This Week's Barks

New Moon Rising

"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past week, we saw New Moon Rising & Sanctuary, and a bunch of dingo action players. Thanks for playing, you nifty people! (er, good dingoes?)..Now, here's what y'all said:

cemetery The best thing about New Moon Rising was:

   The fact that the subtext rapidly became text.
   The fact that Oz probably met the Dalai Lama.
   Riley's quitting the Initiative.
   Seeing Spike's reflexes.

The Winner: The fact that the subtext rapidly became text.

I would've said seeing Oz meet the Dalai Lama, but that wasn't really an option...


   Probably regrets having enhanced olfactory nerves.
   Should have bitten Tara.
   Should have bitten Willow.
   Should move to Los Angeles.
   Should get copies of his transcripts.

The Winner: Probably regrets having enhanced olfactory nerves.

Should have the Dalai Lama gets copies of his transcripts. (Okay, can you tell I'm feeling a little odd?)

It's interesting that:

   The head of the Initiative seemed pretty stupid.
   Willow admits to liking waffles.
   Adam knows Spike's name.
   Oz just walked into Giles' place without knocking.

The Winner: Oz just walked into Giles' place without knocking.

All the cool kids are doin' it, so why not Oz?

I wonder if:

   Ethan will pop up again this season.
   Adam knows about the gay scout case before the Supreme Court.
   Oz will stay stateside.
   Giles and Wesley will meet up soon.

The Winner: Giles and Wesley will meet up soon.

For all we know, they talk on the phone every night. No roaming.


   Can throw the bisexual thing (?) in her parents' faces.
   Still holds the title for most interesting outfits.
   Could have bonded with Larry, but he's dead.
   Could have bonded with Detective Bayliss, but he's off the air too.
   Has been upgraded from 'net girl' to 'net grrl.'

The Winner: Could have bonded with Larry, but he's dead.

*sob*..Larry! Then again, he'd have told her to go talk to Xander, I bet.

NEW EPISODE BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.


   Needs to play darts with Wesley.
   Must practice jumping onto helicopters a lot.
   Is a total freak and will never have a normal relationship.
   Is just fine, okay?

The Winner: Needs to play darts with Wesley.


   Might have a good time in jail.
   Prefers popcorn to donuts.
   Is a member of Murder, Incorporated.
   Just wants to be loved, is that so wrong?

The Winner: Just wants to be loved, is that so wrong?

The character most likely to buy the farm soon is:

   What do you mean, buy the farm?

The Winner: Forrest.

What Did You Think of This Episode?

Then finally, your non-dingo-guided opinion about the episodes. Many were happy to see Oz, but upset that it's not his time with Willow now. Lots o' folks mentioned the darts-heavy Angel scenes. (Heh.) And..well, read on.

So...let's see what we've got this week, byte-wise.

But first -- Standard disclaimer: Can't post 'em all, but this week I'm posting a decent amount. Hope the authors don't mind being put up here, and some may be abridged. And again, no name, no bark byte recognition (even though I still like reading what you thought; make it easy on me and put a name on there, please! Thanks!)

Nykolai said:

I love Oz but he didn't seem very Oz-ish this episode. I thought it was very emotional, which I like, with Willow not sure of what to do. I really like the Willow and Tara relationship, however the writers did not give us much info on the coupling. Some people still didn't know that Willow had more-than-friendly feelings for Tara and so the whole 'choose between Oz and Tara' thing was ludicrous, because Tara and Willow weren't even dating yet. But I think Willow and Tara are so sweet together!

But I'm really torn, like Willow, on whether Oz and Willow should be together or that Willow and Tara should be together. On another note, I thought Graham was goners. Oh, and I would like to say, ha ha ha I told you so, to my mother and my friends, that the whole candle burning out thing was not a spell on Oz by Tara. [Well, what's a little gloating between relatives? Heh.]

From Ula:

It was great seeing Oz again, but it was also like "Why did they bring him back just to rip our hearts again?" I hope though that if SG was actually staying, that Willow would have chosen him.

About Angel: Buffy is the super-bitch!!!! I don't blame her for all the Faith stuff, but the way she just threw Riley in Angel's face!! Puh-leeze she so trusted and knew Angel. I don't get why the writers think they have to destroy the old relationships to make the new one look good. [Thought that was the way of the world. Heh.]

