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"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past week, we saw Hush, and a whole slew (pack?) of dingo action players! Cool! Thanks for playing, you nifty people! (er, good dingoes?)..Now, here's what y'all said:

cemetery It's good to know that:

   Someone recognizes how scary fairy tales really are.
   Capitalism can see you through desperate times.
   Olivia didn't pull a Jenny Calendar (and croak at Giles's).
   Mime didn't kill the gang.

The Winner: Someone recognizes how scary fairy tales really are.

Guess Oz was wrong when he said no one deserved mime?

The Gentlemen:

   Probably weren't officers.
   Were very encouraging of one another.
   Probably helped spur the urban myth of the New Orleans kidney theft ring.
   Should have teamed up with Der Kinderstod.
   Rock at rollerblading.
   Were smart to cut off the voices...performing involuntary surgery on people can get noisy!
   Take their henchmen to see Disney films.

The Winner: Were very encouraging of one another.

They probably had sensitivity training.

If Oz had been in this episode:

   He would have given good shrug.
   He wouldn't have bought a message board.
   He may have become the first silent werewolf.
   He'd have borrowed Giles's records.

The Winner: He would have given good shrug.

Still would have been interesting to see.


   Must not care if the blood is microwaved.
   Probably knows about peanut butter and chocolate.
   Probably never met Xander's mother.
   Would probably prefer Joyce to Xander's mother.
   Would only play darts with Angel if it meant he could stake him with one.

The Winner: Probably knows about peanut butter and chocolate.

A regular gourmand, he is.

The coolest thing about this episode was:

   Everyone went non-verbal.
   The Buffy/Riley fight/realization scene.
   Willow's new Wicca friend.
   Forrest's Wile E. Coyote-type sign ("Come on, come on!")

The Winner: The Buffy/Riley fight/realization scene.

Works for me.

NEW EPISODE BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.

A recurring theme/motif in BtVS is:

   Using vending machines to ward/kill off evil.
   Drawings of Buffy killing things.

The Winner: Using vending machines to ward/kill off evil.

The most amusing silent person was:


The Winner: Xander.

The townsfolk:

   Probably viewed this as a Y2K prep sitch.
   Didn't do a run on the bank.
   Looked pretty upset.
   Probably cut way down on their long distance.

The Winner: Probably cut way down on their long distance.

What Did You Think of This Episode?

Then finally, your non-dingo-guided opinion about the episode. A solid winner, hands-down! (Hey, I watched it four times in a few days' time.) I'm putting up a lot of comments this time out, so I'll only say here that..a bunch of you wanted to choose Anya as most amusing person in this ep, but sorry, I wanted to make you choose from the original core gang. Appreciation of Anya duly noted though, never fear.

So...let's see what we've got this week, byte-wise.

But first -- Standard disclaimer: Can't post 'em all, but this week I'm posting a big massively huge amount. Hope the authors don't mind being put up here, and some may be abridged. And again, no name, no bark byte recognition (even though I still like reading what you thought; make it easy on me and put a name on there, please! Thanks!)

Kristin said:

I'm speechless. (Let's see how many people say the exact same thing.)

From DJ:

At long last. An enemy that Buffy can only defeat by screaming like a girl.

From kailen:

...great whining plus lots of action!

My favorite silent scene: Giles' lecture to the group set to "Danse Macabre". All of the gestures were golden.

My big question: the gentlemen were looking for particular hearts - how come? And what were they going to use the hearts for? (ok, questions...)

For those of you wondering, let's give a big hand to kailen for naming that song (I have no idea if that's what it is, but I trust kailen.) :-) As for the what's the deal with the hearts, etc...I'm gonna say "evil knows no reason" -- (a flake out? perhaps.)

Lane said:

This marked the first time anybody has heard the term "orgasm friend." And the tranparency show rocked! Giles sure did go crazy with the finger paints.

Ula said:

Forrest is cool. Giles' silent movie was the best part. I guess Xander was right when he asked if "Are all you Brits such drama queens?"

StephanieJane said:

I realized that maybe I really do care about Riley for the first time in this episode. I actually got worried when he went to the clock tower.

Lestat said:

I think this ep was a direct tribute to the short story "Alas I must scream but I have no mouth"

JM said:

It was tons of fun to watch. There's too much noise in our lives today - it was a welcome break. And it served to advance the Buffy/Riley relationship cleverly. Although, I had thought the writers would draw out the Buffy/Riley secret identities a little longer - lots of comedic potential. But cutting the suspense short could be a good sign - they've got something better up their sleeve.

From Wyatt:

I can't believe it took that long to figure out the message board angle, I thought every dorm room in the world had one hanging on the door. The ghouls sure did look like der Kinderstad, or maybe Jim Carrey in The Mask. So will Buffy and Riley join forces or be mad at each other for the stupid dangerous risks they are taking, I figure Riley is vamp meat in the next few eps now that his secret is out.

