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Something Blue

"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past week, we saw Something Blue, and a whole slew (pack?) of dingo action players! Cool! Thanks for playing, you nifty people! (er, good dingoes?)..Now, here's what y'all said:

cemetery If they kill off Riley,:

   The message is, "Well, sorry, but the only guys out there are damaged or violent or evil." (or married or gay?)
   It will be because Oz bit him.
   It will be because Hostile 17 bit him.
   Get real, that would never happen.

The Winner: The message is, "Well, sorry, but the only guys out there are damaged or violent or evil." (or married or gay?)

Hm. That's not a good message.

My favorite continuity was:

   The Eyghon-reminiscent demon makeup.
   Amyrat. 'nuff said.
   The whole thing reminded me of The Witch, okay?
   The mention of Drusilla.
   The Many Loves of Xander Harris.

The Winner: Amyrat. 'nuff said.


Spike likes blood, hot chocolate, cookies, and _____:

   Show tunes.
   Novels about gallant men and their ladies in poufy dresses.
   Petit fours.
   Being really tactful.

The Winner: Show tunes.

"Luck be a lady tonight" that would be fun to hear him sing.

I don't really get:

   What the hell is Willow's deal this season.
   How Anya's hair changes drastically from week to week.
   The big joke about Fruit Roll-ups.
   Why Anya didn't mention Cordy.
   The imagery of brown apples.

The Winner: How Anya's hair changes drastically from week to week.

It's called a hairdresser. But as long as it's not crimped, who cares.

If Spike and Buffy had gotten married:

   Willy would have been the best man.
   It would have taken place in the sewers.
   Buffy and Spike could have lived in the dorms for married people.
   Joyce would have been thrilled.

The Winner: Joyce would have been thrilled.

Maybe she'd have moved the art crates outta B's room for the newlyweds.

NEW EPISODE BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.


   Hits the sauce way too much.
   Is probably glad he couldn't see "Passions."
   Has another mug that says "Librarians are novel lovers."
   Must have a green card.

The Winner: Has another mug that says "Librarians are novel lovers."

A nagging question I'll ponder is:

   What will become of the Amyrat?
   Will Xander open up a Wash-n-Fold for extra cash?
   Will Willow finally give up the ghost? I mean, the witchcraft?
   How early does Buffy have to get up to crimp her hair?

The Winner: What will become of the Amyrat?

I really thought:

   That some plotlines were being recycled.
   That Riley would kiss Buffy.
   That Spike would lick Giles to death.
   That there are worse ways to die than by being licked to death.

The Winner: That Riley would kiss Buffy.

What Did You Think of This Episode?

Then finally, your non-dingo-guided opinion about the episode. Well, lots of you thought this ep. was hilarious, even if seeing Spike & Buffy smooch made you gag. Biggest disappointment was the Amyrat tease (though some of you are still mooning (ha, get it?) over Oz's departure. A few of you talked about losing Doyle over on Angel, -- hm, well they say misery loves company -- and some of you are bugged by Riley, though many of you are still warming up to him. Buncha folks want Willow to get the whole depressed-wacked-out-wicca thing over, and the Willow behavior was a major topic this time out. But all in all, most of you dug the ep.

So...let's see what we've got this week, byte-wise.

But first -- Standard disclaimer: Can't post 'em all, but this week I'm posting a big massively huge amount. Hope the authors don't mind being put up here, and some may be abridged. And again, no name, no bark byte recognition (even though I still like reading what you thought; make it easy on me and put a name on there, please! Thanks!)

Steph said:

Spike was hilarious...Willow pining over Oz is getting old. Didn't we just go through this with Buffy?

From katie:

If Oz doesn't come back soon I'm gonna go to L.A., hunt him down and....ok. Calming down....

As for this ep, after Reptile Boy and Beer Bad, what the heck was Willow thinkin????

From slothgirl, queen of all things cynical:

Ok...I could see Willow and the beer coming. if you're that sensitive, you tend to turn to some form of drug if you break up with someone. {Note: The Prairie does not condone turning to drugs..unlesss they're prescription. Just kidding.}

Another thing about Willow - if she knew the spell she did where her eyes got all blackish and glowy could do whatever she said, she should have done the spell again, reversed Amy (Although I expect she'd be pretty pissed for making her wait so long), brought back Oz and un-wolfed him. WHY DO THEY NEVER THINK OF THESE THINGS???

beegle said:

I don't know what time Willow performed her spell in the dorm bathroom, but someone would have walked in on her no matter what time. I can just see a couple drunk soroity pledges walkin' in and seeing the fire and pentagram...funny.

