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A New Man

"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past week, we saw A New Man, and a whole slew (pack?) of dingo action players! Cool! Thanks for playing, you nifty people! (er, good dingoes?)..Now, here's what y'all said:

cemetery Now that the Citroen is ruined,:

   Giles can get that grown-up car.
   It's time for a Yugo.
   Giles will get places faster on foot.
   Spike's chauffeur license will be revoked indefinitely.

The Winner: Giles can get that grown-up car.

He can...but will he?

Another breakfast food Buffy likes might be:

   Donuts, 'cause you can wear 'em as rings.
   Sausage links, because you can spell words with 'em.
   Crepes, because it's fun to say. Crepes.
   Cold pizza. But not mini-pizzas.

The Winner: Crepes, because it's fun to say. Crepes.


I was most surprised by:

   The demons in dreadlocks.
   The fact that the school didn't look to be condemned.
   The fact that Willow didn't just leave the party.
   The fact that Riley didn't recognize Spike.

The Winner: The fact that Riley didn't recognize Spike.

I've seen one demon, you've seen 'em all?

This episode made me think of:

   Jenny Calendar.
   The Master.
   The ep I Only Have Eyes For You (or at least, the preview for that show.)
   Angel's throw himself to the lions scene in What's My Line 2 (when he tries to trick Spike into killing him.)
   The back of a dollar bill. (The triangle, eye, you see what I'm saying.)

The Winner: The back of a dollar bill. (The triangle, eye, you see what I'm saying.)

See? Money really IS the root of all evil.

The Initiative:

   May do things by the book, but they're definitely not into lore.
   Should fire all those doctor types who keep dropping the hypodermics.
   Should have been around for Graduation Day.
   Better offer a damn good benefits package.

The Winner: Should fire all those doctor types who keep dropping the hypodermics.

Yeah, I mean, they can't deal with the pressure.

NEW EPISODE BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.

Now that Spike can kill demons:

   He deserves his own theme song.
   Maybe he'll quit badmouthing Willow and Xander.
   He'll ask Giles for the skinny on how to kill the latest foe.
   He might pay Harm a visit.
   He might pay Angel a visit.
   He'll get rid of the librarian mug.

The Winner: He deserves his own theme song.


   Should pay her mom a visit.
   Is smart to move ahead with paintball guy.
   Is guaranteed an A in psych now. (Just kidding.)
   Probably misses the Master.

The Winner: Is guaranteed an A in psych now. (Just kidding.)

Which character do you think will recur first?:


The Winner: Forrest.

What Did You Think of This Episode?

Then finally, your non-dingo-guided opinion about the episode. Most of you dug it, some of you didn't. Topics of amazement included the weird looping in re: Giles's voice in the beginning of the ep., also Marc Blucas's inclusion in the opening credits. Storywise, lots of you had stuff to say about, well..everything!) I'm putting up a lot of comments this time out, so I'll just be quiet now.

So...let's see what we've got this week, byte-wise.

But first -- Standard disclaimer: Can't post 'em all, but this week I'm posting a big massively huge amount. Hope the authors don't mind being put up here, and some may be abridged. And again, no name, no bark byte recognition (even though I still like reading what you thought; make it easy on me and put a name on there, please! Thanks!)

jupiter lust said:

I thought it was great except for Riley. I really despise his character and want him killed off. He may have helped Buffy this time, but I think that his little commando ego will be bruised when he sees that she can kick demon ass without all of the crap (armor and so on) he needs.

From Jaime:

This episode rocked! :) I loved that they had the good old Scooby Gang researches, and I loved that they finally had some Willow/Xander best friendship that has been missing since Lovers Walk.

From Fnord:

Once again Riley/Forrest prove that the Initiative knows almost nothing about the demons they are suppsed to be hunting. The Initiative needs scooby gang help.

