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Theme 14
Oz, Oz, Oz!

"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past rerun week, the themed action was about Oz. Thanks to the dingo action players for barking! Now, here's what y'all said:

cemetery After leaving Sunnydale, Oz probably:

   Went to Seattle (the poor man's Sunnydale).
   Took a balcony apartment in the French Quarter.
   Watched Cujo over and over.
   Talked more.

The Winners: Tie between: Went to Seattle and Watched Cujo over and over.

Interesting fate.

The bravest thing Oz ever did was:

   Take the bullet for Willow.
   Offer Willow a canape.
   Redo senior year.
   Get emotional at the Prom.
   Hit Xander.

The Winner: Take the bullet for Willow.

But...senior year!

Oz probably has the most in common with:


The Winner: Angel.

This won by a landslide. Can't say I'm surprised. Can I?

Oz's favorite book might be:

   The Cat in the Hat.
   A Brief History of Time.
   101 Basic Guitar Chords.
   All Chained Up: Secrets to Casting Off Bad Karma & Discovering Yourself.
   Watership Down.

The Winner: The Cat in the Hat.

I'm going with Watership Down...bunnies can really take care of themselves.

The thing Oz likes best about Willow is:

   Her clothes make his less conspicuous.
   She understands the need to color one's hair.
   The boring answer: her smile.
   27+ days out of the month, she's fun to be around. (Yes I know about February, okay?)

The Winner: 27+ days out of the month, she's fun to be around.

Now wouldn't it be cool if their cycles always matched? Oy. I can't believe I just said that.

WOLFY BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.

When not with Willow, Oz's best scenes are with:


The Winner: Angel.

Oz's parents:

   Don't exist.
   Aren't aware that he's gone.
   Didn't really know Willow.
   Play pinochle with the Rosenbergs.

The Winner: Aren't aware that he's gone.

Do you think Oz will come back?:

   Who cares?

The Winner: Yes.

What is your favorite Oz episode or scene and why?

Then finally, your non-dingo-guided opinion about your fave Oz episode or scene. A lot of you mentioned Choices, Phases, Inca Mummy Girl, Surprise, Innocence, Earshot, and Fear, Itself. But mostly, a lot of you told me it was impossible to choose. Heh.

So...let's see what we've got this week, byte-wise.

But first -- Standard disclaimer: Can't post 'em all, but this week I'm posting a decent amount. Hope the authors don't mind being put up here, and some may be abridged. And again, no name, no bark byte recognition (even though I still like reading what you thought; make it easy on me and put a name on there, please! Thanks!)

rachgd said:

Two words: "Hey, baby." And why? Just 'cause.

From Connan: Innocence when Oz tells Willow he's willing to wait until she's truly ready to kiss, so that she'd be actually kissing him, for him. And yes, I realize I'm a hopeless romantic.

From QYV:

This one's easy: when Willow was held prisoner by the Mayor in "Choices", and everyone is in the library trying to decide if they should destroy the Box of Gavrok with the special mixture of box-destroying stuff. Without saying a word, Oz grabs the container with the stuff and hurls it against the wall, and then just stares at everyone defiantly. Translation: "Yes, I'd rather destroy the world than lose Willow".

Kyla said:

"Earshot," when they're in the library and Oz is doing this great internal monologue about how if Buffy knows his thoughts then she sort of is him and all this profound stuff, and then he says "Huh." It demonstrates that, while he's a "taciturn man" (great Willow line), he has all these interesting thoughts, even if he doesn't share them.

Ula said:

"Surprise" because he didn't act all shy and crap around Willow. He revealed his intentions toward her and just sat back and relaxed. Plus, I liked how he said "Your friend Xander . . . " I liked how he acknowledged that he really didn't know Buffy and Xander and they all weren't super-duper best friends right away. (And still aren't, really.)

Honorary mention: "Lover's Walk", cause when he saw Willow and Xander making out, he didn't get all whiny and panicky and overdramatic. He just thought of the important thing: "We have to get out of here."

One last thing: It's time he painted "Mystery Machine" on the side of the van.

Jen said:

...when Oz is with Angel in the Bronze in Dopplegangland, and he sums up the vampire by saying, "Well, he lacks credibility." Makes sense to me.