CalliAnn said:

How did Amy's hair get to be so long all of a sudden...what a convenient plot device to cover all the nudity. (woo, nudity!)'s not as if she's had time for a haircut?? Heh.

Jane said:

I enjoyed it... especially the fact that Spike is fond of soaps. And the way his hands curled into fists and reached out toward Buffy in a desire to attack as he drank his pig's blood.

Mrs. Gordo said:

I'm just gonna say it right up front: This ep sucked. Except for the pictures of willow and oz, I was bored out of my mind. And could Xander BE anymore annoying than he is this season??? Sheesh. This show IS NOT gonna survive without Oz, I'll tell ya that right now.

Catspaw said:

Can they just PLEASE finish up the armydude/underground lab plot line? Talk about dragging things out when the viewer knows what is already going on. sheesh!

From kathgs:

They have got to give Xander more to do!! And is Giles independently wealthy or what?

I think he hocked all of his old training weapons and is living off of that.

QYV said:

Spike's hilarious as always, but MAKE HIM A BADASS AGAIN ALREADY!!! We liked him 'cuz he was cool, not a wuss....

From EEP!:

VERY cool ep, the whole Spike/Buffy thing was hilarious! My stomach hurts from laughing so much(or maybe it hurts 'cuz I gagged whenever Spike and Buffy were kissing)...

From Fnord:

Elizabeth Anne Allen in the credits: YES! Amy will be de-ratted, finally.

Then, just as I'm starting to get a happy because she's back (and naked), she gets re-ratted. NNOOOOOOO!!!!

timcall agreed:

Aaah! How dare Joss Whedon toy with us?! That was just cruel! It's time we formed a new group: who wants to join the "Restore Amy" Team? Come be a RAT!

From Jonathan M.:

....So, we find out how Anya became a demon!! Cool!

Prophecy Girl said:

I just really enjoyed this episode, Buffy and Spike play off of each other really well and had me laughing through the whole episode, whether they were at each other's throats . . or ah, at each other's throats.

ZeBlob said:

So far this season we've had Buffy getting mad after that stupid guy I don't even remember the name played with her, and now Willow doing the same after Oz leaves... Next? Xander gets dumped by Anya? (the next lighter episode, maybe?) I want more of those commandos, this season's just too lost within everyone's personnal feelings instead of the big picture

akk25 said:

Very, very funny ep. Liked the whole Buffy/Spike craziness. Do think however it is time to make Willow happy again. and i think they are going overboard with the whole witch thing. lastly, i like the good riley but the night riley is creepy.

Kyla said:

... Hee hee...much fun. I like Anya's haircut; I like hearing more about her earlier life; I like how she and Spike are splitting the role of acerbic/tactless/bitchy person left vacant when Cordy left. But she still has useful information; and she makes Xander seem like less of a loser-with-no-life. It was just a good Xander episode in general, with him remembering the Willow key.

Riley is wonderful. Both scenes--when he's flipping out because Buffy is supposedly getting married, and at the end--are just splendid. It was perfect that he didn't kiss her at the end--she's not going to forget him after that look. Happy sigh. They'd just better not kill him.

kailen said:

Seems like Buffy and Riley got friendly really fast. Wasn't he a "doof" last week? And am I the only one bothered by the whole TA-student relationship thing? it doesn't really fit in with his "solid" character.

The episode was fun - but it seemed like a step back from the initiative. Maybe now Willow will stop wallowing in self-pity.

RicT said:

Enough already - Buffy will get snuggly with Riley then whammo (a) she'll find out he's Mr. Initiative goon then (b) she'll get over it and (c) he'll get creamed.

Besides he's annoying as hell.

Queen C said:

Riley does have good arms for having now that I think about it. I like arms. And good thing Spike isn't married 'cause if anyone gets to marry him it's me (yes I realize he's a fictional character, let me have my own fun). Can anyone else just not see Willow as a revenge demon? She'd be the biggest spaz of a demon ever. We love her as a human spaz 'cause it's cute (ok not the depression thing she's in now, that's not cute at all).

From Jane, the Frog on the Wall:

....The message this week was twofold. The first is a recurring theme: Men are evil. It's very clear, and it's been demonstrated several times (Hello, Anya). The second is that magic is bad. Not neccessarily a good message, but there it is for all to see.

Erin said:

Spike really does have the gift of true vision - it's amazing that he keeps getting caught - however Giles and Buffy do feed him semi-regularly. It really was painful seeing Buffy kiss Spike, Willow not get over it and Amy get one true moment of happiness - she looked so very relieved! As for killing - it's not like Joss and Co. could ever bother killing a really good character ...oops wrong rant.