Ophelia the Fruitfly Slayer said:

I'm glad they finally showed us the talk, cuz I was upset when they just ended Hush like that. And let me just say one thing - I love Spike! His whole monologue at the end was so classic! If Spike went to my school, all they would do for his suicidal tendencies would be to give him a yellow ribbon and say we really care yadda yadda yadda (I think that's the policy). They certainly wouldn't let him participate in any therapuetic demon-bashing. the end Spike should have said he was Xander's illicit lover, just to piss him off. Xander and Spike definitely need to go shopping. Anyway, I really loved this ep, I'm glad Riley's a regular. I am now inspired to be a fry-cooker, or whatever they said they were.

Seesa said:

Spike in Xander's clothes but still in his own boots -- one of the better visual gags this series has done. Plus, I loved the end where Spike wants to go fight evil just so he can do some violence. The rant was priceless, as were the expressions on Xander and Willow's faces.

MelonCollie said:

Well, this episode was kind of average. What I mean is, it had its moments, but it seemed to drag on at times. Also, what was up with Spike's monologue at the end? It seemed *way* too cheesy. Overkill much?

Isis said:

O-kay. Spike in flowered shirt and khaki shorts with black socks! That is the greatest evil of all.

Short Pants said:

I think that Xander and Willow should chip in and buy Spike some new duds. Maybe an "I heart puppies" t-shirt. Or perhaps one that says, "Puppies -- Not Just for Breakfast Anymore"

From Grace:

I just wish that Buffy could have one relationship where she doesn't feel depressed most of the time with how things are going. I would have thought she'd be happy, but... I liked Spike's guilty reaction when Xander and Willow yelled at him for tossing the demon into the Hellmouth "I was just trying to help" -- sure.

Oddette said:

If Buffy didn't go about kissing Riley, I was going to drive down to the set and kiss him myself. Darn tootin' she's stupid!

From Tacy:

It was nice to have an episode that moved things along with Riley. And Forest has survived another ep without being eaten or turned into a vampire, this is all to the good. Plus, I'm so happy for Spike, with his new lease on undeadness.

From kailen:

I really liked this episode in spite of a few gripes (I'll only mention a few...)

Why would Willow wander into some stranger's room and lie down on the bed? (Unless she was REALLY intoxicated...clearly not the case)

Kudos to Riley for (a) having a REALLY long cable attached to his utility belt and (b) hauling the demon and Buffy back up with his bare hands!

Sophie said:

Does anyone else find it strangly amusing that less than 7 months after she called it quits with Angel we find Buffy in the same cemetery, with the same music, same rock and a hard place situation and a diffrent guy? Weird.

From Lane:

This ep was okay. I was amused by the cooked Mayor meat, though. Spike gaining back his aggression by fighting demons was pretty cool, too.

nitebird06 said:

This was the first epi that I thought Buffy looked really tired - and was a whiner. She got obsessed over Parker - who was a dog and is ready to dump Riley - who's a honey. How dumb is that. But in the end she perked up and there's hope.

kathgs said:

OK, what is the deal with WILLOW? Where's the girl power? Where's the witch power? Why is she trailing around like a 10th grade loser? And how long has Spike been in the States? Shouldn't he say something like "10th form loser"?

I'm totally with you about the docs at the Initiative--it's like Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine over there...

EEP! said:

Yeah, what is up with those doctors who can't keep a hold on anything? Maybe they should go to a seminar about that.

Queen C said:

Percy called Willow a nerd? Puh-lease! She helped him graduate and as far as he's concerned, she kicked his ass. That boy should watch his mouth. Sheesh. And I am not surprised that Spike can't do laundry. Come on, did you really think he was the domestic type?

FurryRabbits said:

Uhm - when Riley said that every time he got around Buffy every inch of him hummed -- I thought "throbbing __" - well, I don't want to be crude. ALSO, did you really buy that kiss at the end? I don't think it was deserved. This was a leaden episode.

Auntdimity said:

Memorable words from Riley to Buffy about his skin humming. Thought singing would be a more effective word or throbbing..but that would have opened up too many wise cracks. Wondered as I wandered whether the word took a long time to settle on. The scene was an important part of the growth of the Riley/Buffy relationship.