From Cathren:

On the subject of Angel, what are the chances that Faith and Ethan end up in the same prison and is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Anna said:

Finally the subtext turned to text. My fave part was when Oz noticed Tara had Willow's sweater and that she had Willow's scent all over her and he freaked out and asked if they were involved. Also I liked Tara blowing out the candle. Finally I don't have to get hit on the head with sex. Cause boy that episode with Riley and Buffy was just vomit inducing. Though if we can see all that why can't we see a kiss??? [Try watching Dawson's Creek season finale...Heh.]

superg said:

I like how Willow came "out of the closet" and the relationship with Tara was discussed in huge detail without ever revealing any information at all. For someone with so many neuroses, Willow seems to be entering the world of bisexuality without any inner struggle. [That's entirely pointy. I guess it all happens off-camera, eh?]

Randie-Scarlett said:

Ok, I can deal with Willow and Tara together. I can deal with Oz leaving again. I can deal with Xander's three lines, and I can even deal with Spike teaming up with Adam. But I cannot deal with Buffy's hair! It's ridiculous looking. If I threw a rock at it, I doubt it would even move. [Heh. True. But it might break your tv, so...don't. Cool handle, btw.]

katie said:

I've waited 6 f#cking months for Seth Green to return, and this is all I get. What, he just comes and goes as he pleases?.....Well, I did get to see his tushi, so that kinda makes up for it. [Maybe he's tired of all the nude scenes. And thanks for using the # key!]

Rachel R. said:

I am just so absolutely furious that Willow would dump OZ of all delicious people for ANYTHING, that I just about kicked my TV set in. ARGH!! I was alright with Tara before. In fact, I kinda liked her. I was fine with the whole lesbian thing-- if anyone has ever watched anime, they would learn to be fine with it too-- but when Willow becoming a lesbian means OZ leaving the SHOW... ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! *scream of fury*

From SpikesBitch:

A little slow, but I love any view of Spike I can get. Did Oz really expect to come back and just pick up where he left off? Typical man. I do hope that they don't fall into the stereotype of "I had a bad guy, so now I like girls". That is very cliche and wrong.

rubyluna said:

I loved was great vintage buffy!!

I'm so glad to see that Riley finally grew a pair...(sorry) [No sorry necessary, but thanks.]

I think they are handling the Willow/Tara relationship great... not everyone watching Buffy is heterosexual and it's nice to that this is acknowledged to a certain extent...

From Jen:

Did anyone else notice the cheap special effects this week? Oh wow, Oz's hand is changing. Haven't I seen that somewhere before? And can we say major bitca, Buffy? I think someone needs some sensitivity training. Or possibly some dart games with Angel.

From Erin:

Best moment in the whole episode Spike and Adam- really the only time Adam has caught my interest...

From Rachel (Cicely):

It was just so disapointing. At least it gives me the chance to say just how evil Oz is, again. Bet you missed that, Hilary. :) [And here I thought you'd just changed your mind...silly me!]

Umm.... Buffy was evil, and I'm totally glad Angel hit her and yelled at her. She needs to be beaten, she's such a selfish little twit. ::sigh:: at least I still have my Xander, even though he never gets any air time.

Fnord said:

Who's the other werewolf? Will there now be a werewolf in the Initiative?

Can Faith be in more episodes, please?

I don't like the idea of Tara getting a cat while Amy is still a rat.

The whole point of Cordelia's "paid vacation" was so that she wouldn't be around to tell Buffy about the events that happened durring 'I Will Remember You'.

Do we have to actually resolve the Adam storyline, can't we just never see him again and have everyone just forget to mention him?

From Satan's Bunny:

Mixed feelings about this one. Really mixed. I really think they've handled the relationship between Willow and Tara very well, it didn't feel rushed or slapped together so they could have a lesbian relationship on the show. But, as we have clearly seen, Tara is not all that she appears. Some time in the future, I am afraid she will break Willow's heart. It is a shame.

Oz emoted again. Very cool. Anyone out there who thinks this is just some "teen-angst" show should actually watch it sometime. The acting can be equal to, if not better than, any show on the air today. Seth Green does an amazing job as Oz. I'm hoping he comes back to the show, but I guess I'm not holding my breath.

Xander, Xander, Xander. Underused, underappreciated and underdeveloped this year. I know he's a townie, but for god sakes, give the man something to do.

jua the vampire slayer said:

I'm pleased that all this subtext is more rapidly becoming text, except without saying a word, showing how absolutely brilliant the Great Joss is. Buffy's reaction was perfect and Oz and Willow's conversation in the van was extremely realistic and moving. However I wish Tara would grow just a few more inches of personality so that her screen time (which will doubtless increase) will be more enjoyable.