Alye said:

Oz sent for his stuff. I was bummed.

They finally mentioned Amy. Spike rose to prominence. I was happy.

The demon guy was funny. Willow resisted demonhood. All was well.

GypAng said:

I like where they're going with Spike. It won't be like, oh, they have another super-strong vamp fighting with them. He won't be taking Angel's spot, more like there will be another Xander. Wants to fight, but can't.

I was rolling on the floor when Amy turned!! How is it that Joss gived us what we want, but with a twist?

Lorialpha said:

....That has got to suck for the woman who plays Amy, she comes in to film two seconds worth of air time, naked, and then she goes home. They have to be bringing her back soon then.

PatDoc said:

Somehow, I have no sympathy for Willow. I've been feeling sorry for Amyrat for a year; Buffy is having a rough time with college; Xander and Giles have been feeling purposeless all season; and Anya has no friends. There's just no sympathy left. If Willow isn't happy, she should do something about it.... Don't werewolves and musicians leave trails?

Lydia said:

Ahh the insanity of a comedic episode...and yet it does not bother me that Willow has [a] weird way of dealing with her issues, Buffy is a homophobe and Xander's drunken X-mas fights probably revolve around snacks...I am mildly perturbed with the way they treated Amy's de-ratting....but what kills me is the mainstream music at the Bronze!!! The no-mainstream music rule was sacred...and now broken. *Sniff*

Winnie the witch said:

....I think Giles needs something to occupy his freetime and that Spike should move in with Joyce on the grounds that Spike+Joyce = happy fans.

Satan's Bunny said:

....I like the idea of Willow being recruited as an avenging demon. Hey, let's all remember... she was recuited for a computer company before, it's pretty much the same thing.

MadHatter said:

Okay, there was some serious kissing with tongues in this episode, children. Say what you will about SMG breaking up Boreanaz's marriage, but tonight she was ALL about the Spikey lovin. They were SO kissing with tongues. Yes they were. Yes. Tongues.

So does this mean that Willow gets to be happy again and not make me want to cry over jerky men that broke my heart in college every time I see her? She'll make enough cookies to be happy, right?


belle said:

What the hell is Willow's deal this that she's an envious, sexually repressed, self-involved brat who, after several years of trying to be a Nice Girl Who Always Puts Others First and Never Says Bad Things, is finally letting her inner creep come to the surface. She'd be better off as a leather vamp. At least she'd be more fun.

I have long rants about this on the Buffy Cross & Stake Spoiler Board (plug!), where I've started an I Wanna Stake Willow club. Membership is free and encouraged.

I'd type more, but my eyes are still red and socketed from weeping over Doyle...damn Joss...perhaps he and Larry are exchanging ghostly claddagh rings in some ethereal writerly afterlife...

Holly said:

Loved the part after Willow undoes the spell and Spike and Buffy go ballistic about kissing each other. Kinda reminds me of how Lucy would get after Snoopy would kiss her.

Heh. Speaking of Spike spit, the next comment is quite amusing. I credit the use of the emoticon.

Mary said:

Ew, Spike spit... On the other hand... >=)

Ishmael (It had to happen sooner or later in the "Call me" spot. Heh. said:

Willow needs to get over the mopey-ness soon...or I'll begin to want her dead too, and that would be most of the cast.

Bri said:

And did anyone else just want to beat the ever-lovin' crap out of Willow? Yes, it's traumatic that Oz left. But she doesn't have to turn into a raging neurotic who spends her days praying to the goddess Diana for all boyfriends to disappear from the earth. I swear, there is nothing about Willow worth liking this season. If she had been turned into a vengeance demon, maybe we would have seen her do something interesting for a change. Please, give us a character regression, if this is what we get in the way of progress!

Kristin said:

And Buffy had a problem with her evil-roomate's taste in music?

Candy Kane said:

I haven't seen this episode, the one before, or the one before that thanks to the stupid WB. I am only guessing at the answers and wondering what the hell it is about brown apples and Fruit Roll-ups. Probably something to do with a new demon that likes to throw brown apples at his enemies while making fake cigarettes with the Roll-ups.

Neko said:

I liked it. I'm getting annoyed with everyone bitching about how unoriginal this season is. Damn! I like this season and all people are doing are whining about how it reminds them of past episodes! Get over it and quit bitching!

Yeesh. Although now would be a good moment to link offsite to an article (about the shows Buffy & Angel) recently published in Salon. (Gotta love the opportunity to link offsite, right?)

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