Goddess Minerva said:

My favorite Oz scene is any one where he's actually showing emotion. I just like it when they let him emote, I mean he's not an egg right? :)

ElmoluvOz said:

I think the best episode of Oz was all of them (I know..that's cheating, but hey, sue me). He has a way of making a point without saying much, or nothing at all. And you just know everything will be alright when he's there. Why do u think all this crap has been happening in Sunnydale since he left.

From Dodge:

His first "Who is that girl" sighting of Willow in Inca Mummy Girl, because it was so gratifying to see Willow instantly adored.

Leia said:

"My whole life, I've never loved anything else." ::sob!:: So it's not fuzzy and nice, but it's still my favorite, okay?

Except maybe for the one after he was already gone where we finally found out his *name*. I'd begun to wonder if he *had* a name. I know I'm still wondering if he has parents. (And I wrote this before I read the question!)

From oz lover:

What does it matter?? Oz is gone- but he IS coming back. Right??? RIGHT??? Excuse me, you did not answer me. He is coming back though. He is. He is. He is...{You guys have no idea how many of these were typed here.}....He is. HE IS COMING BACK.....I'm sorry. I'll calm down once I watch Austin Powers 2 for the trillionth time..actually billionth time. "A trillion is more than a billion, numb nuts." *sniff* So said s.g. himself.

And it does NOT help that I just found out today that s.g. was IN TORONTO, which is like half an hour from me. And can I just clarify something?? Um..okay?

Canadians DO NOT sleep in igloos, we ARE NOT all goody two shoes, we don't say 'AY' all the time, we are no different from Americans except we have a smaller population and the Backstreet Boys NEVER HAVE MORE THAN THREE STUPID TOUR DATES HERE!!!!!!!GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Oh yeah, this better be on the bark bites page or whatever you call it because it took a LONG TIME to type.

Well...I don't normally kowtow to such demands, but your bite struck a chord in me. Plus, it is quite the lead-in for the next bark.

From mrs gordo:

Phases......actually I think Oz is the lead guitarist for the Backstreet Boys. I thought that guy looked familiar when I went to the concert...........

The Black Agate said:

Early after meeting him, Willow asked him if he had any ambitions, and he mentioned a chord, saying it was "a man's chord". I can't remember which chord it was, but I looked it up at the time and yeh, that would be a tough one.

I think it was E-flat diminish(ed?) ninth?

From jessica:

Hmm I will do a very Oz-like thing and comment on your current Theme Dingo Actions, which, despite the revival of darts, need to focus more on characters that haven't gotten much action (Anya, Forrest, Riley, Tara, Spike) yet.

"Give me time."

Dizzy B said:

There are so many cool things about him, but what I like most about his character is his integrity and how he always tries to stay true to himself, even when dealing with Willow. Willow was so sweet when she was trying to convince him to take her back after "Lover's Walk," but he wouldn't allow himself to be manipulated. He needed to work things out in his own way, and that is what he did (and that is what he is doing!). His levelheadedness made his reconciliation with Willow all the more meaningful and wonderful.

However, he definitely has a fear of losing control -- witness how unglued he became in "Fear Itself." Makes me wonder what happened in his past that made him so afraid of being out of control and of experiencing and expressing extreme emotion....

Colleen said:

Favorite Oz scene would be at the end of What's my Line part two. If it weren't for Oz, I would have never known that all monkeys are French. The monkey gets his pants, the hippo, with his hippo dignity does not, and there is a coup in the zoo.

Wyatt said:

I believe the final ep w/Seth Green was his best role of the series. He had a part he could sink his teeth into, figurativelly and literally. His dalliance with Veruca was more to protect others, keeping her occupied with something other than maiming and killing than a dog-wild passion. So much of the character was based on shrugs and raised eyebrows, it was refreshing to see him act independently from the gang, which was the whole point, he was independent before, during, and after the slayerettes. The character was the most believable on the show. I will miss that grounding.

Rachel (Cicely) said:

Oz bad. (What else did you expect to say? Oh, okay, I'll make an effort, grumble grumble) Favorite Oz episode? Halloween, cause he's just a blip on the radar and hasn't started messing with Willow's head yet.