Red's Mongrel said:

Am I the only one who feels that just about every episode this season has revolved around people having sex? [Nope. Scroll down some.] It's actually becoming boring.

And, duh, extra lots of demons being brought into the Initiative, while causing no other trouble? Sounds like Adam wants some of his boys on the inside.

Ophelia the Fruitfly Slayer said:

And all this time it was Wesley playing darts! I would never have guessed!

Seriously, though, how could Oz come back and then just leave? Grrrrrraaaaaaaaaaarrrgh!

I am now an official Riley fan. When he punched that Colonel guy I jumped up and cheered. My brother thought I had lost my last marble (but it's still rolling around in there somewhere). [Heh.]

Sooooo, great Angel ep. But I thought it needed more bitch-fighting. Like, a HUGE bitch fight involving Buffy, Faith, Cordy, Kate, some Anya, maybe a surprise appearance from Dru...Okay, I'm warped. But it would be hilarious, wouldn't it?

baronessp said:

So Willow didn't have enough emotional angst with the whole, "I'm in love with a demon in the computer," the "I'm in love with a guy who's in love with the girl we all hate, folks," the "I'm in love with a werewolf, and the "I'm Jewish remember, folks" and then the "I'm wicca girl, remember," - now they have to add "I'm bisexual, folks" to her character? Yikes! And Buffy was totally clueless while Faith had guessed in two seconds? How realistic is that? But most of all - Oz! Will he never come back? Sad whimper! So not fair. And will someone please destroy Buffy's curling iron! Perhaps Adam can steal it?

Deb said:

Eh...I was really hoping that the episode would be more about Oz and less about Willow. Don't get me wrong -- I like Willow, but I'm a little tired of 'poor Willow, how will she deal with things'...And couldn't they find someone with more of a personality for Willow to fall in love with? Tara's just

Dodge said:

It made me miss Oz terribly, but overall I do think the show is better fewer regulars. Loved the Oz/Tara scene; satisfying to see Mr. Unflappable lose it.

Okay, so Joss and Co. wanted to treat the gay thing responsibly, but up to now they've just played annoyingly coy. It was good to hear Oz ask, "Is she in love with you?" but it would have been so much more satisfying to hear Willow say it openly to Tara. Joss made it impossible for us not to love Oz--I wish he'd show us how Tara is just as wonderful. I like her, but she's not yet as irresistible as Wolf Boy.

kailen said:

Angel and Buffy have spent WAY more time breaking up than they ever did together! So sick of this! How many more ways can they each say "I don't think we should see each other?" Geesh. I was over them during season 2.

How's Riley going to deal with Willow and Tara if he can't deal with Willow and Oz? And what is Xander going to say?

What happened to Forrest? He used to be so much fun, now he's mr. grumpy military guy.

I don't understand why Buffy suddenly appeared in LA. It didn't make any sense after the New Moon Rising episode - certainly didn't get any sense that she was worried about Angel at the end of that!

From StephanieJane:

I was kind of disappointed that we finally got to see Oz, and he wasn't even acting anything like Oz. He was like a shell of his former Ozness.

Angel was good this week, but not nearly as good as last week. I'm kind of surprised at how happy it made me when he hit Buffy, but she was being a complete bitca. That Spidermonkey Demon Assassin was pretty disappointing. W&H should have known better. Also, what did the police think when they found its body in Angel's apartment since no one bothered to get rid of it before the end of the episode?

Signe said:

I'm terribly disappointed in the direction the show seems to be taking. I think the subtext/text is not something that should be dealt with in the 8-9 hour, nor on a show with (despite the warning) many children younger than 14 watching (with their parents in most cases). I don't say this simply because it's Willow/Tara, I thought that last week's episode with Riley and Buffy rutting like stoats for practically the whole hour was also inappropriate. I was watching it alone, but felt very uncomfortable for any parents who may have been watching with their children. I suppose that makes me a troglodyte, but there it is. [Rutting like stoats...snicker.]

ash said:

They need to clone Willow so that no one would get hurt. Why didn't they think of that?

Sanctuary rocked!!! Faith is *so* awesome! I always liked her and now all these people are saying she's cool when they used to say they hated her. It's annoying.

