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Pangs & I Will Remember You Crossover

"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This is a pickup D.A., since this dingo action didn't happen until a few weeks after we saw the November Crossover Eps. But still, a whole slew (pack?) of dingo action players barked! Cool! Thanks for playing, you nifty people! (er, good dingoes?)..Now, here's what y'all said:

cemetery Xander left Hot Dog on a Stick because:

   Oz would have wanted him to.
   The hat wasn't manly enough.
   The imagery got to him. (Hey, he dates Anya, remember?)
   He pulled a Brad Hamilton.

The Winner: The imagery got to him. (Hey, he dates Anya, remember?)

(Pulling a Brad Hamilton, fyi, is getting in the customer's face after being antagonized by said customer. (Fast Times at Ridgemont High reference; it's much better than I'm making it sound.)

I don't get why:

   They always gotta kill off teachers and professors.
   Spike's always right.
   Buffy didn't say, "Show yourself," when she sensed Angel.
   Willow didn't care more about curing Xander.
   Riley flew back to Iowa for such a short visit.
   Giles doesn't have a ricer.

The Winner: Buffy didn't say, "Show yourself," when she sensed Angel.

Because it wasn't late, and she wasn't tired?

This episode reminded me of:

   The scoring from The Pack.
   The scoring from Inca Mummy Girl.
   How things tend to go wrong during the holidays.
   The importance of not digging into our past.

The Winner: How things tend to go wrong during the holidays.

So we're either a bunch of pessimists, or a bunch of realists. Cool.

Buffy didn't tell Angel about peanut butter and chocolate because:

   A girl has to have some secrets, after all.
   He might have had a true moment of happiness.
   It was more of a rocky road relationship.
   Hey, she was surprised when he drank something non-bloody at the Bronze, okay?
   He would have gotten it on the sheets.
   He was too busy playing darts.

The Winner: He might have had a true moment of happiness.

I liked the rocky road relationship, but then, I'm corny.

The coolest thing about these episodes was:

   Angel's being human.
   The Indian (Native American)/bear metamorphosis.
   The Angel/Giles scene.
   The fact that Doyle didn't die.

The Winner: Angel's being human.

Angel's being human, and not being killed by his fight with the demony thing?

NEW CROSSOVER BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.


   Would overuse her crimper if she remembered what happened with Angel.
   Probably didn't really visit Hank.
   Needs to lose the cowboy hat.
   Secretly enjoys the Village People.

The Winner: Needs to lose the cowboy hat.

A nagging question I'll ponder is:

   What do Oracles need with gifts?
   Did Angel get a mild suntan?
   How'd Angel survive that fight?
   Is the Buffy/Angel storyline over for good?
   What was Spike thinking in that very last scene?

The Winner: What was Spike thinking in that very last scene?


   Has a mother complex.
   Doesn't like mushy peas.
   Would have compared the bike riding scene to the one in ET.
   Kicks ass at bludgeoning.

The Winner: Would have compared the bike riding scene to the one in ET.

What Did You Think of These Episodes?

Then finally, your non-dingo-guided opinion about the episodes. Basically, stock in Kleenex went up -- most of you found the shows very tearworthy, at least the Angel half of the eps. Some of you wanted the whole Buffy/Angel thing over with. Um, that's all I'm gonna say, cos people wrote tomes this week. on, Macduff.

So...let's see what we've got this week, byte-wise.

But first -- Standard disclaimer: Can't post 'em all, but this week I'm posting lots. Hope the authors don't mind being put up here, and some may be abridged. And again, no name, no bark byte recognition (even though I still like reading what you thought; make it easy on me and put a name on there, please! Thanks!)

Seesa said:

Buffy -- funny, typical BtVS, nothing out of the ordinary. They didn't even give Angel much to do.

Angel -- Heartwrenching. I cried like a baby. Joss is an evil man.

From Holly:

I thought these two episodes were great. I liked the part when Buffy sees Spike and quickly reverses the spoon she was holding so she could stake him if need be. The episode I Will Remember You was good as well. I loved the Cordy/Doyle interaction in this episode. I wished they wouldn't have killed Doyle off.

