The ABCs of Sunnydale

Quentin Travers:

Debut -- Helpless (Season 3)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

Quentin Travers is first seen in the posh, er, abandoned, Sunnydale Arms. He's talking about getting stuff ready for the slayer, and it's all pretty ominous. Sure, he dresses like John Houseman might have in an old Smith Barney commercial (at least, he's wearing a 3-piece suit, I think), but he's not making his money the old-fashioned way (by earning it). Then again, maybe he is urning it. Heh.

Basically, he's overseeing the operations for the Cruciamentum ritual for the Watchers' Council. When we get clued in to that fact, when Giles goes to meet with him to express his feelings about the archaic ritual thing, we still pretty much think he's a tool. I do, anyway. It's like, get a clue or something, jerk. Why can't you do something that's going to at least benefit society a little more than jeopardizing the slayer you've got now. But if they did that, there would be nothing to build this episode around, and that would bite.

Okay, I wrote that a while ago, and while it seems pretty harsh, I'm going to stick with it. Anyhoo, so he tells Giles that the Cruciamentum has been done for dozens of centuries and it's to test a slayer's cunning and imagination, etc. Which makes me think, either Giles is leaving lots out of his reports to the Council, or they're just not reading them. Maybe they don't read them if they're not illuminated manuscripts on parchment or whatever.

Anyhoo, Travers shows up at the library and learns that Giles has outed the whole thing to Buffy and the test is over. But Travers tells Giles that Buffy's already entered the field of play (the not-so-posh Sunnydale Arms), so Giles takes off. Travers later tells Buffy that she passed the test. He also tells Giles that he didn't. Travers will probably live on in infamy as the guy who fired Giles.

Then again, were it not for Travers' firing of Giles, we wouldn't have seen the great comedy of Giles in later episodes. Heh.

Quentin on Buffy:
Quentin: "Yes, well...colorful girl."
--after Buffy told him, "Bite me." (I may've goofed on his line verbatim, must check.)

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