I see a darts question!!! Yea!!!!!!!!!!! BTW, did you get the dingo action were I told you about Angel playing darts in the pilot? Sorry, I just don't remember when I wrote that and I know you lost some. [Egads, I don't sounds familiar though, so I'll say yep, thanks! That was quite the scene.]

Lydia said:

Dangit Faith, it's not about poisoned arrows, or body switching or even killing people. If you could have worked out your snack preferences with the Scooby gang then we wouldn't have all these problems!

Freedom's Bitch said:

I thought the episode was pretty well done. Although I preferred Willow with Oz, I know that her change to the Tara-way happens in real life too, so I can't complain. (I was glad not to see any graphicness, though. Even with the straight couples on the show, I don't like the graphicness. Is that a wonrd, graphicness? Out of school for 3 days and already....)

I loved Buffy's reaction to Willow's revelation--when one of my good friends told me she was bi, I reacted pretty much the same way--initial wiggins, but quick acceptance. But how was Buffy surprised??? She *lives* with did she not notice what was going on? With my bi friend, I had suspected it for a few years! Just another nail in the Buffy-is-self-centered coffin.

Jane, the Frog on the Wall said:

Wow. This episode started off weird, bridged to sad, moved right through to sweet, and stopped at the appropriate stage with warm fuzzies. I loved it! This has to be one of the better episodes for Season 4, ranking right up there with Wild at Heart. Interestingly enough, both dealt with Willow and Oz. And, despite the rest of the world getting great big oogies, Willow and Tara are cute. Plus, they didn't kill Graham. They could've, but they didn't. And that gets them a whole lotta points in my books...Another high point: Buffy called Riley a bigot. Finally.

But you wanna know what the best part was? NO SEX!! WOO! We should make it a theme.

BTVSFreak1 said:

This has got to be one of the most amazing eps. that I've seen this season! My friends are all getting completely grossed out w/ the whole Tara & Willow thing. I don't really care if she's straight or if she's a lesbian. I personally like Tara. Don't get me wrong. I love Oz, but it seems that Tara & Willow are really happy together.

And Buffy, nice way to make your friend feel better. I mean, GEEZ! Could you have been a little more cold? You could have at least comforted her a little bit. I still don't get how the rest of the Scooby Gang hadn't noticed yet. It was just a little obvious!

Pixie said:

I thought that the Oz coming back episode would rock. Then, you know, I saw it. And it completely depressed me. I don't dislike the idea of Willow and Tara because of the bisexual/lesbian thing. I have NO problem with that. Joss and co. are brave for doing something so controversial on a station that has censored them for tons of other stuff already and I'm big on gay rights. I dislike it because, darnit, I still really want Willow and Oz together. To me, they were the ultimate Buffy couple with perfect chemistry. Then they just got completely ripped apart with barely a shred of hope for us die hard W/O-ers in 42 minutes.

I know that Seth left again. Whether it was his decision or Joss' isn't completely clear, and either way, I've got to accept it. That's not a problem. I just wish they'd given Oz a better send off. I mean, he comes home, Willow makes him think that she's into them still, he finds out she's not, gets captured, tortured and then once he's freed he gets his heart broken.

Oz had a pure heart, and Seth played him so well. That just seemed way too mean to me. Plus Tara has still failed to even begin to spark my interest so I'm really not into her character.

Devinistan said:

I did not like this episode. Granted, Riley leaving the Initiative was cool- woo-hoo! Rock on anarchy! Damn the man! Or something like that.

Still, this episode attacked one of the basic precepts of my television philosophy- Oz and Willow should be together! They're probably the most normal couple on Buffy. So here's my theory- remember that spell Jonathan used? Tara's got hold of it, and has created some crazy Taracentric universe, and what's even worse is she's somehow convinced the writers it's real! In the real Buffyverse, Veruca never existed, and Willow and Oz are happily together.

Veronica said:

I think that the episode was interesting, but I think it also sucked. I love this tv show, but the fact that I've been waiting all season for Oz to come back and when he finally does Willow ends up liking Tara doesn't make me that happy. Also, what's the thing with Buffy and Riley? Can't they get enough out of each other every day? I mean, that's kinda desperate.. sleep together in every episode.. sleep together when they are mad at each other...that's just plain horny. About Tara, I think she should have been cut open and finished with in the "Hush" episode, she ruined it for Willow and Oz! Wasn't Willow against lesbianism in that episode where she had an evil, vampire twin? That's a major change there, and Willow doesn't look like the type that would end up being like that, that's kind of a drastic change... Xander, Oz, Tara? Big no no. I still think that Willow should have returned to Oz and Buffy shouldn't be so bitchy, but besides that I still think the Buffy the Vampire Slayer rockz....If a girl ended up being with Tara it shouldn't have been Willow...Willow was Oz's!

