The ABCs of Sunnydale

The Ugly Man:

Debut -- Nightmares (Season 1)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

The Ugly Man was one of the freakier looking villains to appear in an episode. He's a large, bald creature with messed-up eyes and mouth, and one of his arms looks kind of like a club. We first see him in the basement where he attacks Laura, a girl who went down there to sneak a smoke. He comes towards her saying, "Lucky 19," and then proceeds to beat her. He's next seen in the gym when Buffy is talking to Billy Palmer. Billy knows the secret of The Ugly Man's identity, and is terrified of him. When The Ugly Man shows up, he proves to be much stronger than Buffy, and she and Billy take off running. They later see him across the street, and run away from him. When Buffy and Co. go to the hospital -- that's where the real Billy is; what we've seen around school is his astral body since he's in a coma -- Buffy bests The Ugly Man and tells Billy that he must unmask The Ugly Man in order for the nightmares to cease. As Billy goes to pull the face off of The Ugly Man, a burst of light shines forth and the nightmare realm is dissolved. Buffy and Co. discover that The Ugly Man who beat Billy was actually his Little League Coach. And when the Coach comes by to visit, Xander keeps him from leaving, and he goes to jail.

The Ugly Man's Only Line:
"Lucky 19"

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