Rachel R. said:

My favourite Oz scene was *dah dah* the one where he punched Xander. Don't get me wrong, I love Xander, but seeing Oz get all emotional because he was upsetting Willow and yadda yadda was great. Plus seeing my two fave Buffy boys rough and tumbling around, kinda got me all riled up too. ^_-

"Did anyone else just go to a scary visual place?" *jk, Rachel.*

Sorcha said: fave Oz scene is at the end of the Zeppo when he says "Oddly full today." after eating undead Jack O'Toole.

baronessp said:

Has to be when he yelled at Veruca after poor Willow found them in the cell. Yikes! Or even better, the scene from the first crossover ep where he says of himself and Angel, "Usually we're laconic." Gotta love a show that can work in the word laconic conversationally, eh?

From Ophelia the Fruitfly Slayer:

I like that episode where he came over to my house and asked me to marry him and--wait that was a dream.

Pat said:

Graduation, because he finally stopped messing around and got Willow in bed!

Oddette said:

Halloween. It wasn't a spectacular performance or anything, just funky lines that made the ep, like, "Cordelia, wow, you're like a great big cat." I mean, who else can pull those off? And, "Ya you know he's just going by Devon these days." And the topper, "Now why can't I get a woman like that?" OK, I'll stop now, really, I mean, it's not like I really liked Oz or anything... oh, my... virtual kleenex please.

Satan's Bunny said:

I know it was fairly recent, but in this year's Halloween episode when Willow remarked that she was dressed as Joan of Arc because they both had a close relationship with God. Then Buffy asks Oz who he's dressed as, and he shows the nametag on his shirt that simply says "God." (I plan on stealing this idea next year) This is followed in a close second with the scene later in the same show were Oz is sitting in the bath tub, half wolfed, saying "You're not going to change." over and over. Very nice.

Pixie said: absolute favorite Oz scene would be in "Choices." When he threw the pot. I know, he didn't say anything, and his motives were selfish, but he said more with one action about what's important to him than anyone else could say in 20 minutes worth of dialogue. It kind-of summed up Oz for me, and was just. Cool.

theyoung1 said:

Oz/Seth, oh how I love you and oh how I miss you, but do I really think you are needed on the show? No! I realize this may not be the most popular of opinions, but oh well...

My reasoning is that I think Seth is a great actor and he is basically wasted on Buffy. Oz is an interesting side character, not a main character. I think Seth should come back just once so that Oz and Willow can have a complete break and she can feel better about why they can't be together. I think the core group from the first season (with Spike and Anya replacing Angel and Cordelia) is a better and tighter group.

FurryRabbits said:

Both my favorite Oz scenes involve Willow. What does that say?

1) "Phases," where, at the end, Willow turns back to plant one on him. Boy oh boy bootie! Does he look hot with that "whoa - she really kissed me -- me and not Xander [willow-kissage]" look on. Patience, I just started teaching at Catholic school... sorry to call you Patience.

2) But there's that other scene - from somewhere near the end of Season 3 (it's a blur sometimes, the Angel angst): Angel is dying and Willow is sitting on his bed and he mistakes her for Buffy and then... the smooth and unfazed Oz response is classic.

Principal Flutie said:

In Grad Day: "You too?" Do I even have to explain this?

B.l.l. said:

I love all of them... and remember in that movie 'speed' Sandra Bullock said relationships that start under intense circumstances never work? well, Angel asked Buffy out after she was almost eaten by a snake, cordy and xander kissed while they were hiding from a worm man, and willow and oz's first date was interrupted by an arm in a box.... do ya see where I'm going here?

mlejane said:

I like the scene in Inca Mummy Girl where Oz is playing onstage and he says to Devon check out that girl, and Devon thinks he means the obviously beautiful Inca Princess, and he's like, Not her, the Eskimo, and Willow has on a totally not flattering poofy Eskimo coat and is carrying a spear. She's feeling all self-concious and not good about herself, but he notices her cause of her uniqueness instead of just ogling at the Inca Princess costume like most stupid boys.

Cave Slayer said:

My favorite Oz ep was "Phases" where the gang first discovered he was a werewolf. It was interesting to see how he dealt with finding out the truth.

Trinity said:

Um, now while I *am* a 100% W/O 'shipper, I'd have to say the scene in "Wild at Heart," right after Willow finds him and Veruca (grrr...) together in da cage, was my favorite. *Trinity ducks killing blows* Just because you've got your lingo (it wasn't much, but more than the usual 'hey'), the emotion ("NOW!"), the 'oh-god-what-have-I-done'-ness, and Oz seeing that he really, really screwed up.

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