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Debut -- Lovers Walk (Season 3)

Died Same Episode

Lenny's a former minion of Spike's who's been sent by Mayor Richard Wilkins to get rid of Spike. So Lenny and his vamp posse meet up with Spike, Buffy, and Angel on the street, ready for a rumble. It sorta reminded me of West Side Story. Anyhoo, when Spike asks Lenny how he's been, Lenny says that he's been better since Spike was gone. How best to describe Lenny? Let's let Spike do it.

Spike, on Lenny:
"This piss-ant used to work for me." --
to Buffy, when she looks a bit alarmed.

Anyway, Lenny's the one responsible for knocking Angel down with the door to that Magic Shop place. He's also the one who taunts Spike a lot. That wasn't really smart, but what do you expect from a dumb vamp, anyway?

Lenny Mouths Off:
Lenny: "I heard you'd gone soft. Sad to see it, man."
Spike: "Soft?"
Lenny: "Yeah, like baby food." --
pretty much Lenny's last exchange. He riled Spike so much that Spike killed him. Heh.

Vamp Dress Comparison:
Lenny's got the leather thing going, but most notable is his god-awful big thick chain necklace. It looks like a choker, that's how tight it looked to me. Ugh.

(For more Vamp Dress Comparisons, check out other Vamps' pages. I may link them soon, but haven't yet.)

Lenny brought out some good violence in Spike, and you could almost say that he helped Spike get over being his pathetic, lovelorn self. Thanks a bunch, Len!

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Special thanks to Phred, Sunnydale High School for pic of a random vamp from Lie to Me ep.!
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