Rob said:

....Finally, the show has gotten out of its "beginning of the season" lull and is starting to get intense! And I've done a total 180 when it comes to Riley... I really think he and Buffy have a good deal of chemistry. Spike and Xander need to spend more time together... LoL their scenes together were the funniest!

From Mezzarna:

Riley is not cute, he can't act, and he's basically an all-around dork. Buffy's taste in guys has just nosedived since Angel took off. Question: When Buffy enters town to patrol on the first Silent Night, we see a smashed-up car against a wildly spraying fire hydrant. How would the inability to speak suddenly render one a terrible driver?

Maybe someone was about to sing along w/the radio (maybe that (Livin) La Vida Loca tune) and was wigged when no sound came out? Also doesn't that happen in that video? Yes! We've discovered it, it's homage to Ricky Martin!! Now if we could just figure out what the deal with the hearts being removed is...heh.

From Bunny:

I must say, I found rather ingenious the portrayal of the Gentlemen. Their silent, grinning mime show was possibly the most truly frightening thing I have witnessed on BTVS. It is definitely more chilling than a monster snarling, or saying 'Booga', or even compulsively dusting.

PatDoc said:

Best one yet this season. The several extremely obscene gestures were a plus too.

From Lydia:

You know as funny as Wesley was on Angel, I think he should have waltzed in at the middle of Hush, and discovering that he is the only one unafected by the silent box, be able to save the day by doing what he does best "Screaming like a woman!"

Holly said:

....I wonder where the storyline will go with Giles and Olivia. Wish we'd get a little more background history on her.

Fnord said:

The Initiative is horribly ignorant when it comes to the supernatural. So ignorant that Xander's meager knowledge would be a great help to them (I bet he's been romantically involved w/ more kinds of supernatural things than they currently have knowledge of).

If Riley is smart and keeps his mouth shut he can pump Buffy for (get your mind out of the gutter) her knowledge of the supernatural enemies he faces. Make him look good to his the evil bitch monster of death.

GypAng said:

....I hope Willow isn't going in the direction of "Will and Grace" if you know what I mean. It would be too contrived. But I didn't like the looks Tara and her were sharing.

Paul said:

... Once again, Joss proves he's the coolest damn writer on TV. What a great episode...with two gripes.

1 - Spike. How the mighty have fallen. At this point, he's little more than useless comic relief. Make him interesting again, please! Or kill him

2 - Willow and her new friend. This is going to lead to nothing but trouble. I don't see the 'subtext' others have, but I do think Tara is out to use Willow for her own gain. Witchcraft = bad, people...

The Black Agate said:

Best acting done by the cast ever - most of their communications were done with the eyes, which impresses me, I tell ya.

I also like when the storyline involves a fairy tale (though I never heard of this one before), because fairy tales scared me as a child, so much so I forbade anyone reading such things to my child.

That so called Wiccan group - hmph. Just the new age version of Cordy's cheerleaders is all.

Ophelia the Fruitfly Slayer said:

I was very pleasantly surprised by the fact that Buffy without dialogue still rocks! It's no secret that I watch Buffy because of the humorous dialogue (and Spike--used to be Oz, but alas, he's gone), and I was very verbal about how Joss was making a huge mistake cutting out the best part of the show. Well, I apologize. Buffy body language is just as funny as Buffy spoken language, and I loved this episode...

Grace said:

Other than not understanding why Willow and Buffy are suddenly into wearing bizarre long skirts? I'm enjoying Forest and his snide brand of humor, and hoping he doesn't become demon food very soon.

And I love the way Spike is making himself right at home with the graham crackers and peanut butter. Every episode increases the Spike tension factor for me, because I know that someday his little implant is going to go on the blink, or perhaps he'll just rip it out himself, and then he'll be cranky and evil again. Why do these people keep inviting vampires into their homes? Why?

From Sorcha:

And I thought I was the only one who put Wheat-A-Bix in my blood..

iluvpooh said:

This was a cool episode. The Gentlemen were way too eerie. I loved Giles' presentation - effective in getting his point across and funny at the same time. And Xander mouthing boobies at Willow's heart pantomime was perfect. I couldn't believe Anya's finger in the hole gesture - a little vulgar for an 8:00 show but welcome nonetheless. Great episode all the way.

FurryRabbits said:

So, am I the only one who thought: Tim Burton? "Killed By Death"? Willow bisexual?

Mary said:

Those freaky guys actually elicited screams from my friends and I, and on that note, watch it in the dark... Also, Riley and Buffy equals cuteness. Demon-hunter and demon-hunter, one rambo one martial arts. And the only thing left I have to say is bravo to Joss for not abandoning the relationship like I originally hoped he would. Riley is commendable, scrumptious, and human. All very good traits I've been told.

