The ABCs of Sunnydale

Park Vamp:

Debut -- Helpless (Season 3)

Died Same Episode

Park Vamp's seemingly your basic vamp. We see him and Buffy fighting at that old favorite haunt, the playground. It looks like Buffy's just shoved him backwards down the sliding board. Now that's fun. If you're expecting it, I guess. When he reaches the bottom, Buffy mocks the Park Vamp by telling him that it was funny, could he do it again. So the vamp says he'll kill her for that, yada yada yada.

Park Vamp's got the honor of being the first vamp in a while to make Buffy fear for her life. Sure, she didn't know it was a result of that muscle-relaxer goop that Giles injected her far as she knew, Park Vamp was just one decent adversary. Or more likely she just figured that for some reason she was off of her game. Yeah that's probably more like it. Anyhoo, he tosses her onto the picnic table..another reason to use those red-and-white-checkered tablecloths, you never know what's been on those tables...and then he lands on top of her and overpowers her so that her stake will be forced into her own chest. Yow.

Fortunately for her, Buffy's got a good head on her shoulders. In fact, she uses it to head-butt the vamp, which sends him staggering backwards, off of her. When he comes to jump on top of her, her stake's pointed to meet-'n'-greet his heart. Thus endeth the Park Vamp's tale.

He's Open to Suggestions?

Park Vamp: "Tell me if I'm not doing this right..." -- mocking Buffy kinda, as he prepares to "stake" her!

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