From Natrad:

Loved the peanut butter in bed continuity from 'Room With a View' ... *someone* had to have known the merits of the stuff! And not only did Production succeed in fulfilling their Shirtless-Angel quota, we enjoyed the advent of Austin Powers-esque nudity obscured by strategically placed objects. I was waiting to see if Buffy would pull out the rockmelons and bite the weiner!

Hitomi Terwilliger said:

Is it wrong that I laughed at all them Buffy/Angel moments 'cause I was looking forward to watching them get torn apart again? Though my laughter was mostly drowned out by the gagging of the rest of my family.

Violet said:

Good Buffy ep, even better Angel ep. But let's talk about Buffy/Angel sex for a minute, OK? I think they were influenced by that movie that went to last year with all the food in it. Not that I'm complaining. In fact, bring it on some more. <eg>

Way for Joss to show his evilness at the end. Just when things were beginning to be happy. He has issues, doesn't he?

Goddess Minerva said:

Umm, Pangs was great... but I had a lack of seeing I Will Remember You. But seeing Buffy and Angel get pelvic and give each other happies again was not high on my to-do list. Is it me, or is what I just said incredibly gross? :)

Lane said:

...The episodes rocked! I expected Angel to ask Cordy to buy him some Pepto after all that pigging out he did.

StephanieJane said:

That was the most beautifully tragic thing I've ever seen. I know I'm a psycho, my brother just told me as he read this. I REALLY wanted to get that ice cream drip for him before Buffy even saw it. All in all, this episode was chest-lickin' good. That's my new measure for how good the shows are now.

That kiss at the beach was by far the best kiss ever kissed.

From Oddette:

If I cross my fingers and other various body parts long enough, will they get back together again?

QYV said:

I didn't really need the uberdose of political correctness when it came to the "Native Americans". Like Spike said: "You exterminated his people and stole his land. What could you possibly say to make him feel better?"

From rubyluna:

Can you say HEARTBREAK........ Yes yes yes...Buffy and Angel brought a tear to the eye....

Spike being shot with the arrows was truly hilarious. God I love this show.

From *Beep*:

Spike was definitely the highlight of the whole "Buffy" hour-timeblock. Everyone else just seemed so...oh, I don't know...un-spirited or something. And although Willow *is* my favorite character, she is just edging a bit too much on depressing/whiney in this ep. I mean, sure, a girl's gotta mope and do the chocolate thing, I mean, look at Buffy/Angel, but she just hit a nerve this week.

The worst came that night at 11, though, when I thought back upon the "Angel" ep. and what did (or rather, didn't happen). Especially the whole "I won't forget, I won't forget" and Angel losing it (vampires have tears!) and...and... So sad!

Oh! And I swear, even before I read the "Crossover Bonus" that I related that whole "bike scene" to ET! *Heh*

kailen said:

Willow actually tried to beat someone to death with a shovel (but not Riley)!

I really liked Spike in this episode. Minus the viciousness, he's a pretty reasonable guy. And funny - "A bear! You made a bear!"

Xander needs more to do. He gets all of these great lines, but is still on the outside looking in.

From Jua the Vampire Slayer:

I'm starting a club. It's called the Keep Buffy and Angel Angst Off My Television Society or KBAAOMTS (extremely clever acronym, no?) I like them separate but I'm with Cordelia on the too much carrying on bit.

Mary said:

OK, so Buffy was less than exciting and Joss could have done so much more with the Native American guilt. But Angel, and I do not take this lightly, actually out-did Buffy this round. Granted, the reason it did was because SMG was in it, but besides that... And now I shall go back to my VCR and rewind that last scene for the 50th time. Masochist? Yes, definitely...

Rachel Cicely said:

Best Part of the entire stinking thing: A blanket covered and sickly looking Spike looks in on a happy Norman Rockwellian vampire family (if Norman Rockwell painted the undead that is) feasting "Freedom from Want" like on the body. ::dies laughing::

pg said:

Well, I finally have to confess that I am a Buffy/Angel junkie. Which to me is kind of odd, because after all don't most shows do better with a good car chase or at least some good stunts? I think there must be a support group out there for this, but as a guy I would probaly be to embarassed to admit this addiction in public(except via the internet). Once again in the only good line from GodfatherIII-Just as I thought I was through this problem, they roped me back in. In other words I loved every tear jerky moment.

