing I like best about Spike is:

   That he calls a spade a spade.
   His threads.
   The fact that he'll eat food.
   Hey, he's a killer. I'm not supposed to like him.

The Winner: That he calls a spade a spade.

But he probably has a good poker face.

VEAL KIND OF GUY BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.

Of the ones here, I'd like to see Spike kill:

   Professor Walsh.

The Winner: Harmony.

I wish:

   That Spike would get his bite back.
   That Spike would mock Xander more.
   That Dru would come kill Harmony.
   That Spike would hang at Joyce's.

The Winner: That Spike would hang at Joyce's.

Do you think Spike will ever be a killer again?:

   Yes. (Duh.)
   Who cares, but thank you for asking.

The Winner: Yes.

What is your favorite Spike episode or scene and why?

Then finally, your non-dingo-guided opinion about your fave Spike episode or scene. Most of you said every scene he's in. Heh. A lot of you mentioned Lovers Walk, Something Blue, Pangs, and...the opening scene of Angel's "In the Dark." I was kinda surprised that NO ONE mentioned Lie to Me..too many scenes in that one cracked me up, personally. Check out when he gives in to Ford's bugging him to say, "You have thirty seconds to convince me not to kill you." Heh.

So...let's see what we've got this week, byte-wise.

But first -- Standard disclaimer: Can't post 'em all, but this week I'm posting a decent amount. Hope the authors don't mind being put up here, and some may be abridged. And again, no name, no bark byte recognition (even though I still like reading what you thought; make it easy on me and put a name on there, please! Thanks!)

Dodge said:

Halloween and Becoming II, because they both showcase Spike's winning blend of evil, impatience, and charm.

From sandra m.:

When he was on Angel. The scene at the start of the episode where he makes his own dialogue up. I was on the floor rolling around with laughter and had tears in my eyes. When I'm down I know I can put that episode in and laugh my ass off.

From Aly:

Oh, in Becoming part 2 when Buffy and Angelus are fighting to the death and he says "My god. He's going to kill her" and then just shrugs because he just doesn't really care. Or the scene where Spike kills Harmony...oh wait, that didn't actually happen. Never mind.

Paul said:

I rather like the scene where Spike watches Angelus duel with Buffy. "He might kill her. Oh well." 1) It's funny and 2) It sums up Spike's personality perfectly. He doesn't care about anything aside from his own whims and isn't really that bright, truth be told (what happened to saving the world of meals on wheels?)

Queen C said:

I loved his little speech to Buffy and Angel at the end of Lover's Walk. "I may be Love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it." Spike is so great. What I love is the honesty. If you are wrong count on Spike to tell you, and I try to emulate that in my daily life. Of course, whoever disagrees with me is wrong anyway, but oh well.

Grub said:

Lovers Walk. It showed us that he is truly an observant and smart vampire -- very rare. Plus we got to see him at what I thought was his most terrifying -- when he threatened Willow with the broken bottle.

rachgd said:

It was that boot hitting the road in "School Hard." That was it. That was enough. Granted, he took out that try-hard Anakin-boy, and he beat the holy livin' heck out of Angelus (always impressive) -- and then he did that Vulcan Nerve Pinch-y thing on Drusilla. (How come that worked? She doesn't need to breathe!) But that boot, that boot -- it absolutely said it all.

pg said:

The favorite Spike moment is the one from The Iniative when he attacks Willow. Only Spike can get sympathy from you when he has come to committ cold blooded murder.

From robin h.:

Well, actually my favorite Spike scene is from "Angel"...when he's standing on the roof, filling in the dialogue for Angel and his rescuee. "I'm just a big fluffy puppy with bad teeth"..."I'm out of that nancy-boy hair gel I love so much". Gives a lot of insight into Spike and his relationship to his sire.

I also enjoy the Spike/Willow scene from The Initiative..."I don't like to get all fangy, takes all the mystery out of it"...his vampire impotence is hilarious, for such a formerly dangerous guy.

Ula said:

This isn't a big scene, but in "Innocence", where Spike was eavesdropping on the gang. . . it was just so . . . battlelike. Like, the bad side is gathering information on the enemy. Weird and cheesy, I know.

From baronessp:

Well, I was going to say any scene where Spike delivers his lines in that nifty sing song ("Someone isn't worthy"), but then I thought no - it's got to be the scene in Becoming 2 with Joyce in the living room. His response when she ask him "Have we met..." is priceless.

Of course the scene in Lover's Walk with Joyce and the little marshmallows rates up there, too. And then there's Spike tied to the chair at Thanksgiving.... Agggh! This is a trick question. It's too hard to pick. I'm going in a corner and scream like a woman. Bye now....

From evilgrrl:

"Hey, he's a killer. I'm not supposed to like him." But I do. That's because I'm evil.

FurryRabbits said:

I liked Spike back in Season 2, when he was actually evil and scary and when he had Dru's wacky cruelty to play off. Season 3 and, now, 4 are leaving me, quite frankly, kind of cold toward the Spike man...