Dodge said:

....Loved the ep, except for the opening bit w/ the dream kiss, which was ooky. And I wish we knew Olivia better, so that Giles' hopes and fears for that relationship could mean more to the viewers. But, a Giles smooch! I'm not complaining.

RicT said:

It rocked! Easily the best ep of the season! Made my skin crawl (first time since GD2). The only disappointments of the ep was (a) the whole Riley-Buffy thing was so predictable and (b) the Gentlemen's henchmen - could they be any more goofier? (If I was a Gentlemen I'd insist on henchmen who could run a little faster).

ash said:

I loved this ep. When I first saw Giles take out the Fairy Tale book, I was like, "oh great, just when I thought it wasn't a recycled ep" but it turned out totally different. The word horror show definately comes to mind.

On the the topic of horror shows, did you realize the sterotypes they put in? For instance:

1. When running from the Gentlemen the girl runs *up* the stairs. Smart, really.

2. Though the girl's running like crazy and the Gentleman are floating slowly and their freaky monkey people are moving just a little faster, they still catch her.

morbia_13 said:

....Riley being in the know should be interesting... Here's a question: What would the Initiative do with Buffy? Recruit her, study her...try to get her out of the picture?

Okay, last thing: Spike is ten times the comic relief than Xander has ever been. The way he interacts with the gang... Especially that whole "You killed Anya! You bastard!" scene. That was priceless. Poor vampire, he gets so abused....

Cordystoy said:

....I'm sure Joss has been trying of thinking of ways to shut those women up. I bet allot of men would pay big money for one of those boxes!!...

Redbeard said:

Judging from what I read here each week, I seem to be the only person who's basically happy with how things are going this season(well, except for Oz being gone, of course)--but I do have one beef: "So, what--now that we know who the guys with guns are, they don't wear their masks anymore when playing soldier? Puhleeze! That's really lame." Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.

Willow's new friend looks interesting--I hope they do something with that. She's kind of a first-season Willow, which would let Willow be something of a first-season Buffy. The big question is: who was really responsible for moving the soda machine? But Joss, please--don't turn her into a villian later on: Willow is suffering enough this season already.

Queen C said:

Ok well I like this one, so there. The cool thing about all the involuntary silence was that it forced everyone to express themselves through their actions. Xander showed Anya he really does care, Buffy FINALLY kissed Riley, and we got to see some more mime stuff.

Plus if you ask me, the Gentlemen were very very creepy looking and I know I'd run if I ever saw anything remotely like their henchmen. Yikes.

And I don't wanna hear ever again that the fairy tale thing is lame because fairy tales can be very perverse. Read the original versions. Blood, death and yuckiness. There's one where someone kills a baby and smears blood on it's mother's face. I mean, EW.

And I have to get out my obligatory "yay for Spike" comment so there it is.

Johnny J said:

....I have to admit the way the Gentlemen acted and moved was very hypnotic. Bonus points for just being so darn nice (to each other).

One thing I have to mention... Xander beating up Spike. Normally something that would almost never happen, but because Spike is... well, impotent, I don't think it was really a fair fight. Xander should stick to fighting vampires of his own caliber, say Harmony. But that's just my opinion. :)

Rachel R. said:

I love Buffy because they can take a scene with absolutely no dialouge (mind this is a show that's known for its witty writing too!) and turn it into something hilarious. I am referring, of course, to nearly the whole episode, especially that priceless scene in the classroom.

And those bad guys were cool. I think they would rock at rollerblading too. Guys that float are neat.

I wonder if the guys who played them were really mimes, because they were very fluid in their gesturing. I liked the fact they were always smiling too. Geez this has turned into some rambling speech about the Gentlemen.

Grub said:

Like a lot of people, I was skeptical if they could pull it off, with one of the main strengths of the show being its dialogue. This episode rocked!!! And not just scary, but funny, Funny, FUNNY! The whole slide show presentation had me skickering and guffawing (is that a word?) to the point that I was glad there was no dialogue, because I definitely would have missed some.

The only thing that I had a problem with this episode were the Gentleman sidekicks. The Gentlemen themselves were very scaring gliding around town, but then there would be these Quasimodo-wannabe's bouncing around like idiots. The scenes with the Gentlemen gliding around town would have been much more tense without them.

Sunny said:

A perfect blend of horror and humour, which is how I like my Buffy.

....Am I the only one who's wondering how the Gentlemen can control their silencing spell like that? I mean, how do they limit it to exactly on town? Do the spells have knowledge of borders and stuff like that?

Otherwise, lovely episode. Especially liked the whole Riley-Buffy interaction. I still maintain that he must NEVER become an Angel replacement. But he's a good next best thing. He cares and he's selfconscious... I like that in a man! Plus, he does have nice arms...