Kristin said:

In Buffy, there was good shovel usage all around. With the digging...the bludgeoning, make it slice bread & we got a dream tool. If Angel had a shovel, that whole demon thing probably would have been resolved much quicker. Once good whack to the family jewel & goodbye demon. Though then the ep'd be plotless. Ah well.

Devinistan said:

Another good run. Makes me wish Angel was human permanently. By God, he was a helluva lot more interesting that way. Maybe his character was so bland because his tastebuds were too.... Hmm, I think I'm reading too much in to it.

The last shot of Buffy was made incredible. What made it so? The look on James Marsters face. You just get the feeling that Spike had been wanting to tell Buffy all along, just to torture her with it.

I have to say, I'm much happier with Anya on the show now than I was at the beginning of the season. "I was going to say smallpox!" Excellent.

Deb said:

'Pangs' -- finally, TV portrays the normality that is every family holiday *I've* ever experienced (well, OK, without the Vengeance Spirit ;) And I loved the fact that everyone Angel talked to wanted to know if he was evil.

Alye said:

I didn't get Willow in this ep... She didn't seem like herself at all. I do love how Spike has become the voice of reason, though. And I have to wonder how many people actually knew what mushy peas were, and didn't think it was just that English people overcook their veggies.

From Satan's Bunny:

"Hey everybody, let's think up another way to have Buffy and Angel get sweaty and horizontal!" You can almost hear this being yelled in a conference room full of writers. "Nothing's too trite! God knows, our viewers can't live without seeing to two of them together!" Hey, both shows are doing well on their own. I was kind of hoping they would find a way for them to have separate storylines that would somehow tie together for a season finale. But, hell no, Oz goes jumping in his van to drive to L.A. in what, like the third ep? Buffy follows soon after.

Sorry for the rant... I'm still real broken up over Doyle... Sob... Sob...

Grace said:

Sad, but good. Especially Spike! Loved him begging for help and getting pin-cushioned with all the arrows.

The only thing for me that felt off, was that the timing of the cross-over felt bizarre following the previous episode which featured Riley so strongly.

Also, I'm tiring of the "Buffy and Angel together, now split asunder, now together, whoops! not anymore" storyline. I wish it would just be one way or the other.

Sorcha said:

Okay, I have one question: WHAT IS WITH BUFFY'S HAT?!

slothgirl, queen of all things cynical said:

Ok, I think Buffy must have been a little delusional when she decided to wear that hat....and when she and Willow were talking about what the murderer could have been, why didn't they think of Jack the Ripper? I thought he was the most famous ear amputater to ever live.

I think the funniest lines this season have so far gone to Spike. I esp. liked "You know what else has blood in it? Blood."

Seeing Spike lying on the ground, stuck full of arrows was hilarious. Kind of reminded me of the mayor.

I think it would have been funny if the bear ate everyone. It would be like, "That's what you get for smacking my warrior with a shovel!!" Hehe.

Sunny said:

The Buffy side of things filled my little nostalgia cup to the brim... it's true that it felt like old days, only better with Spike and Anya being there, which was really sorta melancholy, since the old days are no more. Just twisted the knife a bit...

The Angel side was amazing. Made me the happiest I've ever been watching either Buffy or Angel. They were so amazing together as a "normal" couple... Then it made me the saddest I've ever been when he went back to the Oracles... But, it had to be done. I mean, in spite of everything Buffy says, Angel needs to be a superhero.. and he needs to love her and she needs to love him and their love needs to be frustrated to get us so riled up over it...

Overall, it moved me, which is all I ask. And, on a final note, I love SPIKE!!!! "Julius Caesar doesn't walk around saying 'I came, I conquered, I felt real bad about it'"!!!.... Too funny!

GypAng said:

Waaaahhhhhh!!! They killed Doyle!!! Oops, that was a different episode.

Everyone says that they liked the "Angel" part of it better, but I don't think so. I thought it was just too convenient that he could suddenly talk to higher powers (don't they have those ANYWHERE in Sunnydale for advice???) and take it all back. Joss gives us what we want, but twisted. I liked how Angel could remember it, but I thought Buffy should have too. Just too convenient, Buffy and Angel were together, but it didn't have any impact on their lives.