S.V.S. said:

Ok, "New Moon Rising" made me cry harder than "Wild at Heart" did. That alone says something because W.A.H was just sad, but this was very depressing. I thought it was cool the way they brought Oz back, just having him walk through the door. I actually thought Buffy would be a little upset at him, but of course, she is in Riley-land and has no time for anyone else. But back to Oz, I thought it was soooo sad that he thought he and Willow had a chance, how he was telling her he can be the man she needs. She didn't even have the guts to tell him she is with someone already. He had to find out in a more horrible way. I was actually rooting for Ozwolf to eat Tara.:) (no offense to the Tara lovers out there) And that last scene in the van, between Willow and Oz was nothing but sad and sweet, they both know they still care for each other, but just can't be together right now, for obvious reasons.

SNeaker said:

I loved this episode and thought it was moving, dramatic, and just fantastic. But I also absolutely hated this episode with a FIERY vengeance. I have nothing against homosexuals, but I absolutely cannot STAND the Willow/Tara storyline because
A: I find Tara to be an excessively annoying spineless wimp
B: I think she's brought Willow down in the sense of my cute little Will has become so boring I can barely recognize her
C: I feel so incredibly bad for Oz.

That said I think this plot development has really brought down the show for me mainly bec. it means Tara's sticking around. Am I the only one who feels she slows the show down? One of the things I love most about BTVS is the quick snappy dialogue, whenever Tara shows up, everything seems to be slowed and dumbed down. It drives me crazy. At least they should use Xander's quips to pick it up but nooo..he just stands around looking useless. However, the whole sitatuation was done very tastefully, and I loved all the other show developments: Oz's return, Giles/Anya interaction, (which is almost as funny as Giles/Cordy interaction) the Spike situation starting to come to a head, and most of all Riley. I was positively cheering for him. My only gripe (as usual) is the lack of Xander which I'm too distressed about to even go into.

Will-Freak said:

This episode was the most powerful hour of television I have ever seen. After the first intro I had to get a pillow so I wouldn't do bodily harm to myself while watching. I had a running commentary with the television to the point of my parents convincing me that it would be okay. I was moved beyond moved. By the end of the night, I was sitting on the floor clutching a chair, shaking, and breathing heavily. [That was me after watching the X-Files' ep. "Home." Only with more nausea.]

Riley and Oz both got bad points in my book. Riley for his outright statement against Oz and Oz for his interrogation of Tara. I believe that Willow ended up in the right place at the end of the episode. She deserved to be with Tara and Tara deserved to be with her. They are kindred spirits and more and they should not be split. Ever.

On Buffy's reaction to Willow, I believe it to be understandable. In a perfect world, one should be able to say "I am gay" and have everybody nod. However we haven't reached that world yet and it is understandable that Buffy would be taken aback. Since she got over it quickly, I don't hold anything against her.

I do hold a bit against her for what she did in Los Angeles. Why did she give up on Faith now? She was the one who believed in her the most and Faith finally comes through and she gives up? Angel was right. He was right to have yelled at her and she was a hypocrite about the whole "behind my back" thing. Everyone acted amazingly though, especially Eliza. I really believe that she was going through something.

mlejane said:

I hate to say this, but I kinda thought it sucked. It's become like Dawson's Creek only everyone's having sex and there are monsters in the background. I think part of the problem is that they have run out of monsters to use. Everything lately is a human form with plastic parts sticking off its head somewhere. Adam was a cool idea for a challenging foe, but he's just so irritating and he's lacking the creep factor, he's just kind of like war, like you'd be scared if you were faced with it, but on TV it loses something. And also, I'm all for not dressing like everybody else, but I think their outfits just look stupid lately.

I guess I was glad that the Initiative was finally made into a total enemy. And I was glad they were having a "Scooby Meeting" even if Riley has to be there. And he had his shirt on for most of the episode.