Daltrey said:

....I have one possible minor quibble: If Willow and the Wicca Chick end up doing the lesbian subplot thing it's going to annoy me. Not because I don't enjoy lesbians because hey who doesn't? But, it'll just feed the cliche of a woman made hurt and vulnerable by a man suddenly turning to the Sappholicious side of life.

(Incidentally, "sappholicious" is how my Aunt Nell describes the bruschetta at this Italian restaurant down the street)

Lastly, I'd just like to point out once again that week after week, Emma Caulfield as Anya makes me want to shoop.

kathgs said:

OK, one question: how come whenever ANYTHING unusual happens on TV somebody has to run their car into a hydrant? It's like TV shorthand for "social unrest".

Giles' overheads were definitely the funniest part--exactly why did he need multiple drawings of the "surgery"? Lucky he had a red pen...and chubby-Buffy-with-crossbow was a hoot.

Funniest line: "...bunch of wanna-blessed-bes" --Willow

Funniest mime moment: The reactions to Buffy's answer to Xander's Q "How do we kill them" and her modification

Early said:

Willow moved the vending machine! Willow moved the vending machine!...

belle said:

....I think Tara will be *much* better for Willow than Oz. She can make facial expressions! and, very possibly, a toad. Plus looks like her very own sidekick was exactly the ego-boost Willow needed...ten to one it'll all turn out badly. My luck; I *like* Tara. And: hey, no Willow-whining this week!

Favorite moment: Buffy's international sign for "*Those* are supposed to be my *hips?!*"

Leia said:

Oooooh, Joss outdid himself on this one. I've gotta say that I think this actually qualifies as my new favorite episode of all time. I loved that they could still make us laugh even when they couldn't talk. The chemistry between Buffy and Riley was definitely there--how intense was that when they hugged each other?...

....The Gentlemen scared the living daylights out of me. Verrrry Surreal. Kind of look like the Emperor in Return of the Jedi, especially when Riley electrocuted one. All I know is, if I'd been there...well, uh, I know how to say "You are a dead bloated cow" in sign language.

Witchy Vamp said:

Sorry, But I am soooooo confused!!!!!!! What in the world is going on in Buffy Land??? Idiot govt types, A librarian without a library, Willow has been a broody wicked wicca, Oz gone, Buffy dresses like a slut most of the time, Xander is irritating, Anya needs a better hairdresser, Spike is a wus, Angel is gone and LARRY IS DEAD!! Will the madness never stop???!!! I don't know if I can watch any more of this season. Does anyone smell - final show episode at the end of this year???

mlejane said:

I thought this episode rocked. The gentlemen were so scary, Perkins (the dog) insisted on sitting on the sofa with us. Those gimpy things werent as scary, but i guess they were needed to catch people. They made me think too much of the wheelpeople in "Return to Oz".

....I didn't even mind that much that Buffy and Riley kissed. Yeah, so Angel's her true love and all, and Riley's still a bad actor, but growing up is about learning to let go of all your childhood illusions about true love, right?

....The only things that disturbed me a little were 1- lethal measures to stop people from getting in the Initiative's elevator?? What if the mirror opened by accident, you might just be curious and go in? Do you really deserve to die?

2- Do Giles and Olivia do anything besides hook up? I mean, do they even enjoy talking? I guess it wouldn't really matter in this episode.

timcall said:

I loved Giles' cartoon drawings. He drew an entire gentleman for a slide that just said, "THEN." Willow's "Hi Giles" and Buffy's you-think-I-look-that-fat? gesture were priceless.

The elevator has lethal countermeasures? And the stairs don't? The lab is only defended agaist lazy demons?

Was anyone else reminded of the movies "Dark City" and "The Tingler?"

From Devinistan:

....I knew I was into it when my mom walked in and spoke to me, and I jumped.

Excellent multimedia work by Giles...even if Buffy wasn't happy with the picture of herself. I'm sure The Gentlemen wouldn't have been too happy with their pictures, either, but, being gentlemen, they wouldn't have complained.

....Finally, some action on the Riley-Buffy front. And they find out about their shared demon-slaying tendencies. So where are we going from here? If Buffy works with Riley, does she get extra credit in class?

From BA Bitca:

Well I found the whole non-verbal episode pretty creepy myself. Yeah, yeah we're probably gonna hear that the whole fairy tale thing was a rehash of Gingerbread, but the gentlemen were scarier lookin than those 2 li'l kiddies. And the big demon they turned into. The guys who were running around like some type of primate also kinda gave me the wig.

....And Buffy and Riley finally know, thank Joss. How stupid would you feel if you had defended a town for years and never knew there was another organization doing your job? From what I always gathered, Sunnydale wasn't exactly a big town. Hmmmm...oh well.

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