Totally disliked Riley calling Buffy stupid. A large red flag went up! Phrasing in that scene needed work.

The Spike dialogue continues to be enjoyable. He's such a great actor. The pathos when he's reamed out by Xander. The mischievous grin when he reams out Willow and Xander. The unholy glee in the final scene..marvelous.

Satan's Bunny said:

Sorry, but Riley is almost a carbon copy of Angel (and they've stuck him in the main credits! What the hell!) Break the chain Buffy, go out with some math major who has to carry around an inhaler or maybe a serious stoner, the muscular fightin' evil types are just getting old. (Although the paintball excuse was pretty funny.)

From rubyluna:

I still just CANNOT believe that the Initiative had no idea that The Slayer is alive and well and living in Sunnydale. I guess it just shows how out of the loop they are.

I loved the scene that showed how the scooby gang and the commando guys dealt with the demon situation in totally different ways.

Ingenious how they got Spike back into the action. I'm glad he won't be moping around anymore.

katie said:

Is it just me, or does Percy remind you of Devon?

Nadine said:

After such a long hiatus, and after an amazing episode like Hush, this episode was a real disappointment. There was never any convincing threat of danger and I thought everyone was rather flippant about the end of the world. Buffy's realtionship trauma with Riley seemed overblown and poorly explained, and I thought her change of mind at the end came out of nowhere and happened way too soon. Thank god for Spike. The only high point in an otherwise thoroughly mediocre episode.

Wyatt said:

Somebody please explain why if Spike is so tired of living with the Scooby gang he doesn't just run off and get his own apartment? Now that he's an anti-demon demon (ADD) unintentional pun (not real funny)he could go do the Angel thing, live on his own, date mortal women, visit the butcher shop. Why continue to live in Xander's musty basement and get tied up whenever Anya comes over. Of course the implant will fail one of these episodes and he'll tear paintball boys lungs out. Nice Marti Noxon mix of humor and storyline, although I do wish that they'd come up with a focused nemesis (no the bitch monster of death doesn't cut it).

GypAng said:

I was surprised that all those good writers were responsible for this muck. I guess there were too many cooks in the kitchen.

....Riley cannot do the heartbreaking scene thing!! I laughed at his attempts, that boy cannot brood or act heartbroken or act. He's good and the big lovable doofus, but that's all he's good for.

The way Riley and Buffy spoke didn't seem to belong there. Can't describe it, but it was off.

The best was, of course, Spike and Xander! If Joss wants to save the show from itself, he'd better use more of them! I was disapointed with this episode after the great "Hush".

Joy said:

It just ticked me off that no one was truthful w/ Riley!!!!!!!!! If they're gonna know the truth about him, he should know the truth about them.

Violet said:

I was kinda iffy about Riley in the beginning, but now I'm a full-fledged Riley fan. What a nice guy! And okay, he's hot. I'm glad Buffy got over her issues at the end.

On the other hand, it's about time we've had some Willow/Xander interaction. Now they're acting like actual friends! Wow.

Sorcha said:

Did anyone else notice that in the beginning while Giles talked, it didn't sound like his voice? And that the words didn't quite match up with his mouth? That bugged the crap out of me. Oh, and I seem to be the only person that thinks that ep was a little off. It's just like, "The end of the world? No biggie." I think they should have handled that better...

Hitomi Terwilliger said:

....It looks like Riley's in it for the long term. I mean, they put him in the credits and everything. Of course, they did the same with Glenn Quinn, so I can be horribly wrong about this real easy...

Maggie said:

Okay, call me crazy, but I've finally fallen for Riley! This was a great episode, I loved the "wicked conspicuous" part and I also enjoyed Spike trying to lose his accent when he said, "I'm just an old pal of Xander's," That was hilarious! I think bringing Spike back and giving him such a fun role was a great idea! The rest of the season should be pretty interesting!

Lydia said:

I'm going to [do] an unflippant dingo action and say that I wonder how you could rationalize that Spike, Angel, Whistler, Doyle and so on and so forth are animals.