But in general, I thought Angel was far better, as usual. I never thought I'd get sick of Buffy, but it's been one disappointment after another since new years. It's like they are trying to survive on their former cuteness, and when they try to be witty it's just over-done, and Buffy isn't even NICE anymore. I wish the writers would sit down and try to look at "the big picture" and figure out why it's not working anymore. I mean, I know things have to change, but it's like they have totally lost the backdrop of "school" and all the relationships have been pushed to the forefront instead of being just kind of going on in the background. And don't these people ever go to class, or interect with anyone else?

Okay, enough whining out of me. I just want the season to end.

belle said:

Happy happy joy joy...OH what a good episode. That was by far the best use of Oz (and SG's best performance) I've seen yet--and y'know, my W/T biases aside, I gotta say, I'm glad he's leaving, that boy. I'm starting to think, werewolf=metaphor for some serious rage issues. That lashing, er, wolfing out at Tara scene gave me the creeps, actually. And the writing was SO smart--everything from Riley's "bigoted" "I didn't think Willow was that kind of girl" comment in regard to *Oz*, to that final goodbye scene between Oz and Willow--wow. And the last scene was just gorgeous.

I hope I'm not a total ingrate for a couple of minor requests: One, although I am totally, er, blown away by the power and beauty of the W/Tness here, from cat to candle, and am thrilled to my marrows that at last we can have a show where a regular character is having a *relationship*, not just a highly publicized smooch, with a membah of the same gendah, at some point in the indefinite near future, it'd be nice if we could see that Tara and Willow actually do more than hold hands and chant. (I mean, metaphorical roses 'n' stuff is very nice, but it does leave you hungry an hour later...) Especially since we get to see the other couples spanking and stripping and swinging from the chandeliers all night...

Also, I think Tara is quite beautiful, which I'm sure is considered a selling point, and therefore I would humbly suggest to whomever decides such things that though I adore her Rubenesque curves, the midriff-baring sweatshirt is not her most flattering look. I vote for flowy long gauze skirts and halter bustiers, myself, in purples and mauves.

Winnie the witch said:

OK Finally a a gay relationship on tv that is handled with care and sensitivity! Spike is getting a chance to be the bad guy again which is great! Everyone last night was believable and in character. I am beginning to like Riley again as a character. I liked him at first but then got tired of the constant sex scenes and lack of conversation between him and Buffy. Now Riley and Buffy are actually talking again and the straight arrow boy is still straight arrow at heart but he's got some meatiness and intelligence to the role. I really wish I could have seen his reaction to the truth about Angel though. I can't imagine him being thrilled and I can't blame him. Liked the fact that Buffy tells Riley about her past but hate Buffy for being so mean to Angel. It would be one thing to tell Angel "I met someone else and I'm happy." It is another to be deliberately cruel. I understand why but I don't approve. And why couldn't Buffy capitulate on Faith a little?

I think Faith was right when she said that Buffy resents Faith for putting her out of control. But the truth is Faith hurt other people a lot more than she hurt Buffy. Buffy is just going through a "its all about my pain phase." Wesley had plenty of issues with Faith but he came around by the end. Plus I would like Buffy to own up to the moral issues of her stabbing Faith. Maybe it was justified but I'm disturbed by the fact that Buffy has never even acknowledged the fact that there were issues. I think what annoys me about Buffy this season is there have been no consequences for the characters this season especially Buffy. In the long run this doesn't make for good programming-or bode well for the survival of the Scooby gang now that they have become so complacent and smug.

Aly said:

So Faith was back again which was great because she has the whole Star Wars dark/light side of the Force thing going on. I love her!! I was quite impressed with our little murderess turning herself in. That is until I realized no more Faith. Probably ever. ='( No more Oz. NOOOOOOOO! Too much bad in one evening of TV. How many awesome characters can we remove at once?? Joss probably got rid of them because neither could have sex in the near future. Not that I'm implying anything with Buffy and Riley. Just wondering, does Joss really think college is such an orgy? And if so, where did he go to school? =P Seeing Buffy and Riley wake up together makes my stomach churn, especially in that huge oak bed. That just seems wrong somehow, like they're married. EWW! On the flip side, Willow and Tara are so cute together! It's a relief to see 2 people taking it slowly and being caring toward one another (again, I'm not implying anything! about our heroine, not at all ( insert sarcasm).)

