The ABCs of Sunnydale

Security Guard with Cordy Hospital Security Guard:

Debut -- Killed By Death (Season 2)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

We first see the security guard when Buffy's roaming the hospital hallways one night. He sort of comes out of the shadows, doing the lurking thing we've come to expect from many folks on this show.

Later, he pops up again as Xander and Cordy are looking for records regarding a little girl's death. Cordy's snooping around in one area of the records room, Xander's in another area. The guard catches Cordy, but she does her best to distract him so Xander can continue looking for the info. they need. She does a pretty good job of it, too. The guard, whose name starts with an H, I think, seems to have a complex or two about stuff.

I mean, he tells Cordy that lots of folks think security guards are just guys that failed the police exam. But not him...he sees it as a career. He did take the fireman's exam though, and didn't do so hot. (Hot, fireman, I pun!)

Anyhoo, when Xander makes a noise, Cordy scrambles to think of another way to distract the guard...she tells him that he's got the most perfect nose she's ever seen.

The guard is supposed to be some sort of shadowy figure, to throw us off track, it seems. I mean, he tells Cordy that Dr. Backer is a great man -- at this point in the 'sode, we're still not sure what to make of the good doctor -- and he also says that Dr. Backer recognizes the truth about kids. When Cordy asks him what he means, he says, "Sometimes they die." Ooh. Freaky.

Guard guy also tells Cordy that the hospital is where the action is. Hey, maybe he's right..I mean, he does get to deal with Willow and her frog fear later on...

Apparently, the guard manages to escape this episode with his life. He's probably still lurking around the hospital, doing nose push-ups or something.

Guard Guy Gets Serious?:
"I'm all the time restraining people." -- to Cordelia, explaining that the hospital's where the action is!

Guard Guy's Gems:
"Fear is for the weak. That's my motto. Either that or, 'Live in the now!' I haven't decided yet." -- to Cordy.

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