Rachel (Cicely) said:

Giles should be the archaic relic expert on the Antiques Road Show. Heck, Giles's stuff should have it's own special addition of the Antiques Road Show. Can't you just see it? "This talisman, which appears to be of the demon Boberiffic, is in fact a reproduction..."

Other than that, if they *ever* try and kill Forest again, I'll get Buffy to kick their butts! He's my new favorite guy, since Xander looked all sorts of geeky in that hat.

twilightkk said:

I would think that the Initiative would be better versed in vampire anthology. If they can be open minded enough to believe in vampire's and the likes, then they should be receptive to the history. It surprises me that Professor Walsh or any scientist don't bother to find out what purpose the demons serve. Finding out small details like that would help them catch, or determine the nature of the emergency.

Spikey's Vamp said:

...when I first saw Percy's girl, for a nano-second I though it was Jonathan with a sex change. I'm serious! I have no idea why, just had a heart attack and then did a double take.

Aly said:

....Did anyone else notice that Buffy was totally turned on by the idea of Riley having a rank and his own security code?

rachgd said:

Great ep, without a doubt, but Xander... there's just something decidedly un-Xander-iffic about him just now. It's upsetting. Spike is no replacement for Cordy in the scathing commentary stakes... and where's Anya?

Buffy and Riley, however, I am totally loving -- much to my own surprise. I look forward to seeing Riley's reaction when he finds out about Angel (and Angel's reaction when he finds out about Riley.)

Percy was all-but-useless in this ep (though, of course, hot), and, gosh, I feel for Willow at the moment. I'm trying to remember the last time we saw her really smile, and I can't. Damn it, Oz! Just come back already!

mlejane said:

I was surprised it didn't stink after the intro. And Buffy is taking herself way too seriously. (It's not *MY* first earthquake. *I* get my crossbow and stop the apocalypse. *I* go after demons with no backup.) I'm not really sure why i even liked it, but I did. I guess maybe the overall theme of returning to the hell that was high school just fit with the plot (them actually returning to the library) so well that it made up for the lack of funnies. And it's true that you can be feeling all confident and changed, and then suddenly you have a day where you feel like you're still 15 years old and want to cry...

belle said:

Percy needs to be really, really killed. Soon. I mean, c'mon...they scrunch Larry before he even gets *one* on-screen smoochie ...and brain-dead, arrogant, spoiled, I'm-still-munching-the-same-wad-of-gum-I-was-chewing-in-tenth-grade Percy *lives*?! No. Even Joss can't be that cruel. Justice, dammit. A Percy for a Larry. And Parker, too, while we're at it. I vote they both get chained together and bricked up behind Cordelia's wall with a big kegger of Amontillado (or Coors; whichever), and Amyrat *nibbles* them to death.

Oh, yes, and Riley is a vast improvement over Deadboy in all respects, even with the huge gaping flaw that they're undoubtedly going to reveal within the next couple of episodes (about three nanoseconds after the first "I love you" or right before sweeps, whichever comes first).

Winnie the witch said:

Thank god Spike has at least some of his bite back! Why do I suspect that there are going to be some truly vicious and unnecessarily violent demon kills in his future?

jua the vampire slayer said:

The thing is they like Spike and can't stop thinking of him as a human type creature because he acts like one (The Judge wanted to fry him, remember?) So they refuse to let him stake himself (tee hee love that expression) and even RESCUE HIM when the school is falling down. AHH hypocrisy 'R us

Will-Freak said:

....Did anyone else notice that by the laws of gravity, Buffy wouldn't have been able to get the demon unless he was a LOT lighter than he looked, cuz that was really bugging me and my mathmatical mind. ...

Jonathan M. said:

A fun little tale. Thought it could have been a the time the Gang went back to sunnydale high, the episode was nearly over! The tension of "Doom" could have been kept-up and made more apocolyptic if this was a longer story...kind-of a wet-noodle at the end.

