The ABCs of Sunnydale


Debut -- Becoming part I (Season 2)

Last Seen -- Becoming part II (Season 2)

We first glimpse Whistler in a flashback to Manhattan, 1996. He's come upon the scroungy-looking Angel, and begins to make remarks to him regarding his appearance. He makes it clear that he knows Angel is a vampire with a soul, and he tells Angel that Angel's living out a nightmarish existence, when instead he could become someone.

Next thing you know, Whistler's taken Angel to Los Angeles, where Angel sees that a girl is being informed of her status as the Chosen One. He lurks some more and sees Buffy kill a vampire, and he lurks more back at her house. Then Angel goes to Whistler and tells him that he wants to learn from him, to become someone. Whistler makes more digs about Angel's condition. You gotta love this guy. I mean, sure, he's a demon who's cursed because no one understands him, but he pretty much tells it like it is. That's sorta hard to come by, you know?

Whistler ends the first part of the season finale with some narration as Buffy discovers that Kendra's dead and that the vamps have attacked her friends. I'll get that in later, okay?

In Becoming part II, Whistler serves as a cryptic advisor to Buffy. She sees him at Giles's place and he makes some flippant remarks, the kind of quips I think Buffy would enjoy if she weren't having the biggest crisis of her life. Whistler essentially tells Buffy that she's the only one who can stop Angel, and he does the cryptic wiseman act pretty well. He asks her what she's prepared to do, that kind of thing. Later he tells her that only Angel's blood will close the Acathla vortex once it's been opened. Whistler's a pretty cool guy, and even though Angel said he didn't want to dress like Whistler, I gotta say that the hat is killer. It's snazzy, okay? I'm thinking Whistler will show up again...but only Season 3 holds the answer to that one!

Classic Whistler:
Whistler: "And what a package you are...the Stink Guy!" --
to the deadbeat, alley-scourge Angel.

Whistler goes Buffy:
Buffy:   "What are you doing here?"
Whistler: "Waiting for you."
Buffy:   "Why?"
Whistler: "'cause I need a date to the prom." --
at Giles's place, the first meeting.

Whistler Tells It Like It Is:
Whistler: "Y'know, raiding an Englishman's fridge is like dating a nun, you're never gonna get the good stuff." --
to Buffy, when she returns for visit number 2.

What This Year's Immortal Demons Are Wearing:
Whistler's got on a snazzy hat, a probably not-too-expensive jacket, some pants, and stuff like that. I just felt like creating a section with this title, okay? The first pic on the page represents his dress most accurately.

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Whistler pic the first courtesy of Cynthia's Star-Crossed Lovers.

Pic of Whistler/Angel courtesy of Phoenix's David Boreanaz Cool Stuff Site.

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