I watched Innocence through Becoming part 2 this weekend, and I realized again how much I miss Angel. Maybe I only liked him and Buffy because they were always tormented, yet so tender to each other. The episodes always had something to think about, like the switch of souls in "I only have eyes for you," and not say any eps dealing with the Initiative like: "duh, I'm Riley. Me in army coz demons bad and blondes good for sex." "Me Buffy, me blonde. Bad break-up, need regular Joe, you look boring enough." Plot? Did I miss something? =D Also, does Anya have real person emotions? Will we ever get to see them? AWESOME cross-over even if Buffy was a major BITCA to Angel. Why does she have to rub Riley in his face? She knows why Angel has done what he has and yet she acts so immaturely to lash out at him. NO ONE hurts Angel's feelings and remains on my good side! GRRRR.

malabud wrote:

I refuse to comment on the Willow/Oz thing -- I'm too broken up about it. Poor Oz. (Sigh)

If what I think is going to happen actually happens, I guess all male werewolves are taciturn, laconic fellows. (Females, by the same logic, must all be skanky, if we are going to stereotype werewolves.) How will the Initiative react when it's one of their own? Poor Graham, though. I like him.

Faith had everyone against her this week: The Watchers, Wolfram & Hart, Wesley, Cordelia (though she disappeared), Buffy, and Kate and the cops. I was almost biting my nails wondering who would get to her first. Naturally, they all converged on her at once. Just the thing a newly remorseful rogue slayer needs, a bunch of enemies with grudges.

Buffy certainly had every reason to be upset when she came to LA, but Angel was right. She did not come because she was concerned for his safety. She only wanted revenge. She was jealous when she saw he had formed a tentatively close relationship with Faith, and immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion about it. Did she not learn her lesson back in "Earshot"? She was quite the little hypocrite, becoming jealous of Angel and Faith, then Angel and Kate, and then throwing the information about her new boy toy into his teeth.

Almost everyone in this episode was self-absorbed. Taken individually, each person's feelings are understandable, but few took the time to consider anything else.

-Buffy wanted vengeance and cared naught for Faith's feelings of remorse. She had given Faith numerous chances to change with no results. Of course she must be faking!

-Kate wanted to arrange Angel's death because she was upset about her father and Angel’s harboring of Faith, of which she had no proof. She probably thought she was only pursuing justice. That she would stoop to cooperate with Lindsey of Wolfram & Hart shows how blinded by her own grief and anger she has become.

-The Watchers wanted to destroy both Faith and Angel. That either individual could do good did not occur to them. That either could change was a foreign concept. A vampire is a vampire is a vampire. (Sound familiar, Riley?)

-Cordelia simply abandoned her boss/friend when he could have used her help. Her tactlessness could have set Buffy straight in no time. Of course, Cordelia’s past experiences with Faith were not pleasant, so why stick around? (Did Charisma have another commitment of some sort? Do I smell a crossover with Buffy?)

-The Wolfram & Hart attorneys had readily apparent motives. Faith betrayed them and so must suffer and die. Their ineptness was a little comical and not totally believable.

-Wesley, of all people, was the only one who was able to look beyond himself, despite his very valid concerns. Being tortured and then harboring your torturer is not an easy thing to ask of anyone. He trusted Angel, so he decided not to make the same mistake twice (i.e. turning Faith over to the Watchers). As a character, he has grown the most, and thus, has earned respect.

I like the distinction Angel drew between his role and Buffy’s. She fights evil and he saves souls. Both are essential, but require very different attitudes and dispositions. They ought to complement each other, but in this case, they were diametrically opposed.

It is interesting that both the Initiative and the Watchers Council make the same mistake. Demons/hostiles are evil, and humans are not. Hmmm...there’s a fallacy in there somewhere. Certainly not all humans are good and not all demons are evil. That is not to say that all is gray and there is no black and white, but it's not simply humans versus demons or even "us" versus "them." It really comes down to good versus evil. Evil is found everywhere, as is good, sometimes in the most unexpected of places. The ideal may never be reached, the fight may never be totally won, but to shirk the battle and to retreat from one's duty is to abandon hope and give in to the forces of Darkness. Faith, despite having once given in, has shown that the human soul, though tarnished and gray, always retains a spark of goodness that can never be completely extinguished. Every soul is worth saving, despite its protestations to the contrary. Angel, of all people, knows this.

Faith did the unexpected thing, but she was right. She must suffer the consequences of her choices. Simply feeling sorrowful for her actions is not enough. Turning herself in was a necessary first step, always the hardest one to take. That she took that step of her own free will shows that she will triumph in the end, no matter how long it takes. I hope we see her again.

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