The ABCs of Sunnydale

Posse Jerk Guy:

Debut -- Helpless (Season 3)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

We first see this no-neck, brainless guy -- hey..Cordy said that, I didn't -- talking to Cordy outside of school. He's miffed 'cause she apparently stood him up the other night, and he gets in her face about it. He kinda backs her into a corner (er, let's pretend the outdoors has corners, okay?). I can't remember if it's a tree or what, but hey, he got in her face, alright?

Meanwhile, Buffy witnesses the scene and grabs no-neck's arm and tells him to back off, but he swats her away much like anyone on a picnic might swat a fly away, and Buffy goes tumbling big-time. Then Cordy starts hitting the guy a bunch and telling him off. It's kinda funny. Er, not funny that Buffy had to fall backwards and stuff, that looked like it kinda hurt. So brainless guy is the first human in a long time who's been able to overpower or hurt Buffy. And what's more, we never even get his real name! Actually who cares about that, I'm fine calling him Posse Jerk Guy.

Posse Patter?:

Posse Jerk: "You made me look like some kind of dork in front of my posse."
Cordelia: "First of all, posse? Passť. Second of all, anyone with a teaspoon of brains knows not to take my flirting seriously. Especially with my extenuating circumstances."
Posse Jerk: "What circumstances?"
Cordelia: "Rebound! Look it up."
-- Before things get nasty.

Say...don't you wonder what the no-neck said to his posse after Cordy beat him up? Hm...Nah. He probably didn't say word one.

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