From morbia_13:

My favorite Spike scene? Gotta be the bathtub-Buffy/Spike scene. The two of them are like really evil little kids. Well, Buffy anyway. Spike is just pathetically adorable. But seriously, I love the Buffy/Spike hate/hate relationship. They just enjoy the Hell out of despising each other. And THAT is just funny.

felicia j. said:

My fave. Spike scene is in Hush when Xander beats the crap out of him. It is great to see Xander defend his girl even if he was mistaken.

Queen Vamp said:

Actually, I have to say my favorite scene is from this year - - just after he finds out he can't bite Willow without severe pain (again I ask, where did dead vamps get "living" neurons to make pain??). They are sitting on her bed and he's trying to comfort her, telling her that it's not her, and how he just loved her in that pink and purple "fuzzy thing" - that he really liked her in that. Always knew that he didn't really like black as a fashion statement!! Pink and purple??? Spikie, Spikie, Spikie....

Rachel R. said:

I love every scene with him. I really liked him when he was super duper extra special evil though...

Wyatt said:

There are so many great Spike scenes, the ep at school when Joyce wacks him with the fire ax, or when the pipe organ squashed him like a bug, maybe when he was heartbroken and drunk.

The character is such a classic bully, quite willing and able to attack the weak or unprepared, but utterly incompetent when confronted with equal strength or any intelligence. Why Angelus made him a vamp makes no sense, but it is so fun to watch, as Spike terms it "spectacular kickings of my ass".

Besides the monlogue at the begining of Angel when he does the play-by-play of Dart-boy's interaction with damsel in distress "I'm almost out of that nancy boy hair gel that I like so much" is one of the finest moments in television history. Hyperbole aside, the writers give James Marsters some of the funniest lines in the show, thats why I love to hate the little vamp who can't.

Principal Flutie said:

Sorry, I know you didn't ask this, but it's been bothering me that Spike is so soul-having. His love for Drusilla always seemed inconsistent with the whole vamps-don't-have-souls theme. (Even the Judge noticed it.)

Yet I'm glad we've seen the softer side of Sears, I mean, Spike. Spike looking wistfully into windows on Thanksgiving ... Spike driving into and out of Sunnydale ... Spike explaining to Joyce where they had met before ... how can I choose among these? Okay, here's my favorite: Spike taunting Angel by making faces behind Joyce in "Lover's Walk!" Hee hee hee hee hee!

Little Willow said:

Well, it could be because the episode just re-ran so it's fresh and rocking in my mind, but THE INITATIVE scenes with Willow. Dead on. From terror and faux rape to complete humilation and secret revelations - Willow and Spike nailed this scene.

Second on the funny ranking: "Ohhhh Xander!" mock=Anya in Hush. "Xaaaannnnderrrr...."

I love Spike when he's evil. Love it MOST when he's soliloquy boy: Beginning of "In the Dark" (Angelmobile, never the hair), middle of "In the Dark" (Here comes Spike), "School Hard" (Someone's in the ceeeeiling... Apparently, he likes his vowels drawn out).

I can't choose. Stop the insanity!

Leia said:

Complete tie between the mini-marshmallow scene and the scene with Willow in The Initiative. Why? Well, the mini-marshmallow scene was hilarious because of the juxtaposition...the vicious killer sobbing to the Slayer's mom about his love life, asking for mini marshmallows for his hot cocoa. And the scene with Willow is kinda obvious with the double entendre. I kinda wish that he had met Vamp Willow...she would've made him seem like a sissy boy.

From Katie:

I know this sounds mean but my favorite Spike is scene is when he was being hit with the arrows in "Pangs" and said "Bloody Hell". I have a thing for english words. They make me laugh.

Heather said:

Something Blue, this ep rocked- Even though Spike was completely Buffy-whipped (not to mention the whole implant no biting thing) he still was funny as hell. (Also loved the insight he had at the begining regarding Willow's emotional state.)

Dizzy B said:

Any scene where Spike is interacting with Joyce is HILARIOUS! In "Lover's Walk" he's pouring out his heart one minute and asking Joyce if she has "any of those little marshmallows" the next. Then he's standing behind Joyce miming biting her to taunt Angel - I almost wet myself laughing (and I don't have a weak bladder!). However, that scene where he and Joyce are awkwardly hanging out in the livingroom in "Becoming" is probably the most sublimely surreal and funny scenes of the whole show -- Buffy's 2 realities meet head on.

Sunny said:

Favourite episode has to be LOVERS' WALK... I mean come on, Spike is God, we all know that! But that episode just showed why that is. Not only can he be a complete sap, but he can be the most clear-sighted individual in a room (especially if the other two people are Angel and Buffy). He may be love's bitch, but he's man enough to admit it. Plus, he can be completely hilarious without compromising his inner-devil. And, he's attracted to Willow... though it may be for her "femaleness" alone.

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