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Margaret Margaret:

Debut -- Amends (Season 3)

Death Shown Same Episode -- Death shown in Flashback

We first see Margaret in mustachioed-Angel's company. She's a houseservant in London, and she's trying to resist Angel's advances. She seems pretty fearful that her lady will find out of any indiscretions on her part, but Angel assures her that the woman won't notice. Apparently it sounds like the lady of the house is trying to coax Reverend Chalmers -- I think -- into her bed and therefore won't notice the lack of "canapes." Is it just me, or is canapes some kind of in-joke on the show? It's actually an in-joke with me, too, but I guess that's not really the point here. If my old college roomie ever happens upon here, she'll get the joke.

Anyhoo, Angel shows Margaret his game face and fangs her a good one. Yow.

For the rest of this episode, Margaret appears in spirit form to haunt Angel. Okay, it's actually not really Margaret's spirit, but The First or actually the high priests of The First. This'll be on their page when I make it, although it is semi-convoluted.

Anyhoo, when the form of Margaret appears, she has some choice words for Angel. She tells him that even when he was mortal, he was a "drunken, whoring layabout" who was a disappointment to his parents. In case she thinks Angel missed the whole point, she goes on to say that he was worthless and she interrupts him when he says he never had a chance to..."Die of syphilis?" Yow. Tell us how you really feel, okay, Peggy?

Man. I can understand why Angel does the brooding thing..must suck to be him. Heh.

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