I LOVE THE LAST SCENE OF BUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy, can Spike smirk!!!! I thought that Angel should have seen the new Spike and tortured him a bit. It's only fair after all.

Jen said:

I haven't cried so much since Becoming pt 2. Damn it, why'd they have to kill Doyle off in the next episode? One emotionally heavy episode is bad enough, but two? *sniff* Someone hand me a kleenex . . .

Here's some virtual kleenex (told you guys I had stock in this stuff...)

jessica said:

You know it was very funny in the bizarre cosmic humour sense that we are first treated to Angel's lurking-with-longing-stares routine and then commericals for Social Anxiety. ("Do you find social situations difficult? Paxil can help") It's almost as good as the union bay dart commercial!!!!!!


Ula said:

Who's Brad Hamilton?? Also, all of a sudden Xander and Anya are "pretty tight"? C'mon, let'see it, not hear it!

B.H. = character in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" (Judge Reinhold plays him.) And I dunno, I dunno if I wanna actually see Xander/Anya making with the smoochies. Heh.

MelonCollie said:

....It would have been interesting to see what would happen if Spike and Angel crossed paths.... What I do not get is this: Angel spent a century in Hell, and managed to stay semi-sane. *And* he and Buffy made up, and were friends. But Oz, after accidentally "sleeping" w/ that bitch Veruca, splits and leaves without a trace?!

Cara said:

Hmmph. Depressing. Fine holiday fun.

Prophecy Girl said:

I didn't really feel the love for "Pangs", the whole episode left me wondering if Joss was on an acid trip and made another semi-bad episode of Buffy. (Not that there's such a thing as a *bad* Buffy episode, it's just some are better than others . . )

But "I Will Remember You", that was wonderful, and I'm not even a Buffy/Angel fan!

And why is peanut butter and chocolate such a revelation? That's why they invented Reese's Cups!

Speaking of food revelations, I am gonna plug this cool documentary I saw (most of, anyway) on the History Channel..American Eats, History on a Bun. Who knew all this cool stuff about hot dogs, hamburgers, peanut butter, ice cream, chinese food (yes, chinese food) etc.? If y'got cable, look for it.

May said:

What's up with bringing Angel on the show and then not having him interact with Buffy? I mean, I don't watch the show to see the awesome chemistry between Angel and Giles. But, overall the Pangs episode was pretty hilarious due mainly to Willow's spunky defense of the bad guys and Spike's pitiful but witty demeanor. Just when I was ready to call the whole thing a failed gimmick, I Will Remember You gave me all the Buffy/Angel chemistry I've been missing since Becoming. I've watched multiple times and still get teary eyed at Buff's "That's not enough time..." line. Great episode.

Redbeard said:

I love what they're doing with Cordy on Angel--letting her grow up without losing her essential "Cordy"-ness. Yet, as is so true in life, the minute someone from high school shows up, everybody reverts to the exact same behavior patterns as in high school, no matter how much they've changed. (This is why I don't do reunions...)

Jane, the Frog on the Wall said:

....Did you see the look on Spike's face at the very end? Bottom left, hell-o, Grinch!

This episode would've been better if it hadn't taken itself so seriously...I mean the premise itself could have the potential to be hilarious! You have dead natives rising from the ground! However, it had to take itself seriously, because they would've taken a lot of flak from the Willow-esque native-lovers...all in all a subject better left untouched.

I didn't see the "Angel" episode, tho. My TV stations are evil.

And by the by, FINALLY THEY USED BIKES! Everybody's going around all macho, 'yeah, let's sprint to the other side of town instead of using a bicycle' what is with that? Ever since I saw 'Becoming, Part 1' Yeah, Buffy, park benches make good hurdles...I'll shut up, I've made a big enough idiot of myself. I'm not even sure if I'm on the right episode...oops.

The Black Agate said:

I liked the fact that Angel got to smile more in one episode than he has in all the others to date. Otherwise - I enjoyed the story lines very much, and the banter was fun as always, but there were points that bothered me. If Spike felt the Slayer had set him up to be captured, why did he turn to her for help? Why was Buffy more obsessed with making Thanksgiving dinner than with preventing more deaths? And since she could sense Angel, why didn't she know he was in the house and instead went to look for him outside? (Besides being convenient for the scriptwriters, that is.)

