The ABCs of Sunnydale

Graveyardy Lurconis:

Debut -- Band Candy (Season 3)

Died Same Episode

Another rarely-seen, doesn't speak antagonist, Lurconis lives beneath the ground, in the sewers. Basically, he's yet another evil thing that requires folks to pay tribute to him. (See Makita, from Reptile Boy.)

This time, it's The Mayor who must provide the tribute, so mayhem ensues.

Basically, when Buffy learns about Lurconis from Ethan Rayne, she asks the gang to do a little research. So Oz discovers that Lurconis requires a tribute every 30 years. Willow tells Buffy this over the phone, and she also adds that the tribute is overdue, so it will be a bit bigger. The tribute? Why, babies, of course! Four of them, this time out.

Even though Giles is out of it in his "I'm the Ripper, wouldn't you like to know" persona, he still remembers a little bit about Lurconis...he recalls that Lurconis means glutton and that it dwells beneath the city, filth to filth. Hello, sewers!

When Buffy, Giles, and Joyce head underground to take care of Lurconis, here's what they see: a snakey-looking, dragon-like thing that emerges from a type of hole in the wall. It emerges when someone is inside of the pool of water near the hole. We got to see Lurconis eat one vamp that had the misfortune of landing in the water. It kinda reminded me of that old '80s movie Caveman, with Ringo Starr, because of the way that Lurconis scooped up its food. It was sort of cute.

Anyhoo, Buffy kills Lurconis by ripping a pipe-type thing down and setting it aflame. Lurconis makes a whiny-ouch-I've-been-flamed noise and dies, retreating back into its hole. So much for the last supper.

No Quote, Lurconis didn't speak.

Glove Lagos:

Debut -- Revelations (Season 3)

Died Same Episode

Another rarely-seen, doesn't-speak-but-grunts antagonist, Lagos comes to Sunnydale to retrieve the glove of Myhnegon, this funky "accessory" that pretty much holds really big evil power. So sayeth the books. Also we learn that once it's on, it's on for good. Anyhoo, when the gang learns that Lagos will be searching tombs in hopes of finding the glove, they make it their business to get him..gone.

Faith first meets up with Lagos in a cemetery. He's rifling through a tomb thing, and she's happy to see him. But the warrior demon thing has kick-ass strength. He keeps throwing her off (and far!) and she basically can't kill him 'cause he's weakened her too much.

Next, Buffy and Willow are in a cemetery...Willow's the one who alerts Buffy to Lagos's presence, and Buffy gets slammed a few times, too, but she finally does vanquish him. Because he's not a vamp, he doesn't explode into dust. It made me wonder about the groundskeeper of this, what the heck is he going to be thinking when he runs across this metal-wearing dead evil thing. Is it just, ho-hum, another dead body to get rid of? Or is it more like, what the-(bleep)! Anyhoo, this Lagos guy reminded me a little of The Three, but only in terms of dress. Check out that page to see more about it. Anyhoo, Lagos the demon guy didn't get the claw-like glove o' evil. Maybe he shoulda just gone for Isotoners.

Grunt, Grunt, Lagos only grunted.

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