I did love the fact that it continued directly from "HUSH" with the discussion between Riley and Buffy!!!!Very glad that their fears and hopes are being adressed...but the earthquake, the demons, the "end of the World" seemed to be just added to have some fighting and action in this episode...not as Brave and inventive as other tales this season!

CandRach2 said:

Very good episode. I first thought the whole doomed crap was tired. I mean, hello? They did the whole Hellmouth balony in the first and third seasons. Again because...? But with the whole Buffy/Riley thing I realized Joss was finally going in another direction.

The things that pissed me off though was that, the Initiative is so darn slow (with the facts)!! I mean geez, they don't know what a Slayer is (and dealing with vampires as well as other demons, they should!!), they haven't dealt with the Hellmouth thing before (and they should've considering with their equipment, they've been in business for awhile, at least before the Hellmouth opened last time--last season!), and they don't know any demon lore!! They're just animals? Wow, that's nice and vague. And puh-leeze, those damn doctors keep dropping the freakin medicine or whatever!!! And they call themselves professional!!!!

All-in-all though a good episode.

From Trashy Vamp:

...the Initiative guys SUCK BIG TIME!! Where the heck were they when the Hellmouth opened the, oh let's say, bizillion times before?? The Slayer is just myth????? What moronic idiots - so does that make the demons "just myths" also?? NOOOO, they are "animals" - hey pal, that's an insult to the real animals of the world!! ...

So, does this mean that we have to watch Buffy get pelvic again this season?...

From Sunny:

Wasn't one of my favorites. First of all, was it just me, or did those three demons sound exactly like Jabba the Hutt? When they were doing the ritual thing at the end... I've watched the episode over and over again and it still sounds to me like good old dead Jabba!

Second of all, the episode is called Doomed. Buffy says that a relationship with Riley would be doomed as well. Because it's too much like the love on the job thing aspect of her relationship with Angel. And I can actually understand that. I think it makes sense. I think she's right. To paraphrase Forrest here, I think Buffy is all things logical here. Then, why oh why does she have to kiss him at the end???

I mean, even if she's in deep denial, which she's been known to have, the message of the episode was clear. The relationship is doomed. So, basically, that kiss is setting us up for another visit to doom-and-gloom land.

And I'm not even saying it because I'm a big time A/B 'shipper, though I am....The point is... she says it, the episode is entitled it, then why don't they get that it is doomed!

Not because she belongs with Angel. Not because they're gonna eventually size up which approach is the right one (hers being the obvious winner of that contest, the show is called Buffy the Vampire Slayer after all). Not because Spike and his survival is sooner or later going to become a major issue between those two. But because there is just way too much stuff between those two. They are very much alike. And also very much unlike one another.

But, the episode had one great redeeming quality. And we go back to my statement. Spike is god!!!! To have him become a Slayerette, a self-declared Slayerette no less, because he loves the violence and can't get it anywhere else is just the funniest thing I have ever seen!

From Sarafu:

I loved this episode for so many reasons. First and foremost, Riley proved to be the best match for Buffy when he didn't back off from her. I loved the line about Buffy being stupid. Egads, he is totally in like for her (the tingling thing was cute) and he can be out in the day . . . what more can a girl ask for? I will be sincerely pissed if they kill him off anytime soon. Buffy, stick with Riley - he likes cheese!

Secondly, Xander and Willow have returned to their pre-fluke days (which leads me to think that another fluke may be occurring soon). They were so comfortable with each other and very supportive the whole way through (Xander comforts Willow over the "nerd squad" and Willow jumped in to help Xander defend the Slayerettes when Spike was bashing them).

Thirdly, Willow didn't even flinch over the lack of Oz (and mentioned him twice in passing) - I like Oz, but I'm tired of their dating (it was just too cute).

Thirdly, it was a great ep with the core Scooby gang together again. Spike, Riley, and Anya have been great additions, but watching Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Giles do the research party was fun. Finally, Xander and Giles had decent parts in the episode. Their interplay was so reminiscent of times past (i.e. first and beginning of second season).

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