All in all, a set of episodes I enjoyed while watching but didn't after thinking about them.

Aly said:

Good episodes (understatement at all?)...Buffy was excellent except for the cowboy hat (where did that come from, did she lose a bet or something?). The buffy ep was funny and spike is finally back for real, he truly carried that episode!!! The only thing was that the situation with the Native Americans, while serious, did not merit a vision from Doyle. I was expecting something bigger.

And then I'll Remember You...I think I was crying for like 4 days. I doubt the writers could have made that episode any sadder. Is it sadder that Buffy knows or not? I think it's saddest that she'll never know something that could have happened, and did happen at least for Angel. And because she doesn't remember and therefore isn't traumatized by the experience (like I was) she can move on right along to Riley. Come on! How can he possibly compare to Angel after that episode? That was blatant fan-torture.

I'll probably get razzed for saying this, but, um, not a tortured fan here. <g> Heh.

Principal Flutie said:

....Don't you think Xander was fired from Hot Dog on a Stick because he was caught eating the goods?

Rachel R. said:

I was waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for Angel to turn evil again. And be interesting again. And then kill Doyle. Not that I wanted him to, I love Doyle, he makes Angel for me, but I figured if there were anyway for that cute little paddy to go, it'd be death by Angelus. Ha ha ha.

Oh yah, and that whole scene; Xander throwing the bun at the bear, screaming "THAT'S FOR GIVING ME SYPHILLIS!" Man, that gets me every time.

This was a great Buffy episode... I really loved every minute of it. Everyone was at their best and Anya had the cutest little outfit on. ^_^ The little things... like Xander peering wearily over the couch to see what's going on, the look on everyone's faces in the final scene (especially Spike- only he could perfect such a smirk) made me jump up and down with true Buffy inspired giddiness.

Angel, on the other hand... well, it was real sappy and boo hoo and I did like it... but it pissed me off in the end, because Angel cried and when guys cry, I bawl like a baby. ^_^;; Oiiii.

Winnie the witch said:

Actually since I have never been much into the Buffy/Angel love story the two things that stuck out most for me in this episode were the facts that Spike seems to have a knack for hitting things on the head in a way the non-evil characters do not and the way Doyle hit it on the head when he said that Cordelia might be jealous of Buffy.

I think Cordelia is very jealous of the unconditional love, respect, admiration, and attention that Buffy receives from everyone whereas to tell the truth the Slayerettes always sort of disregarded Cordelia with a sneer.

Also I suspect that deep down Cordelia envies Buffy her usefullness and place as the Slayer which is why Cordelia tries so hard to beat Buffy in other areas. Remember in Homecoming Cordy said she couldn't understand why Buffy wanted the tiara when she was already th Slayer? I think that was a very important line. I think Cordelia thinks of Buffy as someone who already has so much and instead of being grateful for her awesome gifts Buffy is always complaining how she can't have an normal life and seems to want everything and everyone which to Cordelia is just plain overkill. And Doyle realized this from what little interaction he saw between the two Sunnydale babes which suggests he may be the first guy to understand our brunette vixen ...or was until Joss that bastard killed him off. Choke. Sob.

Bessie, the cow with deep psychological damage said:

Well, Buffy was pathetic, but Buffy's always pathetic.

Angel, however, was quite heavenly. One of the best lines of the entire series was spoken by the Oracle reminding her partner that Angel is not a lesser being. And, oh, how the heart ached at his decision even though we all knew he had, once again, done the right thing.

But seeing the turn of events from Buffy's perspective, simply going to LA, confronting him for 2 seconds, and leaving, sheds a very bad light on Angel. That's really sad, knowing that he sacrificed absolution, the only thing he really had to look forward to, for her, and he only comes off looking like an apathetic dolt. But, it is always the good ones that don't ge (Note: This got cut off during transmission. Not to beat this into the ground, but only hit return if you are starting a new paragraph. Otherwise, your stuff will be cut off and that just bites. Thanks.)

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